Fun Things To Do With Your Boyfriend To Make Him Happy

Fun Things To Do With Your Boyfriend – One very big killer that has ruined the lifespan of a lot of relationships is ″Boredom”. Yes, Boredom!!! A boring relationship is no place to be, as soon as the liveliness starts fizzling out and it isn’t being rekindled as soon as possible it all spirals into boredom and inevitably breakups

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As a lady, you can also be the “Fun person″ in your relationship. Often times most ladies are accused of only emotionally invest in relationships and just go along with the flow i.e. they only participate, they don’t bring about ideas. If you want to be that crazy fun girl below are some tips that could actually spice things up between you and your boyfriend.

Fun Things To Do With Your Boyfriend
Fun Things To Do With Your Boyfriend To Make Him Happy

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Fun Things To Do With Your Boyfriend

  1. Walk Down To The Park: Holding hands and walking side by side with your sweetheart as you both make it down to the park during the weekends or any other random day is something surely fun to do.
  2. Have Him Chase You Around: You can lose away from him and make him chase you around, Always make sure to not run too far so that he can continually catch you and you both don’t lose the excitement.
  3. Try Something New: Trying something new is for sure an adventurous fun gesture that you and your boyfriend will surely love.
  4. Follow Him To The Gym: If you are not into a gym, You can always follow your boo to the gym center and cheer him up while he goes about with his daily workout routine. But if you are also into a gym you can follow his routine too to keep things lively.
  5. Go Hiking: Hiking with your lover is incredibly a fun thing to do with your boyfriend, and can for sure strengthen your relationship bonding experience greatly. Even if you’ve been on the trail a few times, you’ll see something new. In other words, Exploring nature is a fun adventure you’ll both enjoy.

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Fun Things To Do With Your Boyfriend At Home

Charity they say begins at home. In every fun relationship, you see outside most definitely the foundation started from home. The things you do indoors with your boyfriend would go a long way in keeping him intrigued, interested, and ultimately keeping the fun in your relationship. This is why we have provided you with these few fun things you and your partner can engage in at home.

  1. Cook Together: Yes!! Food!! All men love food and that’s an understatement. Involving him in the cooking process, telling him stories while you chop vegetables and add condiments to the food as he assists you would most definitely make a pretty funny sight.
  2. Watch Movies While You Both Cuddle On The Couch: What’s more romantic than cuddling with your beau watching that horror Netflix movie? Absolutely nothing would be the most accurate answer. Apart from loads of fun, you’ll get it would sure connect both of you and might even set the mood for moments later.
  3. Watch Football Together: Most men have their favorite football team and would stop at nothing to watch their games live. Sitting together to watch a football match with your boyfriend would be loads of fun. You could even place playful wagers on the game; you support the rival team and tease your boyfriend about moments in the game. Trust me you’ll be literally swimming in fun all through the game.
  4. Play Games: Playing games with your boyfriend is a gesture that he will surely love and would also leave both of you drowned in fun before the end of it. You can play paper games, chess games, guess games or video games e.t.c.
  5. Play In The Shower: Well showers are for bathing and? Fun!! Loads of them. A little play would hurt no one, but don’t slip. There are lots of games you could both involve in either kinky stuff or a little game of words. Whichever one it is rest assured you’ll have the time of your lives.

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Fun Things To Do In The Car With Your Boyfriend

Nobody loves a boring silent drive home not even your dog in the backseat would appreciate that. You could have a lot of fun moments with your boyfriend on a drive back home from that outing you both went to. Here are few fun things you can do in the car with your boyfriend.

  1. Play With The Car Stereo: Nothing beats the feeling of music blasting from the car stereo on a long drive home. While your spouse is driving singing along to his favorite song just be a little bit annoying and change the song. You could also choose to turn the volume to the maximum or the barest minimum while he is busy focusing on the road.
  2. Sing-Along To The Car Stereo: Let’s talk a little more about car stereos. Apart from being an annoying partner with the stereo, you both could sing along to the music blasting from the stereo. A friendly competition of who has got the better voice could feature, you could also find out who knows the song lyrics most.
  3. Play Pranks: You could play a few pranks with your boyfriend. For example, one common prank is releasing the breaks abruptly when you are driving so he spills that soft drink he is taking all over him. You could also get creative with a lot of pranks inside the car and make your car trip one to remember.
  4. Dancing: Yes!! Busting a few funky moves would definitely crack your boyfriend up and would definitely make your drive an enjoyable one.
  5. Prank And Annoy Other Car Drivers: Playing a prank on other drivers would definitely be a fun event you could engage in but be careful you don’t get into trouble with road officers.

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Fun Things To Do In The Summer With Your Boyfriend

Summer offers a long period of holiday that you and your partner can really use to have all the fun in the world. Often times the stress from our day-to-day work activities deprives couples of the opportunity to spend quality time together. The summer holidays offer a moment of respite and the opportunity to create lots of fun moments with your partner.

  1. Take A Vacation: A Vacation offers the perfect getaway from all the strenuous day-to-day activities. Taking a few days of the summer to visit tourist attraction sites and other places would amount to a lot of fun. The memories of all that fun would linger for so long you’ll be wishing you do it every day.
  2. Amusement Parks: Visiting an amusement park is just one very fun idea. Apart from the games, you get to indulge in, the thrill, candy, and ice cream you get to consume is an extra incentive.
  3. See A Movie: A lot of blockbuster movies are released in the summer, you and your partner should take advantage of the summer holidays to go see a few of them. It’s a very enjoyable sight eating popcorn with your boyfriend and watching a newly released movie at the cinema.
  4. Picnics: Picnics offer a lot of outdoor fun. You get to connect with Mother Nature, eat good food, and indulge in good outdoor games. Board games, hide and seek and volleyball are types of games you and your partner could indulge in during your summer picnic.
  5. Go Shopping: Shopping for groceries, clothes, and toiletries would be fun together with your boyfriend. Buy loads of stuff and you both could even have a friendly contest of who picks the best items or a trolley race to the counter. A Quick Warning: Don’t
  6. Max his credit card!!!: The fun moments you create with your boyfriend would keep your relationship refreshed and would definitely ensure a long-lasting relationship filled with happy moments. Try the tips with your boyfriend and you’ll experience loads of fun you’ll never get tired of.

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