Heart Warming Happy 17th Birthday Wishes And Messages For Celebrant

Happy 17th Birthday – Sending birthday wishes can sometimes prove to be difficult, because they are still young with their hormones been super active coupled with thousands of emotions, meaning any slight mistake might end up ruining their day. But don’t worry we have you covered with some lovely and heart touching happy 17th birthday wishes

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Kindly scroll down and choose the one perfect for them. ( you can also try to edit too before sending it to them or printing it on their birthday card)

happy 17th Birthday
happy 17th Birthday Son, Daughter, Niece, Nephew, Friends And Siblings

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Happy 17th Birthday

From seeing you in your diapers playing around with your toys, to being one step away from becoming an adult. It really makes me proud to have seen you grow so much. Happy birthday!

Still wondering if a thing will change about you when you clock an old age, because you are just such a jerk! But a lovely one indeed. Happy 17th birthday, my precious friend.

You will always be my little boy, even at 17. Sending mounds of love and good wishes on your birthday.

From watching you play with toy ponies to seeing you land your first job, I’ve watched you grow but it is still hard to believe you are 17. Happy 17th Birthday!

Who’s a handsome heartbreaker with a bright future ahead of him? It’s you, my son. Happy 17th Birthday!

Mom and daughter duos are forever even when you turn 17. Have fun, don’t stay out too late, and come home safe! Happy 17th birthday daughter.

May this 17th Birthday bring you joy, happiness, love, prosperity, and wisdom for yet another wonderful year of your life. You deserve the best because you are a terrific son and a loving human being. Happy 17th Birthday!

I may not have known you for the full 17 years of your existence, but the very few that you have been by my side, make me understand that you were equally amazing on the rest of them. Happy 17th birthday friend!

Do you, boo boo! That’s what all the teens are saying nowadays right? Have an awesome 17th birthday, niece!

Soon the girls will queue at the door of your house to ask for an appointment. And with these newly released 17 years you are already a heartthrob. Enjoy your youth and this wonderful Happy 17th birthday!

It looks like we started high school yesterday! We had incredible moments and I’m glad to see you on your birthday. Happy 17th birthday!

Hello, freckle it’s your day. Enjoy and be happy not everyone born same day with you are still alive. I join in your celebration of your 17th year old birthday.

I pulled your hair and took your toys and yet you always remained patient with me. Thanks for being the best sister. Happy 17th birthday!

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Happy 17th Birthday Son

A lot has changed since I was your age, but I remember that 17 was a special time. As you move from childhood to adulthood, know that I am so glad to have you as my son.

Seventeen years ago today, I held you in my arms for the first time. As you journey toward adulthood, I’m beginning to hold you a little less tightly, but I will never let go of you, my precious son.

For my son on his 17th birthday, you’ve grown from a tiny baby into a fun child and then into a responsible man. Here’s to more years of growth!

Nothing can be compared to the feeling of pride when you get to see your little son, grow up so wonderfully into such a gentleman. Thanks to you dearest son, we can call ourselves proud parents. Happy 17th Birthday to you son.

Your new age looks good on you that I wish you’ll be so cute and handsome like this forever. Happy Birthday to the most handsome 17-year-old boy.

I’ve watched with pride as you’ve grown from a boy to a man. Happy 17th birthday to my amazing son. It is an honor to be your dad.

I will forever treasure the memories of raising you, son. You have filled my life with joy and laughter. Best wishes on your 17th birthday son.

If there’s one thing you should learn before you hit 18: don’t be a ladies’ man; it’s too much work. Happy 17th birthday my son!

Happy 17th Birthday Son. You are a gracious person, with a good heart. You care, not because you need to, but because you want to. May God bless you. Happy Birthday Son.

Happy Birthday to an amazing son! Congrats on turning 17. May you always keep your optimism.

Through the years, I’ve watched you grow, and now I stand amazed at the young man before me. Happy big 17th Birthday to my wonderful son!

