Shows Like Homeland – Best 7 Must Watch Series Similar To Homeland

Shows like Homeland – Homeland is an 8 season Psychological movie series adapted from an Israeli Television drama series “Prisoners of War”. It aired on Showtime from October 2011- April 2020.

It stars Carrie Mathison, a CIA operations officer who has come to believe that an American Marine who was captured by Al Qaeda has been turned against the United States and he now poses a great threat to national security. When Marine Nicholas Brody is released after eight years, he becomes her main suspect.

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Genres Of Homeland

  • Serial
  • Mystery
  • Thriller
  • Suspense
  • Crime

Why did Homeland Get Cancelled?

According to its showrunner Alex Gansa, he decided to bring Homeland to a close after Season 8 because after a decade it felt like the right time to move on. This means the homeland is finished.

How Many Episodes Does Homeland Have?

Across its 8 seasons, Homeland has 96 episodes.

Shows Like Homeland
Shows Like Homeland – Best 7 Must Watch Series Similar To Homeland

Series Similar To Homeland

If you enjoyed the suspense and the spy drama in Homeland you might also like to watch the following shows like homeland that will be listed below:

1. Quantico – TV Shows Like Homeland

Regrettably, Quantico got canceled just after the first season which disappointed most of its fans. If you loved Homeland most definitely you’ll find yourself glued to the screen watching Quantico.

The series like homeland is detailed around a group of recruits training in the FBI Quantico training base as they get caught up in a deadly terrorist plot. It has everything from suspense to false identity, terrorism, investigations, and set up just like Homeland.

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2. Alias – Series Similar To Homeland

If you enjoyed the spy life and double identity in Homeland Alias is a 5 season must-watch tv show like homeland. Also just in Homeland, the protagonist is female. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

Alias casts Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow, a double agent for the CIA also posing as an operative for SD-6, an international criminal and espionage organization. The show derived his name from the various aliases Sydney adopts for different missions throughout the show.

Alias indeed is a must-watch for every homeland fan because several elements which made homeland your favorite show is definitely present in Alias. in a new tab. imdb.comOpens in a new tab. amazon.comOpens in a new tab.

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3. Agent Carter – Series Like Homeland

One thing you’ll love about this show is that it goes far beyond your expectations. Yes, Agent Carter isn’t a handsome agent for the FBI whatever, she’s a Lady!! Yes just like Homeland. Sadly it ended in season two.

Agent Carter is based on Peggy Carter from the Marvel comics, If you’re a fan of Captain America you’ll definitely Know Peggy Carter. The Series stars Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter whose life changed drastically after her boyfriend Steve Rogers is feared dead. She starts living a double life by doing administrative work as well as working as a S.H.I.E.L.D agent under Howard Stark.

Everyone who loved Homeland would definitely love tv shows like homeland called Agent carter. It is suspense-filled and very interesting.

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4. The Night Manager – Series Like Homeland

Finally, we get a series like homeland with a male protagonist. The Night manager was widely received and the reviews were positive, sadly it was renewed for a second season. Just Like homeland, there is a lot of spy work and double identity.

Tom Hiddleston really dazzled acting as Jonathan Pine an ex-British soldier who acts as a covert operative infiltrating the inner cycle of Richard Roper, a secrets arms dealer who also killed his wife. Jonathan Pine has a double life acting as a night manager of a luxury hotel in Cairo in addition to being involved with Richard Roper as a Covert Operative. 

The Night manager promises fun and yeah you’ll enjoy Jonathan Pine with all his charms and deviousness. This series similar to homeland was first released on 21 February 2016 while the last and final episode was released on 27 March of the same year.

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5. 24 – Shows Like Homeland On Showtime

Who hasn’t seen Jack Bauer in action? Sorry, you’ve been living under a rock. Many would argue 24 is one of the greatest movie series of all time. They’re probably right. Homeland fans would definitely love this, well speaking about those who haven’t seen 24 before.

Keifer Sutherland stars as Jack Bauer, an agent for the counter-terrorism unit you probably know that. Each season houses 24 episodes taking place in a real-time frame. Exciting isn’t it?. Each episode in a season signifies. Well, Jack Bauer is an all-action guy, he stops assassination, finds nuclear weapons, searches for the bad guys, etc. Basically, he saves the day. It’s similar to Homeland in a number of ways from terrorism, to the investigation, spy work you name it!

If you haven’t watched 24 already make it the number 1 item on your bucket list. It’s very interesting you won’t be disappointed trust me. These 8 seasons tv shows like homeland are definitely worth watching.

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6. The Americans – TV Shows Like Homeland

Two Russian spies, married with kids posing as Americans to spy on the United States Government. Well, it doesn’t get much better than that. The Americans is one of the best spy shows like homeland of all time and this definitely is what any Homeland fan would savor.

Elizabeth and Phillip Jennings and their two kids are a typical American family in the eyes of everyone but far from it!! Elizabeth and Phillip are KGB agents and their family is indeed their cover. Things get complicated when an FBI agent moves into the neighborhood. Well, watch the rest………

Movie critics have waxed lyrical about this show you’ll definitely enjoy The Americans. The suspense and all the spy work is something you’ll enjoy a lot.

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7. The Bureau – Series Similar To Homeland

The Bureau is not an American show. It’s a French Movie series that describes the life of spies working for the (DGSE) General Directorate of External Security – France’s equivalent of the CIA.

The first season focuses on the life of Guillaume Debailly, codenamed ”Malotru”, who returns to Paris after six years of being undercover in Syria. He has to face the challenge of reconnecting with his daughter, ex-wife, colleagues, and his old self. Subsequent seasons slightly focus on other characters like Mariana Loiseau etc. 

The Bureau is a must-watch for every Homeland fan. It promises lots of suspense, thrill, and exciting plots. 

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Conclusion On TV Shows Like Homeland

So Here you have it, The best 7 series similar to Homeland that is a must-watch for every Homeland fanatic out there, and trusts me you would definitely enjoy it!

If there are any other shows like homeland that you have watched and would like other homeland lovers to watch kindly recommend it below, using the comment box.

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