Sweet Love Poems For Wife From The Heart To Make Her Cry

Love Poems For Wife – As a husband it is good you often find out time to praise your wife and believe me when I say writing a love poem to your wife is one of the sweetest ways to do just that. In this article, you will find long & short love poems for your wife that proves to be romantic, sweet, cute, beautiful and she will definitely appreciate it.

t Love Poems For Wife
Sweet Love Poems For Wife From The Heart To Make Her Cry

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Love Poems For Wife

I promise to have hope when we’ve strayed off the path
To know in my heartOpens in a new tab. and accept God’s wrath
That the things that He does are not to be cruel
But to make us realize that we’ve acted a fool
Replace all our fear and doubt with hope
When we feel we’re at the end of our rope
Healing takes time, well get back on the right track
I will be waiting for you when you’re ready to come back

Love is:
When you hold my hand in my darkest night
And whisper that everything is going to be alright.
Care is:
When you only need to look into my eyes
To tell why I am as cold as ice.
Affection is:
Giving me your all
Without complaining at all.
I belong to you, come what may;
You will always be mine, that’s all I can say!

Wild nights – Wild nights!
Were I with thee
Wild nights should be
Our luxury!

Futile – the winds –
To a Heart in port –
Done with the Compass –
Done with the Chart!

Rowing in Eden –
Ah – the Sea!
Might I but moor – tonight –
In thee!

There is nothing I would rather do,
than spend all of my time making a queen out of you,
You deserve a crown,
a scepter and a throne,
your beauty so breathtaking,
my love is for you alone.
I love your smile,
I love your kiss,
each and every day I reminisce,
you are my life you are my world,
never did I imagine such an amazing WIFE.

I promise to Love you through the good times and bad
I’ll Love you when I’m angry, hurt and mad
Love is a choice I’ve made to devote my life
To making you, Michelle, my world, my wife
Nothing will ever change that choice that I’ve made
Even when we feel our Love start to fade
It’s inside my soul, and nothing can shake
My Love for you, that’s a promise I won’t break

Short Love Poems For Wife

You are the dream I want to live,
You are the star that shines,
You are the reason why I breathe,
You are my everything my dear,
With you I have all the reasons to cheer,
To my pretty wife!

If you were a celebrity, I’d be your biggest fan
If you were the sun, I’d be the awesome tan
If you were an actress, I’d be the camera
If you were a candle, I would be a spa
Whatever you would be, I would be your ally
In short, without you,I would surely die
I love you.

I close my eyes,
It’s you I can see,
You have become a reason for me to live,
I really can’t thank you enough,
For all the love you give,
You are the sweetest person I know,
I really don’t have any words to show,
Thank you my beautiful wife!

I desire you when, morning light appears,
and the dew lazily joins the morning sky.
All the birds begin to mate and sing,
I want your kiss as you lay quietly.

Indeed, I am one of the luckiest few
To bring home the best among the rest.
The day I met you single
Was the last day I cherished bachelorhood.
Fast forward, and we are at the altar
Staring excitedly into each other’s eyes,
Promising and affirming,
Fighting urges,
Feeling fly,
Counting down to our moment alone.

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Love Poems For My Wife

We walked down the streets into nowhere
Only guided by the trust we have for each other
We spoke with one voice,
Unafraid of our faults and frailties.
I choose you over me
For you owe me my existence.
If life has a duplicate
I won’t hesitate to recreate,
Step by step,
Pattern after pattern,
The moments I shared and still share with you.

O my Luve is like a red, red rose
That’s newly sprung in june;
O my Luve is like the melodie
That’s sweetly played in tune.

So fair art thou, my bonnie lass,
So deep in luve am I;
And I will luve thee still, my dear,
Till a’ the seas gang dry.

Till a’ the seas gang dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt wi’ the sun;
I will love thee still, my dear,
While the sands o’ life shall run.

And fare thee weel, my only luve!
And fare thee weel a while!
And I will come again, my luve,
Tho’ it were ten thousand miles

You’ll be forever in my heart,
no one else will do,
I’ll never let you go because I love you.
How is it that you are real?
My dreams never created something like you.
I still have to pinch myself,
because I’m amazed you are true.

My wife
Beauty and grace
A smile on my face
A hand to hold
A companion to grow old
A mix of laughter & shouldered tears
We may age, but our love does not reflect the years
You gave me all in life I see as good
Made me dream of things I never thought I could
My pillar of strength deep in my soul
The one who made my life whole
Indescribable beauty inside and out
The love you reflect casts shade on my every doubt
The look in your eyes can make my heart skip
Ever since I meet you I’ve enjoyed this trip
So to you my love, I thank you so
& I pray the end of my love you never know

You are an amazing woman:
The flesh of my flesh,
The bone of my bone.
You are priceless:
The honor upon my scepter,
The covering to our kids.
You are my wife:
The strength of my manhood,
The custodian of my sanity.

