Special Birthday Prayer For Son From Mom And Dad – 2022

Birthday Prayer For Son – Your son’s birthday is a unique day. It is a day he was delivered to the world through you. And as parents, you have both watched him grow through days, weeks, months, and years, and you are glad to be part of his life because he has brought so much joy to the family. This is another opportunity to say a special birthday prayer for my son

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Birthday Prayer For Son
Wonderful Birthday Prayer For Son From Mom And Dad

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Birthday Prayer For Son

My son, as you celebrate this special day of your life, my prayer for you is that you will excel in everything that you do and that happiness always envelopes your life. Happy birthday!

I thank God for His love and faithfulness over your life these past years. I thank Him for another special day like this, I am forever grateful He brought you into our lives. You are a bundle of joy and happiness. Happy birthday my son!

You’re naughty, intelligent, nice, and fun to be with. You’re my strength. I pray for incomparable wisdom and knowledge of God upon you. A wonderful birthday to you.

Happy birthday to my full display in the flesh, I pray that you will prosper in all that you do. I was grateful then, is still grateful, and will continue to be grateful for the gift of God to mankind, happy birthday son.

I am so blessed to be given such a wonderful son. You have always been a light in my life bringing such joy and happiness. I pray on this day when we all celebrate his birth for your love to chase after him. May he enjoy life and always be protected by you. Happy birthday to my son!!

Lord, take care of this mercy for me. Bless my son for me. encourage him in anything is doing. Protect his entire steps in life and make her a good child. Happy birthday to my lovely son!

Every time I look at you, my son, I feel warm and fuzzy inside. Watching you nurture your talents has been a real joy. I pray that the Lord grants you massive success.

Blessing Birthday Wishes For Son

Your arrival in our life is like a light that kept our lives brighter, and yearly, you do shine brighter because of your kindness. You are the best son in the world. I love you.

Dear son, I want to start your Big Day with a special prayer for you. May the Lord keep protecting and guiding you along unfamiliar paths. May He always go before you and remove all the obstacles that stand in your way to happiness and success. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, Son. You are a gracious person, with a good heart. You care, not because you need to, but because you want to. May God bless you. Happy Birthday, Son.

My beloved son, may you be protected from every destructive plan of your enemies. And may happiness never depart your heart. Happy Unique birthday wishesOpens in a new tab. from your beloved mom!!!

I give God praise for the gift of a son like you. I thank Him for His faithfulness and mercy over your life all these years. May you continue to flourish in God’s blessings. happy birthday my cutie son!!

My one and only son are a year older today, and I wish you lovely living and I pray that the Lord will continually bless and keep you. Happy birthday my good loving son!!

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Birthday Prayer For My Son

I thank God for bringing you thus far in life and all the favors He has granted you. On this special day of your birth, the Lord will shower His blessings on you. He will keep you safe from all forms of evil and cause you to make the right choices at all times. Happy birthday to you my amazing son!!

Hey son you’ve been a great source of happiness to your father and me. I pray may you never stop making us happy in Jesus’ name. Happy birthday… Be good!

You’ve brought smiles to my face in this your last year, I wish you a fabulous year ahead filled with your heart desires. Happy birthday, my humble son.

Dear God, You are the one that gave me this child, comes and take control of his life for me. Let him excel where he equals excel. Let him find his heart desires fulfilled for him. Bless his hustles and bless others through him. Happy birthday my amazing kiddo.

My son your birthday is a very special occasion for everyone in the family. We pray that our treasured son becomes an excellent scholar and a great academic.

Your smile is like a box full of colors, it makes my world alive and more beautiful. I promise to do my best to make you smile all year long. Happy 6th birthday, my son.

May this Birthday bring you joy, happiness, love, prosperity, and wisdom for yet another wonderful year of your life. You deserve the best because you are a terrific son and a loving human being. Happy Birthday!

I pray that all the good things in this life will come your way because nobody deserves a happier life than you. I love you, my son. Happy birthday!

God will engrave your name in the hearts of men because of the wonderful works He will use you to accomplish in His vineyard. Happy 1st birthday, son.

You’ve always made me know that the love between a mother and child is the best thing. Thank you for your love. Happy birthday, my son.

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Prayer Birthday Message For A Son

I praise the Lord in His infinite mercy, I ask Him to give me the honor that will leave my name respected forever through this child. Happy birthday my son!!

Dearest son, it’s your special day. I pray to the Lord to give you Divine guidance and to help you build a life that will benefit you in both this life and the next.

The day you were born marked a new chapter in my life – you made me a mom. Thank you for making each day happier since then. I wish you all the finest things that your heart desire. Happy birthday!

Nothing can be compared to the feeling of pride when you get to see your little son, grow up so wonderfully into such a gentleman. Thanks to you dearest son, we can call ourselves proud parents. Happy Birthday to you.

My son, on your birthday, I pray for nothing but your happiness in life. May you always be protected from the eyes and plans of evildoers. Happy birthday, dear son.

Prayer For My Son On His Birthday

Like the sun shines in the morning, may God’s goodness and kindness shine upon you from this year, and forever. Happy birthday, son.

My eldest daughter is a year older and smarter, you will always be my child irrespective of age, I wish you the best in your new year, love you.

Lord, you are the greatest; there is no one like you. I beseech your favor upon my child. Protect him from all evils. Your eyes shall see no evils until the last day. You will be celebrated beyond your expectations.

My son, watching you mature into a delightful young man, has been a great pleasure. I pray that God helps you fulfill all your dreams.

I pray for you to receive God’s continuous blessings, joy, and good health all year long and for the years to come. Have a wonderful birthday my son.

Dear son, I pray that the Almighty will endow you with courage beyond that of Sampson to be able to conquer every obstacle and fear that might come your way in life. Have a sweet birthday.

May God’s countenance shall shine on you. You will find favor in the eyes of men. The earth shall yield its increase for you and so you shall not lack. It shall be in agreement with you to fulfill God’s purpose for your life. Happy birthday, son, mom, and dad love you!!

You understand me. You know when I’m happy or sad. You know what I want. Son, you complete me. As you’re a year older, may good things never cease to happen in your life. Happy birthday, my son.

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Birthday Prayer For Son From Mom

You’ve been a great source of happiness to your father and me. I pray may you never stop making us happy in Jesus’ name. Happy birthday from mom… Be good!

My son, on this special day of yours, it is my prayer that you will be the happiest person ever to live on this planet. Have a fantastic birthday celebration.

The Lord thought about me when he made you, cos you are a problem solver, I pray for you today that you will continue to impact lives. Have a wonderful birthday my son.

Son, on your birthday, may you be gifted with divine wisdom to soar on the wings of success in all your endeavors. Have a beautiful day, Best wishes from mom.

Isn’t amazing my boy is grown up to be a responsible adult? I pray may this day be colorful in Jesus’ name. Happy birthday to my son.

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