Cute & Impressive Paragraphs To Send To Your Best Friend

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paragraphs for your best friend
Paragraphs To Send To Your Best Friend

Paragraphs For Your Best Friend

💬 Certain things happen in a certain way at a certain time and place for a certain reason. And sometimes, God brings certain people into our lives for a purpose, but whatever reasons He had in mind for making our path cross and bringing us together, I don’t really care, because I’m honored and grateful that He did. I love you always.
💬 Anyone could tag along in your life, pretending to be friends, until situation arises that come to distinguish chaff from wheat, fickle from substance. I have had one of such and now I know who my friends are. You stand out amongst them. You’re a friend and I love you with all my heart. Friendship is not in the saying, but in the doing. When it comes to doing, you my friend throw your hat in the ring, you get your hands dirty, you place all your cards on the table, you give your best. You my friend are simply amazing.
💬  I love it when we are in deep love for each other for the sake of friendship. I just can’t imagine a day without thinking about the good moments we have shared together in life. You are the best of all my friends. I am waiting for us to reconcile once again, after many years of separation from each other. This friendship is true and there is no doubt we don’t love each other from the heart. Thank you for your sincerity great friend.
💬 No matter where life takes us to, I will always be there for you, because true friends always stick together and never leave each other. No matter what obstacles life may throw at us, we will always overcome it all, because two is always better than one. And you plus me equals an unbeatable and unstoppable team. I cherish you so much, my dearest friend.

Paragraphs To Send To Your Best Friend

💬 Since I was born, I have traveled East, West, North and South, I have had different friends, but the moment I came in contact with you, you gave me the real definition of what a true friend looks like. Thanks so much for proving to me that true friends still exists.
💬 There will be times when we will no longer see each other as often as we used to; there will be moment of ups and downs in our journey on the path of friendship; there will be time when the stormy weather of life will seem to break the bond between us and there will be moment when we would want to call it quit between us.
💬 You have been there for me through my good times and my bad, picking me up off the floor at times when I’ve needed your hand the most. Today, I would like to say thank you. We say thank you a lot, sometimes even when we don’t mean it, but when I say the words, I really mean it — I don’t know what I would have done without you by my side. Lovers, partners, boyfriends, they may come and go, but best friends really are forever. I’m glad that you’re my best friend.
💬 Sometimes you are the joy that makes my day and the other time, and you are the reason why I feel blessed. You have always meant good for me all the time and have still wish to see me succeed. You are a friend worth keeping until the very end. I want you to know that you are not only my best friend but also my brother. You mean so much to me because all you have always wanted was to see my progress. I wish you a fantastic day ahead filled with positivism.

Best Friend Paragraphs

💬 I just want to tell you how thankful I am for having you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me all these years; for being my best friend, the sister I never had, my biggest support, and my person. Am saying a BIG Thank you for being the only person besides my immediate family who never gave up on me.
💬 Knowing that you are there for me at all time is all the assurance I need. You are a friend worth keeping until the end of time. I am always for you, no matter what comes our way. You will be my best friend and the only one who I will do anything to make happy.
💬 You’ve always been by my side since we were little kids. From youngsters with scraped knees to teenagers with broken hearts, we’ve always had each other’s backs. You’re the best friend anyone can ask for, and I just want to thank you for being with me through all this time. I love you best friend!
💬 The only one who never turned her back on me, even when I might have deserved it, and the only one who never left me hanging. For all the sleepless nights you spent next to me, convincing me that some douche-bag wasn’t worthy of me crying over him.

Deep Best Friend Paragraphs

💬 Thank you for being my partner-in-crime, my drinking buddy, my road tripping’ companion, my telepathic pal, my gossip girl, my personal life coach, my dancing partner and so much more. Thank you for all the glorious memories, wrapped up in a bow of nostalgia, so beautiful it brings a tear to my eye.
💬 Friendship is not for the fainthearted. It’s not some fickle emotion ready to evaporate like mist at the slightest sign of trouble. Friendship is hard-work, friendship is easy camaraderie, friendship is being there when no one else is, friendship is laughing together, friendship is crying together. All these and even deeper define our friendship. I’m lucky to have this relationship with you.
💬 A friend like you is far away from this world. You are that light of friendship I dreamed about the other day. I will never forget you for the rest of my life. You are my happiness because I believe in you. The very day I set my eyes on you, I saw a very intelligent man. In the end, it happens to be that, you are the most intelligent person ever met all of my life so far. May your talent buy you the best of fortunes.
💬 You are that friend that I wake up every morning and thank God for bringing me across such a wonderful soul, I bless the day I met you. Thanks so much for being my best friend and for having a great positive impact in my life. For accepting me in your life as your friend.

Best Friend Paragraphs For Her

💬 You are one of the most intelligent young women I have ever met, not to mention sweet, kind-hearted, happy, hilarious, loving, and absolutely beautiful. You have a heart of gold and a personality that should be cherished and preserved in a glass box. You have such an amazing effect on me and my life daily. You make me laugh when I all I want to do is cry.
💬 What a great friend that cannot sleep until he is sure that I’m okay. A friend like blood brother. I will never forget you for the rest of my life. There is nothing that will ever make me betray not even the most beautiful woman in this world. I want to assure you that I will always be loyal to you as friend in times of joy and sadness. I will stay by your side and pray for you every day. You deserve a lot from me. Thank you for the love you share with me.
💬 Even though we don’t see each other every day, I will never stop cherishing our friendship. Even if we don’t hear from each other every time, I will never stop reminiscing about you and the beautiful moment we’ve had together. And even though the sun stops shinning and the cloud doesn’t pour down rain on the earth, I will never stop being your sweet friend. I love you beyond the stars, my sweetest friend.
💬 No matter where life takes us to, I will always be there for you, because true friends always stick together and never leave each other. No matter what obstacles life may throw at us, we will always overcome it all, because two is always better than one. And you plus me equals an unbeatable and unstoppable team. I cherish you so much, my dearest friend.

