Touching Love Texts For Him From The Heart To Make Him Smile

Love text for him – This collection contains some of the best love text you can send to your boyfriend either in the morning, at night, during the afternoons, at work or anywhere at all, just anywhere you can probably think of.

Take your time to select from some of our well written and heart-touching love text for him, love text messages for him, i love you text for him

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Love Text For Him
Love Text For Him

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Love Text Messages For Him

I didn’t know what love was until I first laid eyes on you. No one else on the planet could ever compare to you. You’re just too handsome.

When I’m around you, I feel comfortable and totally at ease. You’re my soul mate. I was destined to be with you. Being around you always feels so right.

When I see you, everything in the world feels perfect and pure. I adore you. If I could be with you forever, I’d be the happiest person alive.

You complete me and I want to be able to do the same for you. Seeing you was love at first sight. Seeing you changed my life forever.

If I can’t have you in my life, I don’t want anyone else. No one on the planet could ever compare to how much handsome you are, kindness and overall wonder.

Love Text For Him

Thank you for introducing love and beauty to my life. You’ve made me so happy. You’re my number one priority in life. I put you above anything and everything else.

When I’m in your company, I feel like the luckiest person in the world. Sometimes observing your beauty in action makes me absolutely speechless.

Whenever i try to express my feelings Words fail me. Because You carry the key to my heart and absolutely no one else can open it.

Your smile is the most angelic thing I’ve ever been fortunate enough to witness. When we’re together, nothing in the world can stop us, and I mean absolutely nothing.

You’re the only person on the planet who fulfills me. You’re my other half. It’s you and me against the universe. We’re the strongest team there is.

You make me want to make the world a better place. You’re perfect. I love every single thing about you. Everything about you is flawless.

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I Love You Text For Him

From the look in your eyes the first day we met, I knew I was in trouble because of the way you gazed at me.

Baby Boy Your pretty smile got my heart racing, but I knew it was a new dawn of an endless blissful world. Thanks for portraying the truest form of love in my life. I want you forever.

I don’t know how life would have turned out had it not been for your support. Like a shoulder to the cloth, like the nail to the finger, like the eye to the head, you have been closer than a sister or a brother. Thank you for always being my haven.

Many times telling you I love you sounds like an understatement because the word love doesn’t encompass what I truly feel for you. I love you endlessly.

If only there was a physical way of measuring exactly how much I love you, then I’d be the happiest person on the planet. Forever is just the beginning for us.

Baby love, what would life be without you? So tasteless, boring, and not fun. You came into my life, added spices to it and made me so fulfilled.

Love Paragraphs For Him Text

I could never have enough of you. I will love you till the end of our tomorrows. If loving you was evil, then I’d have turned hellfire to my heaven. If being with you was a crime, I would be ready to become a terrorist. I love you baby booo.

If showing my feelings to you would make me offend everyone in the world, I would be ready to be alone for the rest of my life. I’m scared of pouring my feelings on you because they are stronger than a rock. I love you so much, my rib.

Hey BOO if i had the ability to turn back the hands of time, my only wish would have been to finding your earlier than i did. you mean so much to me.

I call you friend, but without doubt you are more than a friend to me cause the roles you have played in my life till date is worth more than a friends role, i can’t deny my love you.

I love you not just as a friend but as a bro, our union have been a blessing is because of your undeniable efforts and i am way happy because they count.

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I Love You Text Messages For Him

I might Be sending this lovely text message as a friend but believe me or not, this love text for him message is coming from deep down my heart. i love you mate.

Every day is a new day to love you and be loved by you. I’ll never give up on the person that makes me smile for no reason. I’ll never give up on you. Promise me to do just the same.

Love is an amazing thing that everyone of us must experience at least once in life. Even if you haven’t found your love yet, don’t worry, with time comes a lover!

You are the person who understands me without a word. You are the one who makes me laugh even when everything is bad. You have the power to heal my wounds. You are so special to me and I wish we would never part.

Recently I’ve been thinking about my life and I’ve understood that all the good memories I have are about you. I remember every little thing and it makes me incredibly happy. You make me happy. Please, don’t ever stop.

I’m here to heal all you wounds and make you happy. I won’t ever let you down or make you cry. Trust me. And if you ever want me to leave, I’ll leave. Because the only thing that matters is your well-being. Just know that.

