Happy 8th Birthday Wishes, Message For Son And Daughter

Happy 8th Birthday – Turning new age is such a great feelings most especially when you are opening your gift box. We all know that celebrating a birthday is more interesting when being showered with present and love to make the day more memorable. Your kid 8th birthday is really more important and special because it a sign of being moving into the end of the first decade.

Waking your kids up with joy and smile on their special and unique day with an Happy 8th Birthday Messages! There’s no need of you wasting more time going far, Here below is a well analyzed gift list of Happy 8th birthday, Happy 8th birthday daughter, Happy 8th birthday son, Happy 8th birthday grandson, Happy 8th birthday granddaughter, Happy 8th birthday wishes that is written for you to select from in making your children happy.

Happy 8th Birthday

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Happy 8th Birthday

Now that you’re 8, you deserve to be hugged and kissed eight times. That`s because you’re eight times sweeter today! Happy 8th birthday!

8 years! That’s 2 Presidential terms. That’s gotta be a sign. Happy Birthday, your Excellency. Hey! It’s the birthday mate! He just clocked 8. Wow, this is great. Let us celebrate and jubilate, till the night gets late. I just can’t wait.

Even though 8 is considered to be the number of balance, you, my dear, are the most unbalanced 8 years old there is. I still love you just the way you are though, and I wish you a happy birthday from the bottom of my heart.

Neither the sun, the moon, nor the stars can shine a brighter light than you have shined in my world. You are not just a child, but an epitome of illumination in my life.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a kid as charming as you. It seems that the sadness or bitterness of life completely disappears when your smile appears. I never changed; Never stop being such a happy child!

Dreamers are blessed especially when they are truly selfless, I hope all your dreams be true. I think that this is the best morning I have ever seen you in, I wish you a happy 8th birthday!

Instead of hate, fill your heart with love, because you are eight today. Wish you a long life coupled with prosperity and good health. Happy Birthday to you!

Eight years back, you came into our life and made everything better. Today, you are 8 years old and everything’s better than ever. Happy 8th birthday!

Happy birthday! Let’s celebrate your 8th birthday like it’s the biggest party of the year — because, to me, it is. Wow, you’re EIGHT! That’s means you’re Extraordinary, Impressive, Great, Hip and Terrific. Happy 8th birthday!

Ride your bicycle, tell all the kids around the block you’ve clocked 8. They won’t hate, they will celebrate. Call your friends, let’s get this party started! An amazing 8-year-old is in town. Cheers!

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Happy 8th Birthday Boy

Soon enough you will be a teenager and I won’t know what to do with you, so try to be cool, man. Happy 8th Birthday sweetie!

You have lived exactly 2,922 days since you were born, 417 weeks, but who’s counting, but simply, this is your 8th birthday, happy birthday son, I love you!

You’re growing so fast that it’s almost difficult to keep up. It seems like yesterday that you were a little baby, and today you are completing 8 years of life. May our lords bless you today tomorrow, and I love you forever. Happy birthday boy.

Seeing you happy makes me happy as well, I wish you nothing but the best, happy birthday to you. Happy 8th birthday, I am happy you came into my life exactly eight years ago from now, love.

You are the most handsome 8 years old in this world, I am so blessed and happy to be your father, Happy 8th Birthday to you, son. Happy 8th Birthday to the most brilliant kid in this world. I am so proud of you, son.

Having a child like you is one of the greatest blessings given to me eight years ago today, kid. Happy 8th birthday, I am happy you came into my life exactly eight years ago from now, love. May you keep on being inspired to do a lot of things I know you have thought of, happy birthday boy.

May your dreams come true today and always. You are always in our dreams, in our thoughts, in our hearts and in our prayers. Even though you have grown older, you are still our baby, and the most tender of God’s gifts. Happy Birthday, my boy!

You are growing to be a strong and amazing young man, and I hope I get to see you grow old. I love you and would like nothing more than to see that never ending smile on your 8-year-old face.

I will never go a day without telling you how beautiful, intelligent and amazing you are. Happy 8th birthday baby, I love you so much! I am sending you cookies and your favorite chocolate to celebrate your special day. Happy Birthday son, 8-year-old!

