Happy 21st Birthday Funny Wishes And Quotes

Happy 21st Birthday Funny – Many moments in someone’s life that will be remembered. Those moments are milestones, important events that occur once in a lifetime. Those events could signal coming of age or major accomplishments. One of the important milestones that many remember is a 21st birthday.

Which means if you know someone about to reach that age then you will want your 21st birthday wishes to be extra special. But don’t worry – whilst knowing what to write in a 21st Birthday card can be tricky it doesn’t have to be. You can let them know how much they’ve grown, how proud you are of them, or just congratulate them on what is a major landmark in their lives. The list below is a compilation of Happy 21st birthday funny, Happy 21st birthday daughter funny, Happy 21st birthday funny girl, Happy 21st birthday funny quotes that you can select from in making them happy.

Happy 21st Birthday Funny
Happy 21st Birthday Funny Wishes And Quotes

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Happy 21st Birthday Funny

Congrats. Now you can legally do everything you’ve been doing since 15. Don’t chase anything except drinks and dreams. Yay! You can finally use your own ID! Happy 21st birthday funny!

You only turn 21 once! Seize this moment and relish in the experience. It’s worth every moment. Happy birthday to my dearest friend. Congratulations on becoming 21 years old. Let the good times roll!

Wishing you a truly special and memorable 21st. Happy Birthday Best wishes on your 21st birthday! Here’s to many more! I can’t believe you’re already turning 21! Time really flies. Happy Birthday!

Your 21st birthday is a special time indeed, where you’re given the key that unlocks the door to your future! I hope that the path ahead is bright and kind to you, for you’re a great person who deserves the very best in life! Happy birthday and many congratulations!

Turning 21 is a big deal. You have survived long enough to prove to the world you are a responsible, loving, and legal adult. Happy birthday, and here is to the next 21 years!

You and Google both debuted 21 years ago. So, there’s that. I’m glad you were the strongest sperm. Cheers and Beers to 21 Years! Happy 21st birthday!

Congratulations! Now that you’re 21, you’re off “designated driver” duty. Have a few drinks and enjoy. I hope your day is incredible. Spend it with friends and family because they will always be there for you…when you’re turning 21 and when you’re turning 51. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations on reaching such a huge milestone. The first drink is on me.. the rest are on you though! Happy 21st Birthday dear!

Happy birthday! Your very special 21st birthday holds the key to your future! You’ve had a few years of practice now, but today truly marks the beginning of being an adult for you.

There is nobody I love more than you. I am so excited we can celebrate your 21st birthday in style. Cheers to an amazing night with the love of my life.

Your youth has officially expired. Happy Birthday. May the odds of remembering your 21st birthday be ever in your favor. Oh, dang girl, you’re 21 and looking legal AF.

You know I couldn’t miss your birthday, especially since it’s your 21st birthday. Wishing you all the best on your special day. Happy 21st birthday!

Happy 21st Birthday! Wishing you all the best on such a big day. Happy Birthday! Have a awesome night (if you remember any of it!). Wishing you a brilliant 21st Birthday. Have a great day. May this just be the beginning of an exciting future. Happy 21st birthday!

You are young, smart, and have the world at your feet! I have every faith in you that you will thrive and be successful in whatever you choose to do in life! Many happy returns and congratulations on your 21st birthday!

Enjoy this champagne because you are now able to drink legally! Happy 21st birthday! We are going to wild and free tonight because you just turned 21! I hope you are ready for the best birthday of your life.

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Happy 21st Birthday Daughter Funny

Happy 21st birthday to you! A glam girl like you deserves a super spectacular 21st birthday today! May you be showered with golden glitter and gorgeous gifts as you celebrate your special day. I’m wishing only the best for you, my dear!

From a little girl so very small, how and when did you get so tall? Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be. Happy 21st birthday!

Here’s to 21 years of fantastic times and wonderful memories. Happy 21st Birthday to an amazing daughter. 21 may not feel young but enjoy it while it lasts! You’ll be 30 in no time and then it really gets rough!

I hope that your 21st birthday marks a fabulous start to your adult life and that you are always blessed with great opportunities and exciting adventures! Wishing you a very happy birthday and many congratulations Daughter!

Here is a my advice to you: the last 21 years went by so fast. I hope the next 21 are just as incredible as the first, just take your time to enjoy everything. Happy birthday dear!

You deserve much more than a birthday greeting, and I hope you get it. Today we say goodbye to a true friend – the fake I.D. She Drink, She Drank, She Drunk. Happy 21st birthday Daughter!

Every time my daughter smiles or calls me daddy, those are the sweetest sounds of my life. It is heavenly joy. It is a father’s job to love his daughter in the way she needs to be loved. Happy 21st birthday dear.

Watching you grow into the incredible person you are today has been a privilege. Happy 21st Birthday. At twenty-one, so many things appear solid, permanent, untenable.

Happy 21st to the birthday girl! May this spectacular day be everything you imagined it would be. Cheers to you! Many more years to celebrate.

Shots! Shots! Shots! We have to do some shots with the birthday girl/ boy! You only turn 21 once, and we have to celebrate it right. Happy birthday daughter!

Happy 21st Birthday! We honestly can’t believe you made it this long. I’d be much more into your birthday if it was my birthday. Happy 21st birthday daughter.

I know it’s your 21st birthday but there’s enough alcohol to go around. Slow down and take it easy. No need to get sloppy drunk. Happy 21st birthday daughter.

