Heart Touching Birthday Letter For Girlfriend Copy And Paste

Happy Birthday Letter For Girlfriend – I  can assure you that nothing will excite your girlfriend more than a birthday letter to her on her special day. when you are a loving boyfriend you should know the importance of letters to your girlfriend be it on her birthday or every other day. So if you need an emotional heart touching birthday letter for girlfriend

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Birthday Letter For Girlfriend
Heart Touching Birthday Letter For Girlfriend Copy And Paste

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Happy Birthday Letter To Girlfriend

Dear Sweet Cakes,

In the past, I always knew I was missing a very precious thing but never knew exactly what it was. Yes, I knew it was love-related, and I knew my heart was yearning for a significant other. However, I thought it was just a general case of loneliness that would be cured with hugs, kisses and Valentine’s Day cards. Never in a million years did I suspect that rather my heart would become so intertwined with yours – that you would become such an important part of my life to the point where my entire world would shift as a result of loving you.


My sweetie pie,

Today’s a great day. You make today a day to look forward to because, without you, today has more meaning. If there’s a way to stop today from coming every year, I’ll destroy it the day I find it. You make my life more awesome. I’m glad to have you and proud to celebrate you today. I pray your days are spent happily. Happy birthday to you, my girlfriend.


My Queen,

Congratulations on your day, my love! Let’s celebrate the fortune of being together and being able to start another year of your life that will come full of exciting adventures. This great treasure we have together and we enjoy every day, it is our love and it will always belong to us. Happy Birthday!


My joy giver,

God was infinitely generous because we can be with you in this special occasion where you are one year wiser, I love you so much, You and your love are more intense than the sun because that’s how big our love is for each other. I thank you for another year of sharing your existence and I want to stay by your side to continue celebrating all the birthdays of your life.


Dear Love,

As time keeps going by, you’re moving and growing older. In each minute of an hour, each hour of each day, each day of the week, each week of the month and in each month of the year, I keep loving you!
What kind of mysterious magic is yours that enchants me more and more each of the month mentioned? I think you have sufficiently and successfully cast a spell on me. If you can confess to me, please do. Did you by any chance laced my tea, coffee, coke or any of my favorite drinks with some potion?
My darling birthday wizard, let me use this letter to validate all my love for you and convey my wish for a wonderful day, and that the love that my loving heart feels for you is endless as it will never die. Even its purity is cool.

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Happy Birthday Letter For Girlfriend


I am so crazy about your love that I think I’m going to swallow you alive so that you will live inside me forever. Take it easy, don’t fall from the chair where you are sitting because I have to confess that I’m just kidding. I can’t swallow you because you are already in my mind and my blood

But I’ll still be nibbling and slowly and romantically pinching you every now and then, I sure am! But I do mean it: this new age of yours accomplished today will be the happiest, nicest one in your life. You will never have a better yesterday or a better last year. I render my promise to do anything within my reach to wish you the best birthday wishes from my heart. Happy Birthday to you my gorgeous queen.


My chocolate candy,

I don’t know what it is you’re doing right but year after year, you’re looking more and more beautiful. It’s like you add on more years to your age, but you add an ethereal glow each year as well. I swear, it’s like witchcraft! And I’m not just talking about the way you look, you’ve become more and more beautiful within as the years pass too. Because of that, I can’t help but fall deeper in love with you each passing day. I look forward to the day when I completely drown in my love for you, my beautiful queen. Happy birthday.


Hello baby girl,

Love they say is not that which triggers division, but the merger of hearts and soul. With you, I have come to know how true this is. You’re not just a girlfriend, but one who captures my heart and soul in ways I do not wish you to ever leave. On this super birthday of yours, I promise to not only be yours but also to be the one that will continue to prove to you that truly, there’s a thing like unconditional love. Happy birthday to you, baby.

Long Birthday Letter For Girlfriend

Happy Birthday, Princess

Witnessing this lovely and special day of yours brings so much joy to the deepest part of my heart. That which we share has given me the opportunity to know that, you’re the best human one can ever have in life. Today you’re a day older, which means that you’re many steps closer to the fulfilment of your desires and the accomplishment of your set goals. You’re my Princess, one I adore above beyond human comprehension. So on this special day of yours, my honey wish is that all you desire, be fulfilled in your new age. Happy birthday to you, Princess. So much love from my heart.


