Sweetest Happy 14th Birthday Son Quotes From Mom And Dad

Happy 14th Birthday Son – 14 is that age that comes with it all, for most kids it is that age where they are striked with puberty, for some its an age where they have to start preparing for th adulthood, for different kids it comes with different package. Which means it presents you the mom, dad, sibling, friend, relative or whoever a chance to send a heartwarming 14th birthday wishes so that serves as an encouragement and comfort to the celebrant.

I have made a compilation of sweetest birthday wishes for your boy celebrant who is just turing 14, This wishes would help him make his day and also remain precious in his heart for a longer period than you could think of. Kindly scroll down to get the most-perfect one for you, and make sure to edit to your taste before sending it to him or writing it on his birtdhay card.

Happy 14th Birthday Son
Sweetest Happy 14th Birthday Son Quotes From Mom And Dad

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Happy 14th Birthday Boy

I’m very sorry I’ve not been the best dad you want me to be. It’s your 14th Birthday and I’m nowhere close to making you smile. From my heart, I say Happy 14th Birthday kid.

I can’t believe how big you are now! It was only a year or two ago I could still pick you up. Happy 14th birthday

Once you can no longer turn off all the candles on your birthday cakes at once, you should realize that you are aging slowly.

Being a teen is really beautiful because of all that you’ll get to learn and understand. May your life go through a good path. Happy Birthday!

Happy 14th womb escape day, sweetie. Your presence in my world is so precious to me. Wishing you many more happy years, love.

Do you know what Google and Wikipedia have in common? None of them can explain why or how much your aunt loves you. Happy birthday to the nephew who I love a lot.

Boy, I am so happy that today is your birthday. Today, you are turning 14, and that’s the happiest day for me and for the entire family, happy birthday to you, dear.

When I held you for the first time, I felt so pure and real love happened to me. Today, it has passed so many years and you are a grown kid now. I am wishing you all the best on your birthday, happy 14th birthday to you, dear son.

Happy 14th Birthday Son

As you blow the candles on your cake, make sure you’ve brushed your teeth. So you may not contaminate the cake. Enjoy your party.

Happy birthday to someone who’s on the verge of becoming a man. You’ve grown into an impressive young man. Happy 14th birthday son, Have a great day.

I might have scolded you many times, but I have a role to play as a parent, which also involves scolding because I care a lot. Happy Birthday, Precious Son!

Congratulations on your birthday. But be careful, it is proven that too many birthdays will end up being deadly. Happy Birthday, sweet Son!

Life is so amazing, sometimes crazy and sometimes fun. Your growing up was fun and crazy. You hit 14 today! Wishing you a lovely day full of fun and joy. Happy 14th birthday, Son.

Happy 14th birthday, sweetie. You made it into my world and you conquered 13 previous years. May the 14th one be a beautiful and rewarding one. I adore you.

As you surf through your teens, I wish that you ride the waves of Success on your surfboard made from Happiness. Happy birthday to my handsome son.

My most amazing son, happy 14th birthday to you. I wish you all the best things in life as you ride on the ladder of your career.

Today is my son’s 14th birthday and I want to let him know that he is the most important part of my life. I am so blessed to have you in my life, happy birthday to you, dear.

Crying baby it’s so amazing how fast you have grown up. You always used to cry over my milk and my ice cream. I can’t believe you are 14 today. Happy Birthday, your sweet Sister.

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Happy 14th Birthday Boy Quotes

You have not only been an obedient child, but you have also been a great source of motivation to us. I really wish you the best things for the rest of your life.

I know you hate it when we say it but we love you so much son. Also Are you too old for your moms kisses now? Just wishing you a happy birthday will have to make do then!

When I see you, I realize that I’m reaping what I did when I was young. Happy Birthday to my 14-year-old version, my dear son!

On your 14th birthday, may the heavens bless you and make your life more wonderful than you ever imagined it would be. Have a great one my son.

My son is the cutest and the brightest in the city, I am so blessed and pleased to have a wonderful son like you, happy birthday to you, dear.

Happy 14th womb escape day, angel. You’re the reason why life is good. I hope you find countless reasons to smile. I love you.

Wishing you a day of happiness, love, and lots of gifts! For a very special boy, I wish you a very happy birthday!

I wish you that your 14th birthday is the first day of the best year of your life. A year full of adventure, fun, and joy with many friends. If things go well at school, then everything is perfect. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to the sweet and simple boy who is turning 14 today. I have never seen someone as smart and brilliant as you, all the best for you, dear.