I Love You Poems For Wife

On this day we said our vows.
Now is a time to say just how
Much I appreciate you.

God-crafted for me alone,
You’ve done so well to make our home
A place of nurture and love.

Smoothing out my obtuse corners,
You help to make our family warmer
To the people who surround us.

I love you as much as on day one,
Even though many years have gone
By in the blink of a moment.

I am so happy I have years more
To be with you and to adore…

Spring as a season
Would be dull and dreary
If you weren’t around
To make it flowery for me
Summer would be no fun
It would be so boring and bland
I wonder how I would survive
Can’t even begin to understand
Winter would be worse
Very gloomy and blue
It would be more horrible
To spend it without you
Every season of my life is beautiful with your presence
Without you there would be
No meaning to my existence
I love you

You came in my life,
As an angel so true,
You came in my life,
The feelings so true,
You gave a new direction to my dreams,
You have been my pillar of support,
To the most wonderful thought,
I love you honey!

Souls braid to a single heart
Welds the seam, of the two we used to be
Hands held tenaciously
Dreams mesh in harmony
Tantalizing beauty
Lost in those eyes
Of blazing bronze
Leaves’ of autumn full of envy
Passion glazed lips
Love’s honeyed nectar,
Candies your kiss
Impassioned pulse,
An ardent serenade of feverish delight
This whetted appetite
Craves that elixir of your sweat
Beaded upon your perfumed neck
Intoxicating images,
Dancing in my mind
Yesterday’s dreams,
Tomorrow’s fantasy
Today’s reality
Heartstrings gently strummed
Declares this delicious song
Overflowing the wellspring
Of devoted Love!

Since the day you entered my life,
I got a reason to live,
Since the day you changed my life,
I got a reason to live,
You are too wonderful you know that,
Thanks for coming in my life,
To the most sweetest wife!

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Love Poems For Your Wife

I thank God for you, for you my dreams came true,
I am lucky to have married you,
even if you ask me everyday I’ll always say I do.
You make my heart beat fast,
my knees quiver,
you are the sexiest woman I know.
Loving you is so amazing,
I need your touch,
I will never let you go.
Every day I love you more,
you will be forever what I adore,
you are my joy,
my treasure,
my heart, today,
forever we will never be apart.

I find it easy to tell you how much I love you
But sometimes, I feel that it has become a routine
Giving you just the words,
And not the promises.
While I have the time,
I want to let you know
That in loving you
I will stand by you,
Fight for you,
Fend for you,
Live for you,
Die for you.

Love is feeling cold in the back of vans
Love is a fan club with only two fans
Love is walking holding paint-stained hands
Love is
Love is fish and chips on winter nights
Love is blankets full of strange delights
Love is when you don’t put out the light
Love is
Love is the presents in Christmas shops
Love is when you’re feeling top of the Pops
Love is what happens when the music stops
Love is
Love is white panties lying all forlorn
Love is a pink nightdress still slightly warm
Love is when you have to leave at dawn
Love is
Love is you and love is me
Love is a prison and love is free
Love’s what’s there when you’re away from me
Love is…

I see the butterflies’ colors,
listen to the birds sing,
rainbows across the sky,
all remind me that you’re my everything.
Why is it that my heart still skips a beat,
every time I feel your touch?
How is it that someone so wonderful,
lets me love them oh so very much?
You are the apple of my eye,
the star in my sky, you take my breath away,
for you my darling I will always stay.
For so long I had searched,
looking for love that’s true.
And then one day my soul saw you and said,
“Oh, there you are, I’ve been looking all over for you.

Today we are obliged to be romantic
And think of yet another Valentine.
We know the rules, and we are both pedantic:
Today’s the day we have to be romantic.
Our love is old and sure, not new and frantic.
You know I’m yours, and I know you are mine.
And saying that has made me feel romantic,
My dearest love, my darling valentine.

A Man’s Love For His Wife Poem

Your presence in my life is a dream come true,
With you around, I feel everything is new,
Do you even have a clue?
That how much I love you,
You are the most wonderful wife,
You are my world my life,
I love you a lot!

Like a skydiver needs a parachute
Like a singer needs to sing
And God breathes life into all living things
Like the water in the ocean
That all swimming creatures need to survive
And a baby’s love for his mother
Because there is a sparkle in her eye
Like the sun shinning on your face
I swear there are angels on high
This is how I see my love for you
So now let me tell you why
You are my lifeline
So I can soar into new things
Just like an eagle that is gliding on his wings.

