How Do Countries All Over the World Celebrate Students’ Day

All countries around the world have their traditions of celebrating Student Day. Virtually no college is left out of the boisterous and long-awaited holiday. It is preceded by the International Students’ Week for Peace and Fellowship.

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Celebrate Students Day
How Do Countries All Over the World Celebrate Students’ Day

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Student Day in Finland

Students’ Day is celebrated on May 1. On this day graduates receive student caps as a symbol of the transition to the new stage of adulthood. Traditionally, Wappu begins the day before, on April 30, with a congratulatory speech by the president of the country.

In Helsinki, there are student festivities, which open with a ceremony of placing a student cap on the head of the statue of Havis Amanda – the symbol of Helsinki. Fun fact: the statue’s head is pre-washed.

Student Day in Denmark

Danish students prefer to spend the holidays with their closest and most loyal friends. Most often they can be seen through the windows of the houses, as they like to gather at someone’s house, or in a bar.

They also have a tradition: the graduate or student’s family rents a big car that resembles a truck, and they drive around the streets all evening. All family members sing songs in the car, and then the festivities continue at home or in a bar.

Student Day in Belgium

In Belgium, young people like to gather in small groups for any occasion. A successful session, graduation, or winter ball is a good excuse to have a great time with their friends. The most popular meeting place bars, but unlike most students, Belgians do not like to sing.

Student Day in Portugal

In Porto and Coimbra, the student feast of Keima takes place in May. Keima begins at midnight with loud singing of serenades at the monument to one of the Portuguese kings. The festival lasts all day, with bands often coming to town.

The culmination of the festival is a parade of students that passes through the city. Students from each university dress in their uniforms, all participants hold colored ribbons, the color of which symbolizes belonging to a particular department, and walk next to a truck decorated with bright paper-mâché. Then, after the church service, the ribbons are ceremonially burned in the stadium.

Student Day in Bulgaria

The tradition of celebrating Student Day in Bulgaria is related to the history of Sofia University named after Kliment Ohridski, to be more precise, its saint’s day – December 8.

The date was changed to November 17, International Students’ Day, but in 1962, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the university, the old date was returned. On this day, institutions of higher education throughout Bulgaria are closed, and students celebrate their holiday in cheerful and noisy companies.

Student Day in Greece

Student Day in Greece is celebrated on November 17 and marks the anniversary of the 1973 student protests against the military junta of the “Black Colonels,” violently suppressed by the military. The victims of the Polytechnic were proclaimed martyrs after the restoration of a democratic government. Traditionally on this day, students hold rallies and demonstrations in defense of democratic rights and freedoms.

Student Day in Poland

The symbolic tradition of handing over the keys to the city from city mayors to the heads of student councils is held during Juvenal (Students’ Day in Poland). costume parades and carnivals are held all over the country, where students take an active part.

Student Day in Ukraine

It is noteworthy that Student Day is celebrated twice in Ukraine. Student Day in Ukraine is celebrated twice – on January 25 and November 17. The autumn date is International Student’s Day. The historical date for students is November 17. On this day in 1939, over 1200 students in Czechoslovakia were arrested and sent to concentration camps, some of them were executed. In memory of these young people, International Student Day was proclaimed. 

Student Day in Ukraine was determined by a presidential decree of June 16, 1999. The date was set for November 17. The international purpose of this holiday is to unite students around the world and emphasize the important role of this social group in the life and development of society.

It should be noted that there are no established traditions for Student Day. The scenario of the celebration can be very different. The holiday is good because everyone celebrates it in his way. Someone organizes a party, and somewhere there is a gala evening.

Student Day in the United States

One of the largest and most fun student carnivals in the United States is Hasty Pudding. Since 1795, Harvard University has hosted theatrical celebrations named after the meal that was brought to student club meetings.

For more than a century Harvard University has held theatrical celebrations every February, designed to “cultivate community sympathies and values, feelings of friendship and patriotism.”

Among other traditions, it is customary at Harvard to initiate students by ridding the flesh of all that constrains it, that is, the trivial stripping down to underwear.

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American students celebrate this day very widely, with music, dancing, contests, delicious food, and drinks. Some states have celebratory parades on this day. After all, going to university in the United States costs a lot of money and a lot of effort. Graduation from university serves as a guarantee of prosperity.

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