I also wish you to learn many new things and enjoy every second of your 8 years! Your energy and your smile are things that inspire all people, so never lose your way that is so special! Happy birthday boy.

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Happy 8th Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday Snow white, the seven dwarfs are here to sing for you. We wish you all the best sweetie. Get your shoes, your Cinderella shoes, it’s time to party!! What’s the occasion? It’s your 8th birthday, Momma.

Happy 8th birthday sweet princess, I can’t believe how fast you grow each day. I love you endlessly and hope you have fun on this day darling!

A teacher of joy and happiness. An expert in drawing smiles on every face. An artist of happiness and love. That is the little one whose birthday is today. Happy 8th birthday girl!

You seem to be proud, loving and also very wise and I cannot help but be proud, happy birthday! Having a child like you is one of the greatest blessings given to me eight years ago today, baby girl.

Happy 8th Birthday to the most brilliant kid in this universe, we are so blessed and happy to have you in our life. Day by day, you are a responsible girl and we are happy with your smartness. Happy 8th Birthday to you.

You give me a thousand more reasons to smile every blessed day. Happy birthday to you my beautiful daughter! May your life always be filled with happiness!

Honest, successful and beautiful are just a few adjectives I use to describe my darling girl. This is your special day and I hope you enjoy it to the fullest!

May your 8th birthday be filled with cake, presents and a whole lot of friends, may it be forever engraved in your beautiful mind. I love you child.

Tastes and preferences change. You no longer want to play with your stuffed animal or sleep hugging it. However, your eyes continue to shine with the light of innocence, and I still see you as a baby. Happy eighth birthday!

Happy birthday to my sweet little princess. Thank you for coming into my life and filling it with happiness. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

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Happy 8th Birthday Wishes

Happy 8th birthday! Waking up to your sunshiny, smiley face every morning for eight years have been the best of my life. Happy birthday! Your 8th birthday totally rocks — because you totally rock. Let’s rock until we drop!

Check the date. Yes, you’ll be eight. So let’s celebrate. Not 8 weeks or 8 months, 8 years!! Damn, how I wish I could be like you. Cheers, dear, you are loved.

If we were in chemistry, you’d be oxygen, since its atomic number is 8! But even though we are not, and you may not be oxygen, but to my life, you are equally as important. Happy birthday my love!

Because it is your birthday, I am sending you a pack of chocolates and goodies just to express how much I love you. Happy 8th birthday to you.

Have fun today and always. Love, game, smile! Enjoy your birthday a lot, and never forget that the world’s best thing is to see the world with a child’s eyes. Congratulations on your 8 years birthday!

One day your dreams will come true as well and you will be just fine, happiest birthday to you! I want you to have fun but also the wisdom so that you can think things true, happy 8th birthday!

Bright is the day. Blue is the sky. Beautiful is the sun. Everything seems to be bright and beautiful today. Why? Because someone special was born today. Happy 8th Birthday dearie.

As you open your birthday gift from us, remember that the gift you gave us far exceeds anything we give you. You are a blessing from Heaven.

Wishing you an 8th birthday that’s the talk of the block, school, even the town. It’s hard to believe it’s been 8 years since you were born. Every one of them have been truly wonderful! Happy 8th birthday!

Oxygen, atomic number 8, gives breath. You, 8 years old, breathtaking. You both provide balance like no other, and can’t imagine life without you. Cheers to your new age.

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Happy 8th Birthday Daughter

You are the most wonderful 8-year-old baby girl on the planet, may you enjoy this day and all the gifts that come with it. Let’s go outside. It’s a sunny day, bright as you are. Perfect day to celebrate a perfect girl.

I thought a child of your age could only do little for the parents, but you have proved me wrong and have served as a great motivation for me to work harder. Happy Birthday daughter, 8-year-old!

A beautiful little lady is celebrating her 8th birthday. A little girl who, when seen, captivates hearts with all her love. Happy birthday dear lady!

I would not exchange you for anything in the world right now, I wish you all the best, child. Happy 8th birthday, may you wake up with a bright smile upon your lovely face, my daughter.

It has been eight years since you entered our life. You came with so many blessings and positivity, we love you so much, dear daughter. Happy 8th Birthday to you.