My dear,

This day is the day when my soul knew form the start that out there somewhere in the world is its other half. This is the day when the birds sing melodies celebrating the birth of a woman so beautiful that if you were born in Greek antiquity, I’m sure one of the jealous goddesses of Olympus would somehow make our story a tragedy. This is the day when the earth smiles because you have arrived. I could wax poetic for hours about how everything on this planet clamored to celebrate your birth. But of course, you wouldn’t believe me and you wouldn’t know because you were too busy being born. So on behalf of this world that loves having you in it, happy birthday!


Dear Precious One,

Sometimes the way I love you frightens me, and I don’t mean this in the sense that I would do anything stupid if I suffered the heartbreak of losing you. Rather it’s like I have always prided myself on my independence, but now every waking second of every blessed day is devoted to inescapable thoughts of you. Maybe this is an obsession; I don’t know. I asked my dad about it, and he told me that if the way I feel is a mental illness, than love is a disease all men have suffered from during some point in their lives.

So to put it succinctly, I love you. I think about you always, and my singular ambition in life is to make you feel the same. I’d rather have the entire world against me and hold your hand rather than be separated from you and be the leader of the entire earth. If there is an emotion stronger than this, if it is possible for me to love a woman even more than I love you, then that’s honestly a sensation I never want to experience, or else I’d probably perish from starvation and lack of personal care due to spending the entirety of time composing letters like this!


To The Cutest Lady I Know

There are things that are irreplaceable, and so are you to my heart. When I look at you, I see one who is cute in a million ways that words can suffice to say. We have come through every rough and tough moments together, because you’re not only cute physically, but also from the depth of your heart. That is why at every point, I remind myself that I have the most amazing lady in the world, and for this reason, she deserves the best I can ever offer. Baby, knowing this day to be your born day makes me overwhelmed with joy and happiness. I celebrate you as you turn a year older, and remind you that you’ll always own my heart. Happy birthday to you, my cutest lady

Happy Birthday Letter To Your Girlfriend

MY dearest lover,

The joy that dwells in my heart this day is one that cannot be expressed by words. If one could dissect my hand, then would have the person been able to know that it has been overwhelmed by unspeakable joy. It is my pleasure to celebrate my girlfriend today as she turns a year older, that is why I am ready to spoil her today like I have never done before. Happy birthday to you, the lady with the key to my heart. I love you.


Dearest heartbeat,

Its a wonderful stroke of good fortune to know someone as amazing as you. I was at a place where the world had nothing special to offer, till you arrived. Since we connected, I’ve been on a natural high. Your vivacious self has livened my spirit and revealed a side of me I never thought existed. The sound of your voice is like the harmony of the angels and I find myself caught in a trance when we talk. Your words create a world of light, hope and endless possibility. Happy birthday to you!!


Happy birthday, sweetie.

If I try to tell you how much I love you, we’ll only end up spending the day talking. So I’ll save my expressions for another tender moment and sum it up for you in three simple words – You’re my life. You don`t have to appropriate a lot of free time, unsuccessfully trying to treasure trove at least one cute paragraph for the birthday of your girlfriend! You`ve already established a business you need to congratulate her!


Dear pretty,

The gladness in my heart can’t not be compared to any worldly material. In fact, I have noticing the excitement from the first day I remembered that your birthday was so close. Each moment I thought about it, I felt like the day should come quickly. Behold, the long expectation has finally come.

Honey, like I would always say, you are the best feelings I ever felt and the best joy I ever perceived within my soul. Without you, paradise looks like hell. And with you together with me, hell turns to paradise instantly. While the most beautiful thing is being in the paradise of love with you. No amount of gold or diamond can replace the fun. Happy birthday!!!


