100 Reasons Why I Love You Best Friend Quotes And Message

Reasons Why I Love You Best Friend – Friend is one who understands our moments and stands behind us in times of circumstances be it small or huge. The kind of love we own for our families is also applicable to all our friends, showing to our friends how much we love them is great by loving, caring, catching fun, and being available when they needed the most.

Below is a list of reason why I love you best friend, 100 reason why I love you best friend, reason why I love you friend that you can copy and paste or use in expressing to your friends how important they are to you.

Reasons Why I Love You Best Friend
100 Reasons Why I Love You Best Friend Quotes And Message

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Reasons Why I Love You Best Friend

She understands me better than anyone. We have memories that no one else will understand. History. We have our own private language.

When I need someone, be it a little help for the projects, or for dealing with some friend problem, or if I had a tiff with my family, you always find a way to help me.

Really, it sounds like a simple task, but very few people are as attentive as you. You sit with me while I speak, and you follow all my words, and you wait until I finish before responding. Sometimes you don’t even need to reply. Your concentration is all I need. I love you, best friend.

You accept me at my worst and make me feel gorgeous at my best. You always know exactly what to say. You never laugh at me when I’m crying.

When I say I love you, my friend, I really mean it, few words can really express what you mean to me. You listen to me even when I sometimes do not remember the exact word I speak; you take time to comfort me even with your unspoken words. Your look is enough to just say how much you care.

When I call you any time of the day or night I know you will answer, you will not be annoyed with me. That’s one of the reasons why I love you so much, my best friend.

You stay by my side day and night. During summers and winters, you share the warmth of your love. You support me in sickness and health.

You accept me at my absolute worst. You make me feel gorgeous at my best. You always know exactly what to say. You never laugh at me for crying.

We love each other – fully. She never judges me. She always knows exactly what I am thinking. She treats me like family. No matter how many times we get into a little quarrel, we make up immediately.

Rather than just pushing me to tell you why am I upset, you try to put a smile on my face. You do every possible thing for making me happy and forget the reason why I am upset. And that’s the reason why I Love You my best friend, more than anyone and forever.

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100 Reasons Why I Love You Best Friend

She makes fun of me all the time – but in a best friend kind of way. We can have a great time doing just about anything. If I am having a bad day, she does whatever she can to make me smile.

It never feels like we haven’t been in touch, or haven’t written even a single letter or email or we haven’t seen each other for a long time. And that’s the reason I Love You because we connect on a different level.

I never hesitate to tell you something, because I know you will take it to your grave. We would never air each other’s dirty linen, no matter what happens. I love you, best friend forever.

We have our inside jokes that nobody else understands. I’d trust you with my life and you trust me with yours. You make me laugh more than anyone.

With you my friend I know that I can always count on you. I have never hesitated to call you, and in circumstances where I don’t get you, I am assured that if I leave a voice message you will always call back. I love you, my best friend.

I love you best friend, I am happy I can tell you anything and you will not disclose it no matter what happens. You make me be at my best.

Studies highlight that the secret of long-lasting relationships isn’t sex but space. That’s the reason why I fall in love with you all over again!

You receive my ugliest Snapchats I have ever sent. If I ever got sent to jail, you’d be sitting right there with me. Same with the mental institution. You have some videos of me that could absolutely destroy my reputation.

She can pull me out of a pretty bad mood. She doesn’t judge me for not working out. She always sends me the best birthday text messages. She lets me know when I’ve done a job well done.

It’s amazing how I know I can always depend on you. No matter what mess I am in or what trouble I have gotten myself into, I know you will help me out. I know I can always count on you for guiding me and keeping me on the right track always and forever.

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Reasons Why I Love You Friend

Whenever I need you and whatever for, you are always there helping me. You never say no to me for any kind of help. You soothe me like a poem soothes a poet or like a letter from the beloved soothes the aching heart.

One look and I understand exactly what she is thinking. One look and she can make me burst into laughter. She feels like a sister to me. There is no ego between us.

You trust me with all your deep secrets, and I trust you with all of mine. You know every embarrassing thing that’s happened to me, and I know every weird thing about you. I love you, bestie.