I’ve raised you and loved you even though I don’t say the words enough. But just know I love you more than anything, my son. Best wishes for your 17th birthday son!

17 years ago on this very day, you came into our lives and brought us happiness, joy, and a lot of love. Happy 17th Birthday to you, son.

Happy 17th Birthday Daughter

For every year you have lived, I have loved you twice as much as the last one. That means, that starting today, I love you 1million times more than the day you were born! I’d like to see you live long enough for me! Happy 17th birthday my amazing daughter!

Seventeen years ago, I wished for a daughter. God blessed me with you, and what a special daughter you turned out to be. Sending you much love on your birthday.

Graceful and strong, beautiful and lovely: these traits all describe you, daughter. You’re growing into an awesome woman. Enjoy your 17th birthday my sweet daughter!

Dear daughter, you have grown up to be a fine young woman. But we want to let you know that we will always be there for you, every step of the way and in every walk of life. We love you dearly. Wishing you a very Happy 17th Birthday daughter!

What will make you happy today besides all the wishes! Tell me and you shall have it. Happy 17th Birthday daughter.

You have always been special and you are growing into an amazing woman now. Happy birthday to my wonderful daughter!

Precious daughter, as each year has come and gone, I have learned to appreciate the time I have with you. You are an amazing seventeen-year-old, and your future is as bright as you. Happy 17th birthday daughter.

Womanhood is a combination of great experiences, mood swings, and the desire for mimosas on a daily. Enjoy your last year of the teen hood, Miss 17.

Happy 17th Birthday daughter. You have always made us proud. Our blessings and support are always with you. May God bless you with all you desire in life. Enjoy your special day.

Good things always happen to good daughters and you are more than a good daughter. Now, let’s celebrate in the best way. Happy 17th Birthday daughter.

The years seem to have flown by. It is hard to believe that the little girl who begged for a bicycle is now a 17 year old with her own car.

My amazing daughter, you have blessed me with 17 years of watching you grow into a beautiful woman. May your birthday be as special as you.

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Happy 17th Birthday Girl

The lionesses of the pride are always on the hunt. Be like those lioness. Stay sharp and smart, my daughter and have a happy 17th birthday girl.

On this day, you become one year older. But no matter how many birthdays come and go, you will always be my little girl who took her first steps while holding my finger. Happy 17th Birthday girl!

I waited my sister for 2 years to bring you to the world. Till now, I’ve lived 17 years with the most amazing girl. My deepest wishes for my cute niece.

I hope you know how happy I am to call you my daughter. Always remember that you are an amazing person! Happy 17th Birthday my girl!

My sweet daughter, I love you more than life itself. May your 17th birthday fill you with inspiration for another wonderful year.

Sugar, spice, and everything nice. You were born with a whole lot of spice to do what you do best and succeed. Happy 17th Birthday, my daughter!

A gilr is a forever friend, handpicked by God for you… and God has given to me a most amazing gift… Wishing you a wonderful happy 17th birthday girl!

It’s a day full of candy, so put on that party hat, invite your friends and let your party begin. Best 17th birthday Wishes, sweetheart!

My pretty little girl is already a 17-year-old woman. May life give you such special moments as the day you arrived in the world. Happy 17th birthday girl!

This day celebrates 17 years of your genius. Happy birthday to the best girl I’ve ever met! Rock on vith iour avesome self!

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17th Birthday Wishes

This day celebrates 17 years of your awesomeness. Happy Birthday to the coolest friend I have ever known! Rock on with your awesome self!

Just because you’re turning 17 doesn’t mean you have to grow up! I hope you always have a little of your playful humor that I like so much! Happy 17th Birthday!

May this Birthday bring you joy, happiness, love, prosperity and wisdom for yet another wonderful year of your life. You deserve the best because you are a terrific son and a loving human being. Happy 17th Birthday!

I don’t think any father would ask for a better son than you. You are the paradigm of perfection. I hope you’ll keep growing in this path. Happy 17th Birthday.