There is one thing you’ll never stop doing in your life – filling my heart with immense joy. Wishing the most marvelous daughter in the World an extraordinarily Happy Birthday! May all your dreams come true!

You have brought joy into my life greater than I could have ever imagined. I love you so much and hope your day is fabulous. Happy Birthday, kiddo! When God blessed us with you, I realized my life purpose: to raise you and love you for every day of your life. Many birthday wishes for you, daughter.

Happy 8th birthday daughter, another lucky year with you, I hope it be filled with lots of fun and shared memories, may you never cry and always smile!

You are past the days when you needed a bedtime story read to you. But in my heart, you will always be a lovable little girl. Today that you continue to grow, I wish you a very happy 8th birthday daughter!

What really matters most in our lives is you. To us, you are more valuable than all the wealth in this world. Happy birthday, our wonderful daughter! May you be happy always.

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Happy 8th Birthday Granddaughter

One day, you’re 7, the next you’re 8. How magical is that? Well, that’s what my granddaughter is and that’s how she has always been, MAGICAL. Cheers to your new age dear.

Every day, I am brought to my knees in awe of the woman you have become. From the adorable freckled toddler to the hard-working teenager you are now, you have continuously impressed me by how you use all of the talents God has given you. You are an amazing blessing to us! Happy 8th birthday dear.

You always manage to fill my life with your positivity and love. I hope that you receive it back ten-fold on your special day. May you have a blessed day, and more importantly, may your presents be just as plentiful as your love is. Happy 8th birthday daughter!

Happy 8th Birthday. I hope you have a super-duper birthday, granddaughter! You deserve a special day to play all your favorite games and eat all the cake you want! I love you so very much.

Not long ago, you were fed with a spoon. Today you stand tall like a rose flower, A fabulous 8th birthday to you my little granddaughter!

Happy 8th birthday, pretty princess! Today, let’s have a tea party and dress up in fancy dresses! Your smile lights up a room and your thoughtfulness lights up our hearts. May you be continually blessed in all you do and forever be a blessing to others.

You deserve nothing but happiness, joy, wonder, and delight on your big day, Granddaughter. I sincerely hope that you receive lots of cake, presents, and love this year, and every year after. Happy birthday granddaughter.

Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Granddaughter. You never cease to amaze me! You are an intelligent, kind, and fun-loving girl and I love all the time we get to spend together. I hope you have a fantastic birthday!

Can’t believe you’re just 8 because there have been lots of great moments with you. Well, that’s my luck, I get to spend many more with my precious granddaughter. Cheers, dear.

Even if I had designed exactly what traits I thought I wanted in a daughter, I could not have even come close to the awe-inspiring qualities that I see in you. Praise to the heavens for what an amazing daughter we have in you! Happy birthday, sweetheart!

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Happy 8th Birthday Son

Before you were born, I never knew how much I could love someone. Now that I have such a wonderful son, I don’t know how I ever lived without you. Happy 8th birthday.

What do we give a naughty boy on his 8th birthday? A Birthday Party!! Have a blast! 8 already? See how you’ve grown. Expecting to see your beard soon. Cheers, man!

You are my biggest blessing and I am happy to be sharing your 8th birthday with you. I count each and every day as a blessing, I love you son!

You were a totally dependent baby yesterday, and today you are already a child capable of 1008 things. I’m so proud of you! And I hope that the way your inspiring child stays in your heart forever. Congratulations Son!

May you keep on being inspired to do a lot of things I know you have thought of, happy birthday. I wish you good health and that you will always be happy and wise on your decisions my dear son.

I’m always thankful to the almighty for sending such a wonderful boy like you in my life, Happy 8th Birthday to you. On your birthday, you deserve the most delicious cake in this world, because you are awesome, Happy 8th Birthday to you.

Happy 8th birthday, my son, you are always going to be a part of me, I am happy for you. You are the type of kid who just does things on her own, I cannot be prouder, happy bday! I would not exchange you for anything in the world right now, I wish you all the best, child.

Happy 8th birthday! Lots of love and good wishes to the most beautiful child of this universe. On this date years ago, you came into my life. Becoming a mother to such a beautiful son touched me in a way that nothing else in life can. Happy Birthday, son!