You’re practically my sister. Because if we were the same person, we’d be the same person. You send me pictures just to make me laugh.

For the longest time there so many secrets we have shared, I know my secrets are safe, we can actually share our worst and most embarrassing moments without the fear of any other person knowing it.

When I speak, you listen to every word I say, you do not speak until I finish. Sometimes your concentration is all I require. I love you, best friend.

You bring a smile to my face and shower abundant love. Isn’t that the best happiness in the whole wide world You love me so much that looks, thinking, race, never became a problem?

We argue like sisters but always make up a couple of minutes later because we have something important to tellOpens in a new tab. each other. You send me texts that make me laugh.

She always knows the right thing to say when I am down and out. When I am having a bad day, she takes over. She understands my faults. She accepts my faults. We complement one another. Her family loves me.

Even when I don’t say a word about it or don’t show it on my face, you somehow always know that I am upset or if something is bothering me. You let me be and don’t push me for telling it to you. You wait until I feel like sharing and you know I will eventually.

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30 Reasons Why I Love You Best Friend

She has my back. My best friend always has my back. We don’t need to do anything out of this world in order to have a good time. We never lie to one another.

The distance can never separate us. No matter how far we are or for how long we have not spoken to each other, we always pick up where we had left off.

If I need to call you at any time, you will answer. If I don’t reach you, I can leave you a voice note and I know you will call me the second you wake up. If I send you a string of demanding texts past midnight I know that you will be amused, and not annoyed. I love you so much, best friend.

We never have and never will have an argument. We take pride in each other’s accomplishments. When I fall, you laugh, but you’re always there to help me up.

I love you my best friend because you have seen me through the lowest moments in my life. Without your help, I would have had difficulty getting that first job. You literally trained me how to answer those intimidating interview questions.

You always know exactly what to say. You trust me with all your deep secrets and I trust you with mine. I every embarrassing moment in your life and you know mine. I love you, friend.

You always manage to take extra efforts to know what my likes or dislikes are. And I believe it is the perfect ingredient of a healthy relationship.

You always have and always will come before any guy in my life. We hate the same people. And have code names for those people so they don’t know when we talk crap about them.

She lets me vent about my children without judgment. She lets me vent about my husband without judgment. She knows she can tell me anything and I won’t judge her.

It feels so great to have a conversation with you that no one else understands. We have our own codes about everything and our own nicknames for everyone. We can talk about anything and everything and yet get away with it. It’s so much fun being with you.

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Funny Reasons Why I Love You Best Friend

My best friend is full of goals and is inspiring. People always link us together because we are two peas in a pod. She pushes me to be a better person. She prays for me when I really need it.

It’s amazing how you are so confident about yourself. When most of the world is being obsessed with being perfect, you are so comfortable in your skin. This is the reason why I Love You because you are perfectly happy as you are.

You remind me that I often apologize unnecessarily, and that I need to be more confrontational, and that I should stop feeling guilty over things I can’t control, and I remind you to not be so hard on yourself. We’re perfect for each other. I love you, dear best friend.

You are my rock. You think I’m beautiful and smart, even when I don’t. You give me confidence. You help me get what I want. You’re always thinking about me.

It is good to know I love you for helping me get over my first heartbreak. When I thought my world has ended you showed the reality of getting love or not getting it is only limited in our mind. Thanks so much, my friend.

Accepting my sadness – is the most beautiful feeling ever. You suppress untoward anger bouts with lovely cuddles is something I crave every day!

Regardless of our crazy lives, we always make time for each other. You let me hog the bed at every sleepover. When someone tells me don’t tell anyone, I will always tell you. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you happy.

No words can express the appreciation I feel toward you, many friends have come along the way but many have also left but you have stuck with me. No distance or circumstance in life has made you leave me. Big up for the love you have shown me.

We are perfect for each other; we can correct one’s mistake without being offended. I love you very much, my best friend.

Another reason why I Love You so much is that I know I can tell you anything and everything and you will keep it to yourself forever. You know so many of my secrets, like the letter I had written to my crush, some even embarrassing and dirty, and yet you keep it locked deep inside your heart.

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