Happy Nigeria Independence Day 2021 – Wishes & Messages

Happy Independence Day Nigeria – Today been October 1st, 2021 marks the birthday of Nigeria having gained independence on this day in 1960 which means it is the 61st Nigeria independence day and wishes for Nigeria at 61. To commensurate 2021 Nigeria Independence day. We have made this well-written Happy Nigeria Independence Day 2021 – Wishes & Messages. – Nigeria independence

Happy Nigeria Independence Day 2021 - Wishes & Messages
Happy Nigeria Independence Day 2021 – Wishes & Messages

Happy Independence Day Nigeria

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Let us rejoice in happiness and indulge in celebration… Saluting them who made it possible… Who made Nigeria stand high and mighty. Let us make them our inspiration. Happy Independence Day!

Always establish your pride by raising your country’s flag up high. Let peace and harmony follow you everywhere you go. Say no to domestic abuse and violence. Let us celebrate Independence day. happy 61st independence day Nigeria.

Nothing is as good as living in an independent and self-sustaining nation. Best wishes and happy Independence Day! happy 61st independence day Nigeria

Independence day makes me happy and proud. My heart catapults in happiness and pride when the sound of Independence comes. To see all the colors that come with Independence day brings the sparkly light in me.

A great nation with great people from diverse cultures. Happy Independence Day to everyone with Nigerian’s best interest at heart. happy 61st independence day Nigeria

Many lives were sacrificed, many battles were fought before we finally got independent…. Today is a very special day and warm wishes on Nigeria Independence Day to you.

No nation is perfect, it needs to be made perfect Love For Nigeria At 61: Others might have forgotten, But never can i, The Flag of my country Furls very high. happy 61st independence day Nigeria

Today is the day Nigeria celebrates its birthday, as an independent, sovereign country. And that is why I want to congratulate all Nigerians on this well-deserved holiday. Progress will always be our portion.

Happy Independence Day Messages Nigeria

From Struggle… To Freedom… To Progress… Nigeria moves forward. Celebrating with you the pride of being part of a nation that is eternal and ever-new… Happy Independence Day!

May the flag of our country always fly high and higher as we mark our 61st Independence Day. happy 61st  independence day Nigeria

Let’s remember all of the past heroes who fought for our freedom and unity. Proud to be a Nigerian!

Do you remember all the sacrifices made to make our country better? Do you remember all the battles fought and won to earn our liberation? It is time to be happy and felicitate with one another. happy 61st independence day Nigeria

Happy Nigerian Independence Day to my fellow Nigerians everywhere! We celebrate the BEAUTY of our people: Unwavering pride, infectious joy, unshakeable resilience, and VIBRANT CULTURE !!

Today we can enjoy freedom and independence, enjoy the comforts and rights we are given as a citizen…. Wishing you a very Happy Nigeria Independence Day my dear.

Never forget the sacrifice of our labor past, Thousands laid down their lives so that our country is breathing this day Never forget their sacrifice.. happy 61st independence day Nigeria

Dear Nigerians, today is a big day in our country -it is the celebration of our independence. Accept my sincere congratulations. May our politicians be reasonable, wise, and prudent.

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Happy Independence Day Nigeria Wishes

Our free life today is the result of 61 years of struggle and sacrifice of many thousands… Big Salute to those great lives. Happy Independence Day!

It is time to make that decision to love and respect our nation. We will never forget all the hustles that brought us here. We will never forget the fights, the wars, and the spoil of Independence that made us what we are today.

Millions laid down their lives for the liberation of our country. Thousands gave up the ghost to enable us to live the life we enjoy now. Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day. Despite all of your flaws and imperfections, I can’t imagine not being Nigerian. As our President said 33 years ago and I quote ‘We have no other nation like Nigeria, no matter where you go. We may as well remain here and salvage it together. wishes for Nigeria at 61

A country is not just a piece of land but a home for many people who deserve to be independent and free…. On that note, wishing a very Happy Nigeria Independence Day to all.

Today, I celebrate with my Nigerian brothers and sisters on our Independence Day. We are great people that have passed through a lot of struggles to be free.

Let us pay homage to all the brave hearts… Who gave their lives for the next generation… We are proud to be Nigerians… Happy Independence Day!

On this day, we established the freedom to speak, to walk, and the right to knowledge. All of this sums up to an amazing right to life. Happy Independence Day to you and yours. Have the best of the day.

As we celebrate this year of Independence, Let us remember to make a promise that we will always celebrate all the sacrifices and labors of our hero’s past. Happy Independence Day to you and your family. Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day Nigeria Quotes

The joy and contentment of being a Nigerian are real. I pray that this Independence day fills your life and that of your family with all the happiness and contentment that it needs. I am proud to be a Nigerian, what about you? Happy Independence day!

Today is a day that represents freedom, equality, and unity. I stand proud to be a Nigerian and on this day of our independence. I want to salute all my fellow Nigerians in honor of this great day. Happy Independence Day

“They gave away everything to give us an independent nation and we must also work hard to leave a nation our generations will always be proud of…. Warm wishes on Nigeria Independence Day.”

Our Independence Day is more than just a holiday. It is a day to remind ourselves of how far we have come and how much we have done. It is a day of unity and togetherness. Happy Independence Day

We are proud to be a part of our glorious nation… And we hoist the green flag high… Sending you warm wishes… on Happy Independence Day! – wishes for Nigeria at 61

Everything that is remarkable and housing is made by the person who can work in flexibility. Happy and blessed 2019 Independence day – wishes for Nigeria at 61

Let us felicitate in the joy of being a part of this year’s independence. Let us rejoice and be glad in the fact that we are alive to witness this historic day yet again! May this Independence day bring us continued peace and joy.

I’m proud to be a Nigerian, where at least I know I’m free. And I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me. Happy Independence Day!!

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