Romantic 50 Reasons Why I Love You Husband To Make Him Cry

Writing to your husband or wife the reasons why you love your husband or your wife is a perfect way of letting them know the things they are doing so well that you appreciate and love so much. Your partner deserves to be reminded of how good, caring, and lovely they are and that is why we have made a perfect list of 50 Reasons Why I Love You Husband and Reasons Why I Love You Wife.

Reasons Why I Love You Husband
Romantic 50 Reasons Why I Love You Husband And For Wife

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Reasons Why I Love You Husband

He is truly a gift from GOD. He is so cute. And he’s a wonderful father. WORLD BEST Dad ever.

He always let me choose – which restaurant to go to, what we watch on TV, or what activities we attend.

If left to my own devices, I have the tendency to be so serious. my husband knows just how to make me laugh and helps me to relax during serious conversations.

He’s passionate about God. His love for God is evident in the way he lives and the way he loves me.

Supports me whole-heartedly and believes in me. Runs errands and goes grocery shopping too.

He is a hard worker, He doesn’t mind cleaning the house, He doesn’t mind ironing his own clothes if needed and He often takes one of the boys out to “let mommy rest”.

There are the bad boys, and there are the good guys. My husbandOpens in a new tab. is definitely a good guy (though the facial hair he’s sporting these days does give him a little of a bad boy edge!). He has a tender heart, he’s loyal, and he loves God.

He is a foodie. If you want tips on where to eat and what to order, ask Dan. It will be a fun conversation, I promise.

My husband usually cooks a simple dinner on Friday night to give me a break from the kitchen.

He has a vision – he dreams big dreams. He is the most brilliant guy I know.

my husband Is very motivated and will do anything that he sets his mind to.

He often brings me chocolate when he’s stopped by the store and he plays so good with the kids too.

Reasons Why I Love You Wife

I love my wife because she is beautiful. Before I was ever attracted to her heart, I was attracted to her beauty.

She lets me love her.

I love the little notes she puts in my lunch.

I love my wife simply because my heart chose her and I can’t go against that.

My wife is an amazing mother, friend, sister, wife, and parent.

I love how she literally saved my life…twice.

She is still my biggest fan and supporter since the day I know her.

I love her eyes. They ALWAYS look beautiful.

She has this husky voice sometimes that she whispers I love you in.

I love her because I was sincerely happy for the first time the day she told me she loves me too.

She never quits on herself, or on us.

She is funny and she also thinks I am very funny

I love how she puts the needs of others above her own.

She is gentle, peaceful, kind, emphatic and understanding.

I love her strong will. If she is going to commit to something, she’s all in.

She’s excellent at balancing the checkbook

I love her smile. That’s the first thing I noticed about her. Her gorgeous smile is actually the main reason I fell in love with her.

I love how whenever I’m feeling down about something she reminds me how great I have it

50 Reasons Why I Love You Husband

My husband loves the Lord with all his mind, soul, strength.

My husband usually goes to the movies just to buy me the popcorn

He gave me the most romantic proposal

He helps with the kids at bedtime.

My husband teaches me selflessness.

My darling husband always dares me to be a better version of myself.

He is my best friend; he was made just for me, in a perfect way.

He is the one I dreamed of every night of my life and the one I think about each day.

He always says, “I love you more” because he knows I love to hear it.

He doesn’t say anything when I wear my pj’s all-day

He does the right thing, even when he doesn’t want to.

You love me in times when I’m not capable to love myself.

he is such a down-to-earth man – I love that!

He has the ability to overcome adversity and rise above it.

He gets me my favorite color balloons.

He built me the cutest chicken coop.

He’s adventurous, He’s dependable, He takes command.

You understand me. And when you don’t, you do everything and you go all in to get clarity about the things you don’t understand.

he makes me feel beautiful, and sexy, and desirable

I get to go to sleep in his arms every night, while he sweet-talks me.

Reasons Why I Love You For Husband

He loves the Lord with all his mind, soul, strength.

He loves our kids more than life itself

He takes care of my car for me

He doesn’t swear in front of the children.

He can fix anything. And he also knows when to call a repairman.

My husband respects my boundaries. And you dare to cross them when you are sure you know better.

he treats me like a lady every day.

I get to wake up in his arms every morning.

He will actually go shopping with me.

My husband loves to make me fire when it’s cold

He volunteers to change diapers.

My darling king accepts my sadness and my anger and you live in harmony with them.

I love to hear him talk, just talk, it doesn’t really matter if it is about his day or plans he has – I just love to hear him talk to me

I love the fact that I and my husband can talk without even speaking.

He always answers the phone excited to hear me.

I  really enjoy how my husband takes out time to hear me out.

He gives the best gifts.

My hubby sees and you love the next best version of me.

he is always there for me, in good and in bad, in sickness and in health

He is a wonderful Father and also respects himself alot.

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