You have given me many wonderful surprises and I hope you will give me a lasting one today by not surprising me with your antics. 🙂 Stay cool, friend.

Dazzling niece, you are so special to me. You’ve grown up so fast and I’m happy with what I see. Have a happy 17th birthday niece!

You’ve always been special and you’ve become an extraordinary woman. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter!

Happy birthday to the smartest, funniest, sweetest, most adorable 17 year old in the world! I hope we are still friends!

I’m glad I said yes to a young man like you, you’re not just young but you possess an old soul. Happy 17th Birthday to you my crown. I wish you happiness throughout the year.

I just want to wish the best to the brainiest, most humorous, and most exceptional 17 year-old in the universe. I pray we remain friends forever.

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Happy 17th Birthday Niece

My darling niece, you have already achieved many milestones, and I look forward to watching you launch into adulthood. The world doesn’t know what’s about to hit it! Warm wishes on your 17th birthday.

You’re like the daughter I never had. I’ve watched you grow since birth and now you’re a beautiful young woman. Auntie loves you and best wishes on your 17th birthday!

My precious niece, you have had me wrapped around your little finger for 17 years. I suppose that’s how it will always be, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Best wishes on your 17th birthday niece.

Nieces are lovely to have, especially when they teach you the hip new world at 17. Hey, can I go out as one of your girlfriends night on the town tonight? Haha I’m just kidding! Have a happy birthday!

Happy 17th Birthday Dear Niece! One more year and I will congratulate you on getting your freedom.

I am amazed by all the accomplishments you’ve achieved in 17 short years, niece. There is nothing you can’t do. Have a wonderful birthday.

On your birthday, remember the experiences that have made you who are. Your determination and perseverance will help you go far, my niece. Happy 17th Birthday niece.

17 is a significant number in counting age number, because it marks the end of childhood. May your days become better and brighter as you enter into adulthood. Happy 17th Birthday niece.

Ladies night! Me, you, and your mom have to go out on one of those sometime. But for tonight, enjoy your girlfriends as you celebrate your 17th birthday niece.

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Happy 17th Birthday Boy

Happy 17th birthday boy, you are a good boy, and I hope that as you blow out the candles on the cake, everything you’ve dreamed of can become a reality.

Playing trading card games are your escape back to childhood, so never get rid of them. Play a game today and have a toast to your 17th year.

Among the special joys that are nourished throughout the year, there is a special happiness that comes with your thoughts. Anniversary of 17 precious years.

17th birthday wishes for my brother As far as the brothers are concerned, You are at the top of the list. Happy birthday to the coolest guy in the family!

Happy 17th birthday to our fantastic boy, best is yet to come, we are proud of you and we have full trust in your abilities to bring good name to our family.

No matter what anybody says, you matter to me, you are a special kid and I hope I can be there whenever you need me, even when you don’t. I love you, enjoy your 17th birthday boy.

If this day was an object, it would be a door, leading you to new adventures, new challenges, that you now have to face being one year older. Happy birthday boy!

Wonderful years await you because you are young, beautiful, and intelligent. May these 17 years be just the beginning of a life full of pleasant surprises. Happy 17th birthday boy.

You’re 17 already? I can remember when you were the little boy who showed me how to get the most fun out of life. May you have a fun-filled birthday.

You just tapped your 17th mana in your game of life, Magic the Gathering (MTG) master. Enjoy your 17th birthday!

Happy 17th Birthday Nephew

Nephews are like sons that uncles never had. You’ve always been like a son to me. As I see you grow into a man, I’m very proud to say you are my nephew. Have a happy 17th birthday nephew!

As you are taller than me, I want you to get success and happiness more than me. Get ready for 18 and enjoy, bro!

My little nephew is 17! It seems like only yesterday that you were a small boy learning all my bad tricks! Happy birthday from your favorite uncle/aunt.

Let’s make this day worthwhile with a birthday party that you won’t forget in a long time. Because turning 17 is very special, let’s celebrate it as it deserves! happy 17th birthday nephew!

