Bedtime Blissful Good Night Prayer For My Love

Good Night Prayer For My Love – A good night of sleep is what we all look forward to after a very long and stress filled day. Good night prayers is somewhat compulsory as it is a way to been reassured and also thankful to God for the day.

Good Night Prayer For My Love
Bedtime Blissful Good Night Prayer For My Love

You can choose to pray these good night prayers over yourself or send them to a loved one, the presence of God as he listens and responds will provide peace and comfort as you drift off to sleep. Choose from our list of Good Night Prayer For  My Love, Good Night Prayer For him,Opens in a new tab. Good Night Prayer For her, Good Night Prayer For wife and Good Night Prayer For husband.

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Good Night Prayer For My Love

My dear love, I pray that as you sleep tonight, our heavenly Father would keep you safe in his love and give you strength for another day.

As you lay to sleep, may your strength be renewed. May you be rejuvenated to face the days ahead. Sleep tight, my love.

I know all you wish for now is to unwind from your day peacefully. I pray that you have a re-energizing sleep to start a new fresh day tomorrow. Good night honey.

As you lay to rest your head this lovely night, may the Lord restore your soul tomorrow morning. Goodnight my sweetheart.

No matter how tough your day has been, I pray that this night, you find the strength to remain strong. I love you. Good night, my love.

Sweet heart as you close your eyes to sleep now, I pray God gives you knowledge when making important life decisions. I pray he guides you to the end. Sleep well, my angel

Have a restful night, my love. May you find the grace to forgive every wrong done to you today. May tomorrow bring with it fresh hope and a great new start. Sleep well.

When you lay your body down to sleep, may angels guide your head, and through the hours of darkness, keep their watch around your bed, and in the morning may you rise rejoicing in love.

Dear Father in heaven, as the night draws down on us, please keep my baby and I safe under your wings. Give us peaceful sleep such as you give to those who obey and love you. Please bring us back to life the next day, so we can give thanks and praises to you. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

My heartbeat, no matter how rough your day has been, your night will be filled with love, joy, and peace. God will make your tomorrow better than your today. I love you, have a great night.

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Good Night Prayer For Him

Beloved one, I send prayers for a good night’s rest, for pleasant dreams, and for a morning that breaks soft and gentle.

Have a restful night, my love. May you find the grace to forgive every wrong done to you today. May tomorrow bring with it fresh hope and a great new start. Sleep well.

I thank God for blessing you today and I pray he continues to bless you always. Good night darling.

My angel’s eye wants to sleep now, may the Lord almighty make your night a wonderful one, goodnight Dearest.

Have a peaceful night as you retire for the night and may tomorrow be a greater day than today for you. Good night, my love.

My love, i just want to wish you a sweet goodnight, love. May God’s face shine on you. May he touch you with his hands of healing. Sleep well.

I pray that God will give you peace of mind so that you will be able to have a peaceful night sleep. Goodnight to you, my prince charming.

As the night falls around you, the light of the savior shall be around your bed, you will sleep in peace, and the glory of the Lord will surround you. The love of God will always envelope you.

Dear Jesus, I thank you for all the blessings that my man/woman has received this day. I thank you for all the protection you have given her/him today. Tonight, I ask that you give him sweet dreams as you watch over his sleep. Amen.

You have faced all the challenges that came with the day. I am praying to God for a peace filled night rest. God will give you the best dream that will leave you with thousands of memories. Good night my dear.

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Good Night Prayer For Her

I pray that God will wash away all fear and anxiety so that sleep may enter in and that you will rest well in his faithful promises tonight.

Forget every disappointment you experienced today, tomorrow will surely be better. Do have a peaceful night, my love.

As the night falls, it reminds us of the day’s blessings. Always be grateful. I pray for you to have a great night. Good night darling.

I thank God for protecting you today and I pray he continues to watch over you always especially for me. Good night my queen.

Baby love, please As you sleep this night, I pray the good lord will show you the path to success in your dream. Sleep tight. I love you plenty

I pray that you have a beautiful good night sleep tonight and always. Goodnight, my one and only.

Dear God, and father in Heaven, bless the love of my life. May her experience the light that lightens all, when the evening shadows fall, bring ceaseless blessings upon her.

Dear Lord, I thank you for all the wonderful things you constantly bring to my dear wife. I trust that you will watch over her tonight as you have always done. As I retire for the night, I ask you to kindly send your holy angels to visit her and shield her with their protective wings.