You are like a rainbow: so many colors and shadows. You always make me admire you. Nature has created you so beautiful, and sometimes I doubt if I am a good match for you.

Good Morning Love Text For Him

Time flies so fast, that is why I don’t want to waste a minute. I want to give my life purpose and meaning. And I’ve noticed one interesting thing: every time I’m with you, my life really makes sense.

It does not matter whether it is hot or cold outside or whether I have troubles at work or everything is fine, because you’ll always have a place in my heart. You can always count on me, because my love for you is ultimate and unconditional.

Your soul is like outer space: so large and so mysterious. I believe that true love is a special connection of two souls and I really wish I could be the astronaut who would discover all the secrets you hide.

You are my bridge to happiness. You’re my tower that lifts me into heaven. You are my castle that protects me from sorrows. And sure, there is no doubt that you are a genius creation of a very talented architecture.

It’s a new dawn my love, a day that promises to be as lovely as you are. One important thing before you set out, you’re as precious to me as air and you’ll be in my thoughts all day.

Open your eyes darling and feel the gentle morning breeze caressing you with my love. You were in my dreams all night, I’m certain you will be in my thoughts all day. Good morning my love.

Good morning sunshine! With you by my side, I feel ready to face the day. I love you darling, now and always.

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Sweet Love Text For Him

How do you wish an angel good morning? By employing the symphonies of nature. So when you hear the birds tweeting and you feel the gentle morning breeze caressing your skin, know it’s me wishing you my darling a beautiful morning.

Ever since I started loving you, my mornings have been sweeter and my days brighter. Here’s wishing the one who adds color to my life a beautiful day. Good morning. – love text for him

One thing I love about a new day, it’s an opportunity to love you better and explore ways to satisfy your desires.

Waking up with you every day is a great blessing, one I don’t take for granted. I’m glad we made it to another day. It’s time to go shine! Good morning my love.

Wake up beautiful, it’s a new day. Together we will succeed exceedingly. Have a good day darling. Good morning.

The day is before you, as bright and beautiful as you are. May your hands do greatly today and your reward be sweet.

You hold my heart’s key in your hands, my heart is yours to deal with any how you wish but I pray you handle it with care. I’m helplessly, hopelessly in love with you.

Cute Love Texts For Him

You have nothing to fear darling, I’m as smitten as you are. All I ever think of is you and the diverse ways in which I can express my love to you. I love you baby, I’ll always do.

No one else comes close to loving me the way you do. How can I ever jeopardize that?  I’d be a fool to trade what I share with you with anything less. I love you darling, I swear I do.

You’re the best thing going on for me, a lovely sight for my sore eyes. I cherish you baby, you’re my world.

Don’t give ear to the opinion of nay Sayers, don’t listen to their envy incited words. You’re my one and only. I’ll love you no matter what.

They say love is blind, but actually it has opened my eyes and changed me for the better. Thanks to you, now I know what true love is.

It took one look at you to fall in love with you. It took one day with you to understand that I want to grow old with you. You’re incredible and I don’t want to lose you.

If you were a beautiful song, you would be my favorite one. If you were a book, you would change my mind forever. But you are you, and I love you no matter what.

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Love Texts For Him From The Heart

They say if you love somebody, just let him/her go. I want you to know that I love you so much that I will let you go, if you want, though it will hurt terribly… love text for him

Every time I see the Sun shining bright, I think about you. And you know what? Thousands of suns can’t outshine the light that comes from your beautiful soul and angel face.

Your love excites me; it takes me to the heights of ecstasy. No one else makes me feel this way. You’re special in every way my darling and I love you so much.

You want to know how much I love you? For depth, think about the depth of the sea; for height think about the highest mountain; for intensity, think about the brightness of the sun, only then will you come close to knowing my love for you.

Your love is a lifeline. It saves me from the abyss and fuels my desire for greatness. I love you darling, I really do.

You do things to my insides, you make me experience things I never thought possible. Your love brings me to a whole new level and though I’m yet to fully grasp this feeling, I thoroughly enjoy it. I think I’m in love with you baby. love text for him

Your love is my opium, I’m high on it. If this is what it means to be addicted, then I don’t want to be normal. I love you so much.

You’re the one who makes my world go round and without you my days are incomplete. I love you so much my darling.

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