Dear Princess,

You are the sunshine to my daybreak. You are the bacon to my eggs. You are the sprinkles that colorfully coat my favorite cup of ice cream. You are the pepperoni that gives my pizza that extra flavor. You are the Batman to my Robin. You are the electricity to my video game console. You are the Brain to my Pinky. You are the Scottie Pippin to my Michael Jordan. You are the Lois Lane to my secret superhero identity. You are the laugh track to my otherwise boring sitcom. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I love you and really, really, really need you. And hopefully you feel the same, or else I’d be tempted to write another one of these indecipherable love letters!

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Heart Touching Birthday Letter For Girlfriend

My love,

Today is a day I’ll never forget on the calendar. You are amazing and your birth is a gift from God to me and the world. You’re a bundle of blessings and even though I love you, you have a lot I thank God he gave you. My wish for you is that you enjoy God’s best. Everyone will come to the awareness of your awesomeness. And my love for you will hit the heavens and even higher. Happy birthday, my love.


My sugar pie,

My love, today you celebrate one more year of life and I wish that all possible happiness fills every space of your soul. May this and every day you enjoy wonderful moments with those who love you. I feel that the tears are going to flow down my cheeks, but they are not of sadness but of happiness because it’s your birthday and I want the best for you. Congratulations my dear!


My heartthrob,

I love you with such magnitude that when you are absent I still feel that you are very close to me. Loving someone like you is a privilege and it makes me feel good that only I have the right to be the owner of your heart. With you I feel brave, and I feel able to face any obstacle that would be interposed in our relationship. Happy Birthday.


My sweetheart,

Now, I have come to understand that what my heart feels for you is very rare to find anywhere else in the World. We’ve come this far together, and I get to love you more as each day goes by. Now, if it were possible to see, you will realize that my heart is filled with so much love, which is just for one person – you. I may not be the best, but on this birthday of yours, I promise to always be there as much as I can. Happy birthday to you, loveliest baby.


My love,

It is a usual thing denoting that there only one thing better in the world than being in a love partnership. There is something more romantic than having just someone in love. I mean there is something more exciting and comfortable than receiving affection from a lady. Dear, dating you is more romantic, exciting, comfortable, lovely and better than every other thing in this world. Happy birthday!!

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Birthday Letter For Girlfriend

My queen,

It is a beautiful thing that I have chance at this time of your birthday to express my love for you in a brief letter. It is so interesting that I am counted among the well wishers who will attend your birthday party today.

I am very proud to tell you how I come up with something romantic and creative to include in my writing to you today after I have pondered in my mind for hours. Though, nothing initially came up in my thoughts because I had a lot of things I have been thinking about this day.


Hey, babe.

I know it’s weird that you’re getting a love letter in my sloppy handwriting. But I was at the bookstore looking through birthday cards, and none of them felt good enough to give to you on this day. So I hope you’re okay with me rambling on as I try to manage to greet you a happy birthday. Babe, you are the love of my life. You are the other half of my soul. You are the fire that keeps me burning, and the warmth that makes me feel safe. You are everything I could ever want in a partner and more. I wouldn’t be half the man I am today if it weren’t for your constant, comforting presence in my life. So on this day, I wish you the happiest birthday.


My sweetie pie,

ahead wishing you a happy birthday, I have a wish for myself which goes something like this: “I hope the blazing girl in the world has the blazing birthday today in her signature fun style.” That girl, darling, is you.  If there’s a day I’d stay away from your existence, it’s definitely not today. Today, you were born, and even still I was not present, I’m sure there must have been great rejoicing around you. You are a bringer of light and love and you’re excellent for God, me and in making the world better. I love you and wish you a very happy birthday


Dear Sweetness,

My life had changed in so many ways on the day I met you. For example, the moment you came into my world, my long-term companion called loneliness no longer had a seat at my dinner table. And what makes me happiest about the love we share is that I have been able to bring this same joy into your life as well. Happy birthday to you dear!!


My candy pie,

The brightest of the stars in my sky was born on a day like today, it is you, and that is why I want to wish you many congratulations and send you thousands of kisses. The passing of the years feels very good for you and makes my love for you become bigger, so let’s be happy and celebrate this great day. If you saw my eyes, at this moment, you could see that they shine like the stars in the sky and it is because I love you and I am happy to celebrate your birthday with you.

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