Happy birthday to you! I’m sending my very best wishes your way on what is a very special day, as your 21st birthday has finally come around! I hope you have a truly fabulous day and celebrate in style, girl!

I hope you have an incredible day with your friends. However, tonight we are taking you out hard core. You only turn legal once, and we have to show you how it is done properly. Happy 21st birthday!

There are lots of good reasons to celebrate, and the fact you’re turning 21 is definitely one of them! I’m sending you lots of hugs, kisses, and my very best birthday wishes. May this very special birthday of yours be everything you had hoped it would be!

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Happy 21st Birthday Funny Girl

Happy 21st birthday to the smartest, funniest, most beautiful girl there is! You’re a ray of sunshine in anybody’s life, so may your special day sparkle and shine just like you do in the hearts of all those around you.

The most precious jewels you’ll have around your neck are the arms of your daughter. Every moment I have had with my daughter is precious. Happy 21st birthday!

Huge congratulations on turning 21! You have a lifetime of happiness and success to look forward to. You’ve already achieved so much in your short 21 years and I know there’s so much more to come. Happy 21st Birthday Daughter!

As you turn 21 today, I was just reminiscing about all of your impressive achievements and all of the wonderful moments we have shared together. Happy 21st birthday girl!

I cannot believe you are finally 21 years old! You have grown into such a beautiful woman. I hope that you have the best birthday ever. Love, me. Happy 21st birthday girl.

Tonight the drinks are on your friends. Tomorrow you have to start paying yourself. Happy 21st anniversary to the day your face rubbed against your mom’s vagina. Holy Shit you’re 21!

Fly free, my daughter. Be what I could never be and leave the cage forever. Life is tough, my darling, but so are you. Happy 21st birthday girl!

Enjoy your 21st, and also the massive hangover that will accompany it! Happy Birthday Happy Birthday. Laugh, love, and love your life like there’s no tomorrow. Enjoy being 21 baby girl.

Your 21st birthday Is a cause to be celebrated With the main aim being To leave you elated! Your 21st is a special one So don’t let it pass you by Like all the other years That seem to fly by!

Can you believe you are turning 21 today? I remember when you were just a little girl sitting on my knee. I hope you have a wonderful day today my lovely baby girl!

For your 21st birthday, my present is not taking any pictures of you tonight. Finally 21 – now go out there and make some regrettable decisions. Cheers and beers to your 21 years!

When I come home, my daughter will run to the door and give me a big hug, and everything that’s happened that day just melts away. Happy 21st birthday baby girl.

Many congratulations on your 21st! Wishing you success and happiness on your very special birthday! Happy 21st birthday, girl! This very special birthday holds the key to your future, and I just want to wish you all the very best for the years ahead.

There is nothing more exciting than the rush of ordering your first legal drink. It will be the first of many, but tonight is the night to live it up. Happy 21st birthday dear!

Happy birthday, girl! Now that you’re finally 21 you can do everything you’ve already been doing, but legally! Have a fun and fabulous day!Opens in a new tab.

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Happy 21st Birthday Funny Quotes

Happy 21st Anniversary of your escape from the womb. I’m glad you don’t have to beg strangers to buy you beer anymore. Happy 21st Birthday!

Here is a word of wisdom for your 21st birthday: Great freedom comes with plenty of responsibility. Have fun and live smart. You are finally legal. Congrats on your 21st birthday! Enjoy your special celebration.

Happy 21st Birthday! Watching you grow has been a joy and I can’t wait to see your dreams come true. Wishing you a wonderful 21st. Enjoy your day dear!

A 21st birthday is a very special and significant milestone in anybody’s life, but especially so when it’s the celebration of such a wonderful girl like you! Many congratulations and a very happy birthday to you! I hope that all of your hopes and aspirations come true for you at this momentous stage of your life.

Your 21st birthday is going to be the best one you have ever had. We are going to make this a night you never forget-literally! Happy birthday my friend!

Congrats on not having to use your fake I.D. anymore. Here’s to a night you’ll never remember! Welcome to the age when drinking becomes tedious and expensive! Bad and Boozy!

I remember the excitement I felt when turning 21. It’s a great age! Happy birthday to you. We only get to celebrate your 21st birthday once. So let’s party up and have a night you won’t forget.

Happy 21st! Wishing you good health and happiness for the rest of your life. Happy 21st Birthday! May all your dreams come true and success follow your throughout life sweetie!

I hope that your 21st birthday is well spent, with all your friends and family around! Happy 21st birthday! Have an amazing day darling!

I cannot believe you are now legal! I am so glad I have someone who can supply me with alcohol! Just kidding, but happy 21st birthday!

Just because you only turn 21 once doesn’t mean you have to remember it. Tonight begins the first of many, many poor decisions. Twenty-One, so much fun!

So happy to be graced with your presence for 21 lovely years. Enjoy your twenties! It’s a fabulous time! You are too legit to quit! Happy 21st birthday! I hope you are old enough to hang all night with the big boys now.

Here’s to the memories you’ve made and lessons learned in your 21 years, and to all the amazing things that will happen in the next 21. Congratulations and enjoy your day dear!

Your 21st birthday is your year to shine, girl! May it be truly fabulous and a year that you look back on as one of the best years of your life. I’m sending you all the love in the world on your special day, sweetie.

Happy 21st! You are now legal to drink us under the table if you want! However, we recommend taking it slow if you want to avoid a birthday hangover in the morning!

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