Long Paragraph For Best Friend

💬 If we had to walk one thousand steps to be together again, I would walk nine hundred and ninety-nine steps so you could only take a step. If we had to drive ten miles across the city just to see each other, I would drive nine miles so you could drive for just a mile. I feel honored to be with an awesome friend like you and I will always cherish our friendship. I love you so much more than you could ever imagine. You’ve been there for the heartbreaks, the disappointments, even the failures.
💬  Hello my sweetest friend, I want you to know that I’m blessed to have a great friend like you. Your friendship is invaluable to place a price tag on, and it’s more precious than the finest gold and silver in the entire universe. You’ve touched my heart in so many ways that I could never have thought of your care and love and I will always treasure our friendship with every breath in me. I love you, my beautiful friend.
💬  Bestie! Please don’t go anywhere. I genuinely don’t know what I would do without you on my team, holding my hand through all the good decisions, and even a few of the bad. (Let’s not talk about those…You’ve been both a rock and a guiding star to me, although not always guiding me down all of the appropriate paths.
💬 I adore and cherish you because you make every day of my life worth living. I know I have the most significant asset having you as a friend. You are just amazing to be with, and I am happy knowing I have a long while to spend with you on earth. You are one person I don’t wish ever to let go off. I will stick with like as if my life depends on it because you have given me a friendship that is of quality.

A Paragraph For Your Best Friend

💬 There will be times when you won’t call me your best friend and I won’t call you my best friend.  There will be times when the stormy weather of life will seem to break the bond between us and make us want to give up on each other. But there is something you have to know. I will never give up on us. For as long as I live, I will make sure our friendship never fails. I will try my hardest because I cannot imagine my life without you in it.
💬 No matter where life takes us to, I will always be there for you, because true friends always stick together and never leave each other. No matter what obstacles life may throw at us, we will always overcome it all, because two is always better than one. And you plus me equals an unbeatable and unstoppable team. I cherish you so much, my dearest friend.
💬 After looking back at all we have been through, I am more confident now than never before that you are a rare treasure that should be adored. You have been my backbone and my inspiration. My secrets are safer with you than they are with me. I love you, friend.
💬 Good morning! I hope you have an amazing day today. May your worries and fears be non-existent. May people see just how amazing you are. May you be showered with exciting new opportunities and prospects. There’s no other person who deserves it more than you.

Long Paragraphs For Your Best Friend

If there’s anything I can do to make your day easier and happier, you know where to find me! This morning I awoke and was reminded of the preciousness of life. I realized I should express my gratitude to those who are so very important to me. Thank you for all you have done and have a great day!
You know about the boy who broke my heart, and we both know you’ll hit him with your car if you ever get the chance. You were there when I didn’t get into that dream school, when I flunked that exam. You cheered me up and brought me ice cream. You took me dancing when I wanted to cry – you made me breakfast when I crashed on your couch.
You happened to be someone who I don’t expect I will get along so well and be happy with. You were a familiar stranger as you were someone whom I don’t know before. But guess what? You turned out to be the best thing and one of the most beautiful things that ever happened to me in life. I love you, my darling friend.
Your smile is as contagious as the flu and whenever you’re sad I feel like I should be too. You really are an absolutely incredible individual. I have never in my whole life been so lucky and proud to have someone like you. You, and only you, are my best friend.
No matter what happens, I want you to know that you will always be my friend. I decided to wake up this early to tell you that I have you in my life and there is no going back. When you get into any mess, let me know so that we can face it together. A promise shared is a problem half solved.

Paragraphs For Your Boy Best Friend

Nobody is flawless, but you are perfect for me. Nobody is perfect, but you overlooked my imperfections and remained a friend I can trust. From the bottom of my heart, I want you to know that I love you the way you are. Happy friends day.
Every giggle was worth it, though; the two of us creating memories that re no doubt going to last us a lifetime. Whatever happens, wherever we find ourselves and whomever we met, let’s just always stay in touch, yeah? It would be weird not to have you around now!
I love you so much my Darling friend. Each day I spend with you looks more special than the other day, I can’t get tired of being in your company. That’s why I am always unhappy each time you are leaving my company. I love you so much my sweet friend and I wish to always stay with you.
I promise to take you round the world, I will take you to all the places that you have never been before. Give me your full love without looking back and I want to let you know that I have fully given you mine. I promise to love you forever my sweetheart.

Cute Paragraphs For Your Best Friend

my dearest friend. When sadness loomed around me, you were present to pull me out of it, how you do it, goes beyond me, I am just glad I have a guardian angel with me. Love you my loving best friend.
Thank you for the times when we laughed so hard a little bit of wee popped out, the times we danced like no one was watching, the times we talked until the cows came home, milked into a thousand saucers, and said Screw this, I’m going to bed!.
For all the times you believed in me when no one else (including myself) did. For all the times you were there to catch me when I fell and help me rise when I failed. Thank you for all the times you wiped my tears away and did your best to put a smile back on my face.
I want you to know that I will not give up on us, at least not without a fight, because you’re the best thing that ever happened to me in life and I won’t trade you for the finest pearl in the world. Come rain or the sunshine, you will always be my best friend forever. I love you, bestie.
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