Romantic, Sexual, Weird And Freaky Things To do With Your Girlfriend

Things To Do For Your Girlfriend – By default, Every girlfriend deserves to be taken good care of practically all the time and treated like a queen that they are by their boyfriend. Although it happens that not all girl(friend)(s) buy the “soft baby care” and “treated like a queen all time” idea, But as a boyfriend, you should always take out time to treat her fine by doing some freaky, weird and/or romantic things for her.Opens in a new tab.

Today I will be sharing with you some romantic things to do for your girlfriend, freaky things to do with your girlfriend, weird things to do with your girlfriend, sexual things to do with your girlfriend, and sex stuff to do with your girlfriend.

From research, Some men find it hard to engage in some freaky or weird stuff with their girlfriend as they find it to be irrational or abnormal, But the truth remains that women love stuff like this, and trust me it helps build a lovely lasting relationship.

Things To do With Your Girlfriend
Romantic, Sexual, Weird, And Freaky Things To do With Your Girlfriend

Advantages Of Engaging In This Activities Are:

  • Relationship Bonding – When you carry out freaky things with your girlfriend, It helps her settle down quickly with you which along the line builds the perfect relationship bonding that the both of you will be needing in the long run.
  • Increases Trust And Build Understanding – Engaging in activities like this with your girlfriend, Helps to strengthen her level of trust for you and swiftly build a close perfect understanding for both of you.
  • Always Missing You – When you are not around she always has you in mind as memories of the romantic and freaky stuff you did with her will always playback in her head and this will lead to her missing you so much and always want you so badly.

With all that been said, let me will quickly show you things you can do with your girlfriend, note that you don’t necessarily need to wait till it is a special day like valentine’s day, a birthday (hers or yours), or Christmas. You can decide to do them just any day.

Romantic Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

Write Her A Letter

What can be more romantic in the era of information technologies, where everything is been digitalized? Your answer is as good as mine, “A LETTER”. Nothing will ever replace the letter communication because you put your strength into every word you write with your hand, every crossed word, Or mistake shows that you were worried and that you cared about how she would feel.

Dress Up Like Her Favorite Movie Characters Or Music Artist

It’s fun to get into the spirit of the characters and take on different personas while you’re watching a favorite movie or show. At the very least, it will be a fun memory to make together! Or you can also dress up and perform a song by her favorite artist. I bet this will leave her blushing 😊😊 all through.

Prepare Her Favorite Food 😉

This is a classic and very romantic thing to do for your girlfriend, but it’s still incredibly unrealistic. Even if her favorite dish might be the easiest of things to make, the act of being served is one of the most romantic things for a girl and she would definitely love this.

Make A List Of Things You Love About Her

Sounds crazy right? But taking out time to make a list of the things that you love her about her, Both the impressive and crazy things she does will definitely leave her amused. Don’t forget to read them out for her you can also joke about some of them.

Give Her A Full Body Massage

Massaging your girlfriend’s bodyis something she might be scared to ask for on a normal day, but trust me she will definitely thank you for this. If you have no clue on what to do then you can use the Internet to look up everything you need for a nice foot massage session.

Buy Her A Gift

Buying your girlfriend a gift is something that will leave her to be greatly proud of you, It does not really need to be an expensive or bank-breaking gift, you can buy her a bangle, neck chain, some pair of panties, maybe candies if she loves them, you can get her pads during her menstrual cycle, a quality pair of sneaker, if she is into gyming you can buy her a good set of gym clothes and so on.

Romantic Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

Do Laundries Together

Doing laundry together with your girlfriend is something worthy enough to leave her smiling for the rest of the day. It might not be a man’s regular role to do a woman’s laundry, but it definitely shows how much you care.

Spend Time With She And Her Families

This might sound absolutely crazy, But trust me this is a romantic way to leave her impressed. It is understandable you might be scared to meet the family. Maybe you don’t want to be judged by the sibling or too scared to face her parents quite true in some cases, But meeting them will prove to be vital in the long run. So it is cool when you make out a weekend to spend with her families.

