Alternative To Offerup – Top 15 Buying And Selling Apps Like OfferUp

Apps Like OfferUp – I was sitting here some weeks ago and wondering if there were other selling sites like offerup that offers me the comfort of in-person transactions and its C2C marketplace?

However to satisfy my curiosity and that of others too who might be looking for an alternative to offerup I quickly carried out a research and I can proudly say I have come up with some of the trustworthy and recommendable sales apps/sites like offerup.

What Is Offerup


Opens in a new tab. is an online mobile-first (C2C) Customer-to-Customer marketplace with an importance on in-person transactions. It was founded as a competitor to Craigslist, differentiating itself with mobile-friendly apps and user profiles with ratings.

What Is Offerup App

Offerup app offers the user a mobile experience of the marketplace, In other words you have your market right at your pocket all the time.

Is OfferUp safe?

While OfferUp is beyond doubt a safe to use app/site, But there are plenty of safeguard that users must take to avoid OfferUp frauds. The truth is even the best buy and sell websites/apps leaves users vulnerable to scam artists.

Apps Like OfferUp
Top 15 Buying And Selling Apps Like OfferUp

List Of 15 Other Apps Like OfferUp

After reading through this wonderful list of apps like offerup, you will realize that there other selling sites like offerup that make it easy to find people who are willing to pay for items you no longer use.

You assuredly can earn at least a few hundred bucks with the help of these apps. If you want, you can also trade them for other stuff.

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1. LetGo – Apps Like Offerup

Letgo is a famous company launched in January 2015 that provided a website and app like offerup that allows users to buy from, sell to and chat with their client locally. The good stuff about LetGo is that it lets you auto-fill yours, Which means you can quickly post your ads within seconds of trying. This comes in handy if you have a ton of items to sell but have little time to spruce up your ads.

Also when trying to find things to buy, you can use the location filter to ensure that all the displayed items are situated close to your home.

Website LinkOpens in a new tab. App Download LinkOpens in a new tab.

2. TradeMade – Offer Up Similar Apps

TradeMade is a new, exciting trade and barter app like OfferUp. Trademade stands out from other apps like offerup because you don’t only sell good and services you can also sell your skills and also swaps used and/or new items too.

Let’s say you’re up to the mark at growing a social following on Instagram and Facebook, you can upload it as a service. If you also have some books and sporting equipment that you no longer use, You can upload them either for swap or put it up for sale.

TradeMade has a funOpens in a new tab. and easy to use intricate trade and barter system, and a built-in chat so you can message anyone to set up the trade. Visit the link below to get the app so you can start trading.

Website LinkOpens in a new tab.

3. Close5 – Alternative To Offerup

Close5 is a new offer up similar apps to buy and sell locally. This app which is an alternative to offerup is built for the modern classifieds user, with features like profile sign-in and in-app messaging to keep contact information private.

Close5 focuses on your location to find local goods unlike other apps like offerup. Find unique items for sale in your neighborhood and broadcast what you’re selling to those around you in just seconds! In other words, It’s classifieds made easier. The interface is easy and fun to use, which makes it a must try out.

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4. OLX – Sites Like Offerup

OnLine eXchange also known as OLX Group is an online sale sites like offerup headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This site like offerup was founded in 2006 and operates in 45 countries. With this website and/or app, you can easily sell, buy, and even chat with others for the deal.

Some of the categories that you could see in the app are cars, electronics and appliances, furniture, jobs, mobiles, books, sports and hobbies, fashion, pets, and many more. This app is supportable for both iOS and Android.

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5. Mercari – Offer Up Similar Apps

Mercari advocates itself as the Selling App where you can buy and sell almost-anything, Which makes it one of the faultless apps like Offerup where you can buy and sell stuff locally from the list available. The app provides you with significant tools to advertise, ship, and withdraw money.

The shipping options are plenty making you focus on making more bucks by selling and buying offering great deals.

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6. Poshmark – Sale Sites Like Offerup

Poshmark is an amazing offerup alternative that lets you sell fashion goods from women’s clothing to handbags and shoes, even jewelry and makeup. You can buy and sell items within a group of fashion-forward friends, without ever leaving your couch.

Unlike other selling sites like offerup, The listing process on poshmark is fairly straightforward. Snap a few photos of the item, fill in the description, and set the price. Interesting right? Besides, Poshmark has recorded over 30 million items for sale from 5,000 brands as at the time of this article.