Like the Angels sing in heaven, so shall 8 birds sing a familiar tune for a precious boy who just turned 8 on Earth, so we say Happy Birthday to the sweetest little boy. Words can’t explain the joy I see in your 8-year-old eyes. Happy Birthday, honey!

May your 8th birthday be filled with lots of joy and laughter, you are amazing and I hope you live longer than all of us. Happy Birthday son.Opens in a new tab.

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Happy 8th Birthday Grandson

Flip flops or shoes, hip hop or jazz, beatbox or DJ, I don’t really care. Let’s party!! Time to celebrate the best 8-year-old grandson ever.

Each year on your birthday son, I think of the moment I first heard your cry. It was the most beautiful sound my ears have ever heard. One day, son, you will be a father, too. Only then will you realize how much I love you. Happy Birthday, kiddo!

Happy 8th Birthday To My Wonderful Grandson. It’s been such a privilege to watch you grow into the wonderful man you are today. As you celebrate another year of life, remember how much you have touched the lives of everyone around you. I hope you enjoy celebrating and take the time to remember just how special you are in my eyes.

Happy birthday, to the apple of my eye. It’s your important day and you deserve to spend it full of laughter, fun and yummy treats. May all of your wishes come true, today and throughout your life. I love you more than you will ever know.

I’ve been starving for a year, just to parasite on your 8th B-day candy and cakes, but unfortunately, your [grandma/grandpa] is toothless. Happy 8th birthday grandson.

When you were a baby, I held you close, never wanting to let you go. Now you are an adult, another year older, and I feel closer to you than ever! Happy birthday grandson.

Dear Grandson, You may only hold my hand for a short time, but you’ll hold my heart for a lifetime. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday, Grandson. Everything about today should be bright & festive. Nobody deserves it more that you!

A grandson like you is a one-of-a-kind treasure. You’re one extraordinary kid and I am so proud of you for always doing your best in sports, with your parents, and in school. Keep working hard. Happy 8th  birthday, my handsome grandson!

You are incredible, we will sing Hip Hip hooray as you are turning eight today, so put your homework away (for one day). Loads of fun & presents for my wonderful grandson.

This little token of our affection is meant to remind you that we want you to have a happy life full of love and joy, for that’s what you’ve given us. You’re a year older, and you’re bigger, stronger and smarter than ever. Who knew an adult son could keep growing as fast as he did when he was a youth?

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Happy 8th Birthday Daughter Quotes From A Mother

Goodbye to being 7 years old. Good tidings on being 8 years old. Good morning my little queen, have a blast. For 8 years, I’ve been waking up to see your shiny face but it has never been as radiant as this. 8 looks good on you, cutie. Happy birthday daughter from your loving mom.

The celebration of 8 year with you, sharing lots of laughter, love and cheer. May you live longer than all the stars in the sky, I love you sweetie. Happy birthday daughter.

Games, laughter, races, fun to the maximum, toys, and cars everywhere. That will be a wonderful party for today’s celebration. Today you are turning 8 years old, and for this reason, we want to congratulate you!

Whatever I did in my previous life must have been really incredible to have someone as wonderful as you as my daughter in this lifetime. Happy birthday, sweetie! I will always love you and be there for you. From Mom darling.

Smile and have fun, you are 8, stop being too serious. You have a lot of dress up games to finish, have a hearty celebration my darling. Happy 8th birthday dear.

Little games full of laughter, exciting surprises, sounds of joy, hugs of tenderness, fun music, and many friends. All those are the ingredients that will mix in your party. Happy 8th birthday!

Happy birthday to the kindest and most beautiful daughter the world could ever know. Enjoy your special day! From your loving mom dear.

I love you so much, my little 8-year-old princess! As you grow into the pretty daughter you are today, remember I will always be here for you no matter what! Love you my darling.

You have redecorated our house with drawings everywhere. Music is different now, just like TV shows. Everything has changed since you joined our family, and that is why we love you! Happy 8th birthday, daughter!

I don’t know if you are going to be a professional basketball player or an astronaut. But I know that you are a very special girl who is capable of achieving every goal. Happy 8th birthday! Your birth changed me forever because I am now a mother of the most terrific daughter I could ever have.

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