You survived the hurdles of today which are never by your power nor by your righteousness. God’s mercy has kept you breathing. May his name be continuously be exalted in Jesus name, Amen. Have a wonderful night rest, my dear.

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Good Night Prayer For Wife

May the beauty and depth of the Lord’s love wrap gently around your soul tonight, removing all fear, and giving you a precious peace in which to sleep.

The path of the righteous keeps shinning brighter and brighter. Today’s glory is nothing compared to what tomorrow will bring. Have a beautiful night, my love. Sweet dreams.

No matter how long or short the night, I want you to know all will be well as I have prayed for you. Good night sweetheart!

All the stress of today is surely overwhelming, I pray that as you rest your strength becomes renewed like that of the eagle. Good night, my love.

My woman my everything, I pray that this night shall be a wonderful night for you, you will be safe and yOpens in a new tab.ou shall wake up like an eagle. Amen!

Life is so beautiful to have a lovely wife like you, I reserve a beautiful prayer in my heart for you every night, may the lord restore your soul tomorrow morning, goodnight sweetheart.

As you lay to sleep tonight, may God replenish your strength to face another day. Goodnight to you, my lovely queen and sweetie pie

You will continue to gain new graces, the heavenly manna will fall upon you, this night will be the most beautiful and most bright, the holy spirit will guide you as you sleep.

God, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving my dear husband the gift of life today. As he closes his eyes to sleep, please watch over him and keep him safe through the night. Amen.

As you close your eyes to sleep tonight, trust in God to protect you from every arrow of the wicked. Believe in him to rest with you and care for you. Tomorrow is your day and he will always be by your side. Have a peaceful night…

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Good Night Prayer Message

Dear one, I pray for the Lord to soften your heart toward him as you drift off to sleep, filling you with hope for a new day.

The good work the Lord has started in your life will not stop until it is fully accomplished. Sleep peacefully, my love. God’s got you.

No matter how tiresome your day might be, I am grateful to God for bringing us together. Have a great night my dear.

The night has come, and a beautiful hour to rest your head, I pray that my Lord blesses your soul with a marvelous night, you would arise tomorrow morning looking fresh and beautiful, goodnight my love.

As you rest tonight, may you receive the strength you need to conquer the world tomorrow morning? Good night darling.

Sweetheart, i want to let you know that you can leave all your worries to God. Just wake up with faith in yourself and God. He shall heal every part of your life. Goodnight.

May God send His angels to protect you as you hit the bed tonight and always. Goodnight, my dearest.

May the angels from the realms of glory, watch over you as you sleep by night, may no harm befall you, you will wake up strong in the morning. You are blessed and God will continue to take care of all that concerns you.

Dear God, as my babe and I close our eyes to sleep tonight, I place our lives under your protection because I believe that You’ll keep us safe through the night. Thank You for answering my prayers.

You will be having an awesome night with the king of kings and lord of host because he has given his angels charge to protect you from the evils that travel by night. You will wake up in good health tomorrow morning. Sleep well tonight.

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Good Night Prayer For Husband

Prayers for refreshing sleep in the hands of the One who can heal all wounds, keep all promises, and turn our failures into something amazing and beautiful.

As you lay to sleep, I pray that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. You shall prevail over every of your enemies and the blood of Jesus shall avail for you.

Darling, as you lay to sleep, I pray that no weapon curse against you shall prosper. May you conquer and your dreams come true.

I’m sure to dream sweetly of you tonight because your thought filled my heart and makes me happy, goodnight my Boo, may the Lord send His angel to guard you this night and always.

All you wish for now is to be able to unwind from your day. As you close your eyes, may you have a blissful and re-energizing sleep to boost your tomorrow? Good night sweetheart.

This night shall be sweeter than all those nights you had in the past. You don’t have to worry, it’s well with your soul sweetie. God loves you more

As you hit the bed tonight, may God fill you with His happiness and give you peace of mind. Goodnight to you, handsome.

Dear Lord, As the love of my life is reading this, bless him or her, may the watch of your wondering love, together with your unending love, guide you as you sleep. You will wake up to see the morning star, and all your wishes and heart desires, the Lord will grant.

The Lord will help us to love and follow his commandments. He will bless our good hearts and make our wishes a reality because he has promised to be with his people at all time. You are favored, my dear. Have a bliss filled night.

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