One of the thing to keep in mind is that Poshmark makes a commission with every sale that happens on their website, a fixed fee of $2.95 on sales under $15, and 20 percent on sales of $15 and upwards. The juicy part for buyers is that there is a Posh Protect Policy. You’ll get a full refund if the item you purchased doesn’t match the listing.

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7. Shpock – Similar Sites Like Offerup

Looking for offer up similar apps that makes buying and selling second-hand products is a complete joy? Shpock is your go to app. With this app, you’ll be able to connect to the best local buyers in your neighborhood with ease. To list a product, you’ll just have to upload a photo or two, a description, a price, and your product will be up for buying.

The interesting part about this wonderful app like offerup is that you can choose from lots of delivery options including contactless door-to-door couriers. What is holding you back to give this amazing selling sites like offerup a try today?!

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8. Recycler – Sites Like Offerup

Recycler is not on this list because it is a buying and selling site, It made it way down here due to the large similarities it shares with OfferUp. Recycler is not your regular alternative to offerup, On Recycler Most of the users focus on vehicles and rental properties, but you can find everyday stuff being sold as well.

One of the main features of Recycler is the ability to communicate with the seller directly from the app. Visit the website using the link below to sign up and get started.

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9. Oodle – Offerup Alternative

Oodle is is an incredible offerup alternative. It is currently the largest classifieds aggregator, and aggregates listings from sites like offerup as well as local listings from local newspapers and websites. Oodle has oodles of goods for you to buy from other sellers or you can add your own goods to make a little money. Oodle helps you find ads based on your location.

Not to forget that you can even sell or buy pets on this app. Honestly this similar sites like offerup is worth checking out. Visit the website today or get the oodle app to start buying and selling your desired stuffs.

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10. Listia – Selling Sites Like Offerup

Lisitia is not like other similar sites like offerup, Rather it is a site that allows you to swap your stuff for more useful items. You will have to cover up the shipping price. The shipping price is usually a small price that you have to pay for getting the things that you want.

With listia you can buy the credits because building up credits is not an easy task and it will take some time to build up your credits. Once you visit the platform you can find more items that are very cheap.

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11. SocialSell – Sale Sites Like Offerup

SocialSell is a little clear-cut from apps like OfferUp, The platform primarily is a blend of social networking and classified ads. In this app, you can follow your favorite sellers, contact sellers and also leave comments. This app is similar to Offerup app in a way because it’s only about selling all types of goods.

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12. Tradesy – Alternative To Offerup

Tradesy is a recognizable offerup alternative designed as a way for women to “connect their closets,” and with its simple snap a photo and upload model, You have your goods up for sale. Take a few good photos of your items and upload: input information like brand, size, and condition, then set a price. The app will also give you a suggested price, based on brand, condition, and what similar items have sold for.

Tradesy charges a $7.50 fixed commission fee for items sold for less than $50, and a 19.8% commission rate on items selling for $50 or more. Sellers can withdraw their money from the Tradesy app via Paypal, a debit card, or transfer.

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13. Carousell – Offer Up Similar Apps

Carousell is an amazing selling sites like offerup that lets you buy and sell almost everything. Find great deals on electronics, fashion, home & living, toys, and games for sale safely and quickly on Carousell Singapore.

You can easily offer your new and preloved items for sale on this app. All you’ve to do is snap, list, and sell and you’re good to go. After that, you can share your listings on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Whatsapp, and many others.

If you want, you can even switch to the apps’ subscription service that gives you access to a premium suite of tools that will eventually support business branding and operations.

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14. eBay Classifieds – Offerup Alternative

There’s a good chance you’ve purchased something off of eBay in the past, but did you know about their classifieds section? eBay has a ton of users, so you can expect to find a lot of stuff on eBay Classifieds. This app like offerup filters the items you see on your screen based on your location, but you can set it manually if you wish. Get in touch with the seller to discuss the sale without leaving the app. This is a sale sites like offerup that is really worth trying out.

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15.VarageSale – Sale Sites Like Offerup

VarageSale is the family-friendly app to buy and sell new and used items locally. Trusted by millions, shop with verified people within your own community. This platform is a bit different from the usual apps or sites like offerup, You have to connect your Facebook account to the app before you can be allowed to place an AD. This allows potential buyers to check out the pages of sellers to make sure they are real, legitimate people and not scammers.

If you don’t have a Facebook account then don’t bother with this app, but it is great for those with one that want that extra protection.

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Conclusion On Apps/Sites Like Offerup

If you have used any of the offer up similar apps listed above, Do you mind sharing your experience with us using the comment box below? And if there are other sites like offerup you had like us to include don’t hesitate to let us know.

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