15+ Other Web Sites Like Liveleak To Watch Uncensored Videos

Sites Like Liveleak – Looking for a video site you can watch uncensored video clips too graphic for YouTube then liveleak would have been your go-to platform if they had not been shut down. The site was founded on 31 October 2006, in part by the team behind Ogrish.com and The site was shut down on 7 May 2021 a shock that both sites were closed on the same day.

LiveLeak primary aim was to freely host real footage of politics, war, and many other world events and to encourage and foster a culture of citizen journalism. So now that the site no longer exists but redirects to ItemFix, another video sharing site. So I decided to make a list of other sites like liveleak where you can get similar if not content or par with what liveleak has always offered.

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15+ List Of WebSites Like Liveleak

Sites Like Liveleak
15+ Other WebSites Like Liveleak To Watch Uncensored Videos

Xfinity Video – Liveleak Alternative

Xfinity is a similar website like liveleak. And If you want to take a break from your regular video stream to feed your eyes with quality and different video niches then you have to visit Xfinity Video today.

You have a wide array of categories to choose from where you will find exciting videos to watch. Be it lifestyle, TV, finance, sports, entertainment. You can also check for available TV listings available and watch TV online from the comfort of your home. The video quality you will encounter on this platform will excite you too.


Metacafe – Websites Like Liveleak

Metacafe is a site very much like LiveLeak and hence fits perfectly into this category of LiveLeak alternative too. There is a class of sections of videos to check out like video games, sports, science, entertainment, comedy, how-to, etc.

There is no way you are ever getting tired of the contents of these sites as there are new ones added on a daily basis. There are categories like the latest, popular, trending videos which further simplifies it to explore the site. To cap it off there is no restriction of content on the site, you can watch all types of videos out there.

You can watch the videos without sign up but for uploading on the site, you are going to need to register here. You can also use the android app of Metacafe if you want.


DTube – Sites Like Liveleak

This is the world’s first Blockchain-based decentralized video platform that falls under sites like liveleak category. DTube is a community-powered video sharing platform where users vote on videos to reward creators, curators, influencers, and viewers in cryptocurrency.

It impressive layout like that of youtube is something good enough to write home, However, it comes with additional features that are missing from several such websites. Also, it has utmost transparency, opinion, speech freedom, etc.

Also, streaming videos here can be done without having to register. However, for commenting, uploading videos, liking, and sharing, one would need to register. Registration is completely anonymous and is done on Steem.


SnapTube – Liveleak Alternative

SnapTube is a popular site like liveleak where you get tons of videos available in varieties of categories all in one place. It is a safe video host site safe from malware and virus.

Videos from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, are made available for their users on snaptube to watch and download if they wish to. Their official app is not available for download on the Google play store, You have to visit their official website to download their app.


Break – Websites Like Liveleak

Surprisingly on this list of websites like liveleak, we have Break. Break is a video-sharing site developed for Viet people. The website is in Viet language, and only people who speak the language might understand the webpage content. However, you can also use Google Translate to translate the site to your preferred one.

They have quality videos you can watch, upload, and also share. The majority of videos are about Viet people and issues within their country. The site is straightforward to navigate and easy to understand. When it comes to navigation, it’s fast, and each video loads at a reasonable speed.

KillSomeTime – Sites Like Liveleak

If you are in for a website to “kill some time” here you have it. As its name says you can absolutely kill some time while you also entertain yourself with the great quality videos you will meet on this platform.

It is a very simple website having superb content in form of a variety of videos belonging to various categories. You can explore content from categories like girls, fails, fight videos, jokes, etc. You can also check out pictures, games, and various channels here.

However, the interface is not so cool because of the ads in between but great thing is that you can simply start watching videos here for free. Because it doesn’t really require you to sign up.


Engage Media – Liveleak Alternative

Engage media is another liveleak alternative that deservedly makes it to this list of sites like liveleak, This platform’s objective is to promote equality, rights, and more through citizen journalism. However, most content available in this site focuses on the Asian.

People are allowed to upload event information, news, or videos according to their desire; Although registration is optional you will need to register with the platform before you can upload videos.

Furthermore, it allows people to share videos of different sizes and qualities. In addition, the website offers people a downloading option of any video they like in original quality. The interface is user-friendly, and people can see from which country a video was uploaded.


Ebaumsworld – Websites Like Liveleak

If perhaps you love watching a wide range of nonchalant movie content, then this popular liveleak alternative is the only place you truly want to head to. The video section includes everything from news events, or more viral and punching random videos.