I don’t care about money
I don’t care about wealth
I don’t care about happiness
I don’t care about wealth
I don’t care about peace
I don’t care about security
I don’t care about riches
I don’t care about prosperity
Because all of this
Will come naturally
As long as I have
You beside me
I love you

I’m happy I’m the one, to be in love with you,
I want to scream my lungs, till I’m blue,
I want the world to know, I have you.
How happy I am, to be in Love with you,

How lucky I am, I feel loved by you,
My mind is in a spin, with thoughts of you,
when it comes to romance, you are on my mind
You’re my passion an desire, in all, I’m yours,

Every pulse of my body, burns like red hot fire.
Runs through my heart like a deep ravine,
the moment you smile, I get weak at the knees,
I’m swept off my feet, like a breeze from the sky.

My emotions are wild, and taking me over,
suddenly, life is better, cause, I’m in love with you!

You have taught me to be patient in life,
You are my true strength in life,
I could not have asked for anything else,
Because you are my perfect wife,
Thanks so much for coming in my life,
Without you I won’t survive,
I love you a lot!

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Love Poems For Wife From The Heart

The sea in my heart hit its massive body against the waves of your love
Trying to resist the pull to you.
As much as I tried holding back from falling for you
I failed to make any impression worthy of a playboy
All I ever achieved
Was to be buried deeply in thoughts of you.
I am glad I lost out in the game
To surrender all to you.
Making you my wife
Was, and is still is the best decision
I have made for myself and posterity.

Bright star, would I were steadfast as thou art–
Not in lone splendour hung aloft the night
And watching, with eternal lids apart,
Like nature’s patient, sleepless Eremite,
The moving waters at their priestlike task
Of pure ablution round earth’s human shores,
Or gazing on the new soft-fallen mask
Of snow upon the mountains and the moors–
No–yet still steadfast, still unchangeable,
Pillow’d upon my fair love’s ripening breast,
To feel for ever its soft fall and swell,
Awake for ever in a sweet unrest,
Still, still to hear her tender-taken breath,
And so live ever–or else swoon to death.

It amazes me how people can just pass by you,
and not realize that they just missed an opportunity,
for them to know the most beautiful and amazing woman in the world,
but then I sigh and smile deep within,
thanking the universe for showing me you,
the most stunning being in my universe.
Sometimes I’m sad and life gets me down,
but I always know I can turn that around,
by closing my eyes and picturing you,
the source of my joy,
my angel, I thank you.

The day you came into my life will be cherished always.
An angel sent from heaven above for my lonely heart to hold.
My heart is no longer lonely, but instead
filled with the wonder of a love like I’ve never known.

When you first held me, it was magical!
A touch no other but my soulmate could provide.
Truly the passion needed no words.

Your kiss on my lips is something I long for each day.
With a single kiss the intensity of your love so incredibly clear!

Time seems to take a flight
Each time we sit to talk.
Ours feel like conversations between two long-lost friends.
I don’t know how or why
But it’s certain that we found each other pleasurable
Among hundreds and thousands of couples.
It’s not only unthinkable but foolish
For anyone to expect our passion for each other to wane.
You and I make
The best couple goal in the whole wide world.

Wife Love Poems For Her

When I think about the way you make me smile even without a noise.
Whenever I look at your pretty face and listen to your sweet voice,
All I think is, I surely must have done something really nice in life,
That God rewarded me by sending an angel from heaven as my wife.

I love you,
I can’t think of a better way
To spend my life
To be with you everyday.
I think about you every minute.
I hope you think about me.
There’s no other place,
I would rather be.
Just a glimpse of your face,
You make my life complete.
You make it simple and easy.
I love you, my baby.
Don’t ever leave me.
I don’t want to be alone.
I couldn’t survive without you.
I think I’d die out on my own
‘Cause I don’t know what else to do
Without you…

You‘re the right in my life
That removes every wrong
You’re the power in my life
That makes everything strong
You’re the remedy of my life
That cures every illness
You’re the calm in life
That diffuses all my stress
You’ve always believed
In everything I’ve done
You aren’t just my everything
You are my number one
I love you

Your eyes melt me with emotion so intense it is beyond belief.
A caring and unconditional love that shines from them
that makes me shiver with excitement for our life to come.

Each day your smile fills my heart with a joy like no other.
Oh but to have you in my life is truly a blessing!

On the day we wed…
I promise to you yet again my unconditional love and devotion.
For I will cherish each day that God gives me with you,
our own little piece of heaven on earth.

I will love you always.

I will never regret a thing that took place in my life,
‘coz whatever happened in the past led me to you, my bride.
If ever a day goes by without me reminding you how much I love you.
Don’t let even a second pass when you are not aware about how much I do.

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