Go On A Bi-Weekly (Random) Dates

I recommend you have a date at least once a week with your partner. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive date, but at least find some way to spend a couple of hours together. On this date, you can engage her in some relationship talk and also ask her about her future.

Go To The Gym With Her

If she is into gymnastics, Then try to go with her on a random day as this is a WIN-WIN for the both of you as you will also have to exercise yourself too who knows you might fall in love with gyming too 😉. But if the case is reverse, You can pick her up just any day and make her watch you while you gym or she too can get involved too while you instruct her.

Make Her Breakfast On Bed (Coffee As An Alternative)

Waking your girlfriend to an early morning bed breakfast is a very romantic gesture she will definitely love, And if you can’t meet up preparing a portion of food for her then coffee is an alternative.

Freaky Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

Have A Sexy Dance With Her

You can engage your girlfriend in sexy dance, you allow her to twerk for you while you nod your head with every move of her a**, you can let her feel your boner while she seductively rides it while dancing. If you don’t have a dance idea you can look up the internet for some sexy dance moves.

Let Her Sxxk You Off In The Car

While on a ride with her you can find a better space off the road to park your car and let her give you a blowjob with your car window down so people passing can see or hear you as you moan in pleasure.

Walk Around The House With Your Dick Out

You can walk around the house with your dick out, You can always tease her by pressing your boner to her ass whenever she bends down to get something.

Read Erotica Story Together

You can swing things up and get a little kinky by reading erotica stories together. There are so many choices you can choose from online, from audio erotica to short stories. You might land on a sexy story and get inspired to try something new. Who knows?

Weird Things to do with your girlfriend

Finger Her Under A Restaurant Table

This a damn risky but weird thing to with your girlfriend, Because when you get caught you might be asked to pay a fine or get thrown out which might be quite embarrassing. So to be on the safe side just make sure the tablecloth’s big enough to cover your weird act in public.

Fondle Her Breast In The Public

Who does that!!!??? Well not everyone can do such but this is a weird thing you can do with your girlfriend when both of you are out there in the public, I bet this will leave lots of people jaw-dropped.

Kiss Her In A Public Place

For some partners, this is something normal for them but not everyone can be comfortable with this weird act. Grab her by the hand draw her closer and engage her in a deeply romantic kiss, this might leave other people giggling.

Sexual Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

Let Her Watch You Masturbate

This surely needs some courage but settling to making your significant other, watch you pleasure yourself can be genuinely enabling. Look straight into her eyes and calling out her name while you do it, and it won’t be long before she is requesting you to let her take over.

Play With Sex Toys

Go into any sex shop around or you can look for an online sex store stocked up with naughty goodies. From tempting panties, vibrators, there are plenty of options that will spice things up and help you get your freak on.

Have Sex On Her Period

Period sex doesn’t have to be off-limits. In fact, there are plenty of benefits to having period sex—including increased lubrication and heightened sensitivity. If you’ve never tried it before, or are worried about a mess, start in the shower.

Shower Together And Have Soapy Sex In The Bathroom

Not everyone might liek this but this definitely provides more lubrication.

Sex Stuff To Do With Your Girlfriend

Watch Porn Before Sex

Watching porn before sex can be a very much ideal stuff because it sets both of you into the mood and at the top of your game, Also you have some more new styles to try out.

Have sex With A Mirror Next To Your Bed

This is a crazy sex stuff idea but it is definitely worth trying out, It allows both of you to see each other making out while being fully naked.

Make An Homemade Sex Video

Even if both of you happen to watch once before deleting it off your phone or any other device used in recording the Xrated clip trust me it will leave a forever naughty impression on both of you.

Try Out Anal Sex

With the right preparation and mindset, taking things to the back can be an unusual sex idea, you’ll both thank goodness you both did try this out.

Make Out In An Open Place

You can decide to have sex in an open place like; Rooftop, an airplane, A small beach room, an elevator, a Public toilet, the back alley of a bar, or you both can make out with your bedroom windows wide open.

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