Smart and handsome, ambitious and motivated: these traits all describe you nephew. You are becoming the man I knew you could be; have a happy 17th birthday nephew!

Do not complain about what went wrong, do not quote all the joys you have lost. Smile and laugh as if there is always a better future in sight, just embrace life with all your strength. Happy 17th birthday nephew!

May your 17th birthday be more graceful that the last, may you share cake with your family and friends also May you have everything you’ve wished for. I love you.

Nephew, it’s amazing how much you remind me of your mother/father. Your parents have raised you well, and I wish you a fantastic 17th birthday nephew.

Auntie’s little boy isn’t so little anymore. What size shoe do you wear again? The fresh 17-year-old needs some new kicks!

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Happy 17th Birthday Granddaughter

Granddaughter, the twinkle in your eye makes you special. It’s the fire that will motivate you to achieve your life’s goals. Let your 17th birthday be your best yet!

While I was growing up, there were a lot of pressure from every angle which later affected me, but now that you are 17. Live without any pressure and achieve your dreams. Happy 17th Birthday granddaughter.

Girl, you surely know how to make a grandparent proud. I’ve been there for you for 17 years, and I’ll be rooting for you on your birthday and beyond. Happy 17th Birthday granddaughter.

I remember when you used to love to bake with grandma in the kitchen and help grandpa with the yard work and I love that you still do. Happy 17th Birthday from your grandparents.

Happy Birthday that is all I can say and I wish you many happy returns. Have a beautiful 17th birthday my lovely grandaughter.

We know you’re an adult now with a busy and exciting life, but never forget to visit your grandparents. We love you and best wishes on your 17th year!

Granddaughter, you’ve grown in wisdom, beauty, and strength during these past 17 years, and I look forward to watching you carve out an amazing future for yourself. Happy 17th birthday to my granddaughter!

Precious one, where has the time gone? I have loved every moment of being your grandfather/grandmother and seeing you grow into the most special woman. Sending you joyful wishes on your birthday of 17 years.

You’re our miracle grand baby that blessed our lives 17 years ago. Celebrate another year with your everything, granddaughter and have a happy birthday!

Happy 17th Birthday To My Daughter

To celebrate your 17-year-old, we have prepared a party worthy of a woman, not a girl. We hope you enjoy it as much as we organize it. Happy 17th Birthday to my daughter!

Happy 17th birthday to the one who has brought us so much joy than we can imagine. We will continue to support your life journey as your parent. Much love. Happy 17th Birthday to my daughter!

You have a fantastic babe baby’s 17th birthday, you become finer every time I look at you, I want you a life filled with blessing, love. Happy 17th Birthday to my daughter!

Your advancement into age 17 is great news for us all in this house, you mean so much to us and we wish you all the best as you celebrate today. Happy 17th Birthday to my amazing daughter.

Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter! I look so forward to all the good things you will do in the future!

Be rational in your decision and never judge someone without knowing the whole story. Happy 17th birthday to my beautiful little daughter.

Happy 17th Birthday Grandson

Your level starts to drop if you put negativity in your mind. I wish you a happy birthday, my grandson. Good luck for your future. Happy 17th Birthday grandson!

I’m glad to have met and watched a phenomenal grandson grow into a fine 17-year-old. Enjoy your birthday and have a great day!

Happy 17th Birthday grandson! You gave me my favorite title in life: grandfather/grandmother. Thank you for being such a blessing these 17 years, and may your birthday celebration be perfect.

You’re the hope of the family excelling beyond our wildest dreams than generations prior. Go and tackle life to the fullest on your 17th birthday, grandson.

We are blessed to have you as our grandson. To watch you grow and learn has been such a pleasure. Celebrate your 17th birthday with all you’ve got!

A grandson is a special blessing, and you have given me more joy than you’ll ever know. Happy birthday to the greatest seventeen-year-old around.

Where did the time go? Where did my little grandson go? You’re even taller than me now! That’s what happens when you’re 17.

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