100+ Happy 42nd Birthday Quotes For Male And Female Celebrants

Happy 42nd Birthday – Birthdays can be said to be fun-days, When there is a birthday celebrant you should always send gifts to him or her coupled with a 42nd birthday wishes.

Happy 42nd Birthday
Happy 42nd Birthday Quotes For Male And Female Celebrants

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Happy 42nd Birthday

I wish you a lovely birthday not just because it’s your birthday but all year round. May you always wake up with a smile every morning. Happy 42nd birthday dear.

On this your very special day, I’m sending you my best Of wishes for another year, Filled with true happiness. Happy 42 year old birthday.Opens in a new tab.

Hey there. It’s my day again. When I think of how far I’ve come, I’m filled with praise to God for myself. I pray that God’s grace in a greater dimension would be with me in this new age. Happy 42nd birthday to me.

As you’re turning 42, may this beautiful smile always be put on your lips to make wrinkles on your face. Happy 42nd birthday dear.

Dear sister may you be blessed and remain in good health even as your soul is prospering. Amen. Happy 42nd birthday dear sister, have a wonderful celebration.

I have to garner all my strength and willpower just to say a simple happy 42nd birthday. Do you think there is much desirable than greeting and singing a bunch of songs?

You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake, said Bob Hope. I Just saw what your candles price is. Oops! Happy 42nd birthday!

Happy 42nd birthday to a special person who has always been there for me both through thick and thin.

Birthdays remind us that, Life’s so sweet, Life is so swift, The years fly fast; We’re growing old, This life won’t last. Happy 42nd birthday. Make sure to enjoy everybit of the day.

Hurray! It’s the 42nd birthday of a legend. I pray that God’s coverage of protection, wisdom and prosperity would come upon you. Enjoy your day.

Forty second but deserves every second. Happy Birthday to the youngest and the best 42-year-old man/woman.

Three little precious words That anyone can write; Three little precious words I’ll say it with delight. I love you, I love you On this your birthday; I love you, I love you No more can I say. Happy 42nd birthday dear.

I am forever grateful to God for giving me a brother as wonderful as you. As you turn 42 years today I pray that you will live to praise God, you will accomplish greater things to bring glory to God and also make us proud.

My deepest fear in the back of my mind is to forget you greet like a happy 42nd birthday.

This birthday token brings you love it’s just a simple touch to let you know how dear you are. You’ll always mean so much. Happy 42nd birthday!

Its time for celebrations for your special day, I am sure there will be presents coupled with lots of good wishes of birthday cheers. Happy 42nd birthday!

When I first met you, My dearest, precious one; You filled my world with warmth, So radiant like the sun. No other can take your place, You are so dear to me; How can I express myself? A few birthday lines for you to see. Happy 42nd birthday!

Happy birthday, sis. I love you so much. God is too loving to leave you halfway. Continue to bask in His goodness and love. Remember you are special. Having you as a sister makes a galaxy of difference to me.

42 years old! How blessed I’m to be here now and seeing you grow older and wiser each year. May all blessings follow you all the days of your life.

Long after the day Of mirth is spent; Long after the flowers Have lost their scent.  My birthday wish Will outlive them all; Winter, spring, Summer and fall.

As wine gets better over the years may you continue to get better in all you do and also grow in God’s wisdom. May every day of this new year of your life be filled with peace, happiness and joy. Amen.

My favorite thing in this world is receiving your birthday hugs and holding me tightly. Birthdays remind us of our age, and it’s ridiculous that we feel like getting older more. Happy 42nd birthday for myself.

42 is not over. The hill, it actually has begun. Don’t believe me? Try running up an actual hill. Happy 42nd birthday!

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42nd Birthday Quotes

They say that life gets better With every passing year; But this one thing I know, You’re growing ever dear. Happy 42nd birthday.

I feel so blessed to watch you grow,  May this day of celebration bring you so much joy! I love you and happy 42nd birthday.

Cannot express the love I truly have for you; Yet I will still attempt Whatever I can do. To tell you what I feel On this, your special day; Yet thoughts, like birds do fly
Away from me today.

Congratulations on your 42nd birthday anniversary, big sister. I can’t heart you less. May you become a greater beacon of hope in our world.

Happy 42nd Birthday to someone who conquered every trial like a warrior. You’ve always been an inspiration.

42 and like fine wine aging to perfection. May your days be filled With everlasting joy, That no man Could ever destroy. Happy 42nd birthday!

May this new year bring him all the good things of life and may You bless him with abundance so his life will be filled with gratitude. Happy 42nd birthday dear!

I’ll color your fingernails in hands and feet, while you wear your elegant birthday suit. I thought you have no appetite for your meals, but you’re indeed hungry our own night.

Some things get better with time things like full-bodied cheese and fine wine. As you’ve aged, your temperament has become better gauged. Happy 42nd birthday!

Sending warm birthday wishes to that person so special to me, I pray that all your wishes be granted and your prayers answered. Happy 42nd birthday dear.

Yet I’ll attempt to write Some little word, my dear; Expressing on this day, To show you how I care. They say that life gets better With every passing year; But this one thing I know, You’re growing ever dear.

Happy phenomenal birthday, my shining star. Continue to be pretty and radiant. May your light attract the right people to you. Age gracefully.

Happy 42nd Birthday! When you tell yourself you’ve seen all what life can offer, but it is still the age where more is yet to come your way. Enjoy it.

To tell you what I feel On this, your special day; Yet thoughts, like birds do fly Away from me today. Birthdays come, And birthdays go; But all year long My love I’ll show.

Thank You Lord for the life of my brother. On this special day that he turns 42 years old, I pray You bless him with good health of body and mind.

Happy 42nd birthday dear sister, May God give you the grace to achieve all he have destined you for in life both spiritually, physically and materially. Amen.

Happy 42nd birthday to an uncle who is fun, you make every moment shine in the sun. Here’s wishing you a enormous day full of affection and glee as you play! Happy 42nd birthday!

I never thought I could love someone as a friend and as a son at the same time not until you showed up. Happy 42nd birthday to my best person.

To my heart I hold you close, I’ll never let you go; I made that promise, dear, And I still love you so. I ever cherish your life, You are a gift to me; It’s very obvious For all that really see. Happy 42nd birthday.

Hello, brother. It is your day again. I respect you so much. God is smiling on you. He puts this prayer in my heart for you: may your life get sweeter, and your abilities more refined in Jesus name.

Life has different stages, so don’t worry about getting old and just enjoy. Don’t worry! By turning 42, you’re not just getting older; you’re getting wiser too. Happy 42nd Birthday!

On your 42nd birthday I pray, May God  guide your steps so you will not falter and keep you safe from every device of the wicked one, in Jesus name. Amen.
Happy 42nd birthday, Bro, have a blissful celebration.

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