Happy 14th Birthday Grandson

Happy birthday to our grandson. Hoping you have a wonderful day Sending my love on your 14th birthday and hoping you get everything you want

You mean the world to us and we are delighted to see you growing up into such an impressive young man. Have a brilliant birthday

Happy B-day, Grandson! May your 14th B-day turn out to be the most amazing one ever.

Happy birthday to our smart, kind and amazing grandson!

Fourteen years already! Now, you are a big boy and even bigger than your [grandma/granddad]. My best wishes.

To my adorable grandson – wishing you an amazing 14th birthday.

Happy 14th Birthday Son Quotes

You are gradually moving from being a teenager into adulthood. I pray you have the best days for the remaining part of your life as a teenager.

I’ve watched you grow from my little boy into a young man and I couldn’t be prouder. To the light of our lives – have a great 14th birthday.

Happiness found me when I gave birth to you 14 years ago, so may it find you for 114 years. Happy birthday to my favorite boy in the world. Enjoy turning 14.

I wish you a day of happiness, love and many gifts! For a really special niece, I wish you a very happy 14th birthday my dearest son!

Today is a very special day because my sweet and wonderful son is turning 14 today. I want to share the happiness and joy with everyone, happy birthday to my best son.

For your 14th birthday, I wish you the greatest gifts of all time and the best party in the last 14 years! Have fun!

My handsome son, happy 14th birthday to you. You are amazing and please continue to be the person you are. From your mom and dad.

Happy birthday to my little boy who is growing so fast now, may you become the most successful person in the world, that’s my wish on your birthday.

Congratulations son on your 14th birthday! I wish that all of your dreams will come true and that all of your wishes will come true.

Happy 14th Birthday Nephew

May Allah bless you with all the beautiful things in life. Good health, success, happiness and long life all I ask in my prayers for you. Happy 14th Birthday my dearest nephew!

I’ve watched you grow from my little boy into a young man and I couldn’t be prouder. Happy 14th birthday to the most important person in the world to me. Happy birthday my amazing nephew.

Dear Nephew! Enjoy your 14th step to the glory. It’s a thing of joy and pride to have a nephew like you. May you have an outstanding 14th birthday.

I wish you a fabulous birthday. As you take your first steps into the world of teenagers, it may be that only the good things in life are presented to you. May love and happiness accompany you on this journey of life.

I love how much you love me. Best believe the depth of my love for you is unimaginable. Happy 14th cake day, sweetie. Wishing you many more of it.

Cool, awesome, fun and beautiful, you are my only relative who has all these qualities. Happy 14th birthday to my wonderful nephew.

The grace upon you for the first thirteen years of your life will see you through as you begin your 14th-year journey. Happy 14th birthday to you, my nephew.

You are not only my nephew but also my friend and the person who is always with me. I am so blessed to have a wonderful boy like you in my life. I will never feel disappointed if you are with me, happy 14th birthday to you, dear nephew.

A sign of new beginning always should come with love and laughter. I truly wish you a happy 14th Birthday my sweet kind. May your new age be blessed with all your heart wishes.

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Happy 14th Birthday Son From Mom

Wherever you are, at any time, people will fall in love with you. You are a very sociable person and one of the best persons I have come across in life. Happy 14th birthday.

I can’t believe how big you are now! It was only a year or two ago I could still pick you up. Happy 14th birthday to the most handsome son in this world!

Send kisses, hugs and wishes to thank your sweet birthday number 14. As your adorable father, I present the best gift of all, unconditional love. That you can grow in health and success. Happy Birthday son.

It’s the happiest moment to see your kids happy. And today on my son’s 14th birthday, we are going to arrange a party and have so much fun, happy birthday to you, dear son.

I wish you all the success that is due to you at your teenage age and pray that all of your days will be blessed. Have a glorious day. From your caring mother.Opens in a new tab.

Dear son, you are a goldmine and you are going to be someone very special when you will grow up. I am sending all the good wishes and love for you on your 14th birthday, happy birthday to you, dear.

Happy Birthday! I wish you a sack full of money for your fourteenth birthday, which we can then squander together! And of course, I send you my best regards on your special day!

Being a mom was made easier with you and to top it all, it was fun. Continue to excel, my dear son. Happy 14th birthday to you, KING.

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