You never know what to expect while you visit the videos section of Ebaum’s World, and that’s what Ebaum’s World’s so much fun for. Should you love unpredictable funny, shocking, or scary videos, you will never go wrong visiting the Ebaum’s World site.


Best Gore – Sites Like Liveleak

Best Gore is a bit more different from the other picks on this list of Sites like LiveLeak. The video’s features are extremely graphic and the content is restricted to be accessed by adults only.

The popular categories on the site are animal encounters, execution, burn victims, hanging, beheading, animal gore, and much more like this. So, if you are into all such kinds of content then you can check out the compilation of thousands of videos compiled on the platform.

The site is advised to be watched by those people who have the emotional and mental strength to match the weird videos they will definitely come across on this website.


BitChute – Liveleak Alternative

BitChute is another LiveLeak alternative that is loaded with tons of quality videos that you can feed your eyes on for a whole day or even longer. There is something for you in every category, be it sports, anime, animation, politics, travel, music, and even education.

Another impressive thing about this platform is the nature of the videos it contains. You will find top-quality videos that are entertaining to watch and new contents are always available whenever you are ready — just register and sign in to get started.

There are plenty of channels available on the platform that is worthy to be followed which helps you in providing the relevant content on the site. The quality of the videos is good and the content is pretty versatile to promise great entertainment throughout.


Too Shocking – Websites Like Liveleak

Too Shocking is exclusively designed for an audience, who loves to watch surprise or shocking videos from time to time. I suggest you visit the site on a regular basis because it allows you to watch some of the crazy videos in an easy way.

The platform is managed by a reputed company called Crate network, which has a record of managing a site perfectly. The regular management of the portal has enabled them to attract an audience without compromising on the budget.

The videos found on this website like liveleak are extremely quality and realistic videos, Not to forget that you can watch the videos for free at no cost, and also the registration is optional.


My Vidster – Sites Like Liveleak

My Vidster has a list of videos, which are being uploaded on a regular basis to gain followers effectively. They provide user-friendly options for people to upload their favorite videos on a regular basis and without affecting the quality.

The platform has gained a lot of returning users for a long time now because of effective maintenance. It is necessary to have sharing options for users because it helps them to share with their family and friends. And It gives the option to compile a collection of videos and let others watch them.


Veoh – Liveleak Alternative

Veoh is a liveleak alternative loaded with entertaining and yet quality videos. Here you will find a broader selection of categories to keep you entertained. This site includes adventure, movies, different niches, comedy, anime, horror, and many more.

You can also watch streaming web videos from the Web using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Also, viewers can watch TV shows with full episodes and movies in full length. Above all, Veoh is a platform for individuals looking for a user-friendly video hosting platform to share or watch videos.


OMG News – Sites Like Liveleak

Oh My God News is your go-to liveleak alternative site for viral videos, They have a reputation for presenting controversial videos in an effective way. On this platform, you will find petty good videos from different parts of the world.

Their video quality is great and they have good security elements, What might happen to be a blow is that they are not available to access in various countries. However, There are evidently tons of regular users on this site and It is important to check the site regularly because you might end up finding it pretty interesting to share with others.


Funny or Die – Liveleak Alternative

Funny or Die is a liveleak alternative that brings comedy to your home. It contains contents that will make you laugh and crack those ribs. You will find top-quality funny videos here, some from your favorite celebrities and other unfamiliar faces.

Funny or Die is singly about comedy. And impressively, it has a beautiful and clean interface that makes navigation a breeze. You can signup on to this platform to regularly receive newsletters so that you can keep up to date with funny things that are happening in different parts of the world.


Insanee – Websites Like Liveleak

Insanee is a pretty familiar platform with an easy-to-use interface, The site allows people to watch and upload videos on a regular basis. It is suggested for users to consider exploring videos for a long time to find rare and informative videos. Insanee allows users to upload insane videos, which lets other users enjoy the content in a quick time.

Insanee has a long list of videos, which can be accessed for free of cost. As there are millions of videos being uploaded, it is evident that people find new videos from time to time.


Conclusion On Sites Like Liveleak

With this compilation of websites like liveleak above I am certain you now know there are lots of liveleak alternatives that you can always turn to when you need to get uncensored videos of what is happening around you.

If you have tried out any of the above-listed platforms do well to share your experience with either user using the comment box below, And also if there are other sites like liveleak that we could not mention you can also let us know below.

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