100+ Powerful Happy Friday prayer For Christians And Muslims

Happy Friday Prayer

Opens in a new tab. – Friday is a special day in the life of every persons both christains and Muslim and trust me this day cannot be taken for granted, in fact, some scholars of Islam have passed the ruling that Friday is also a Festive period for a Muslim like the other two Festive periods named Hid Adha and Hid al-Fitr.

Below are some heart warming and powerful Friday prayer messages for both christains and Muslim that would love to send messages to their loved ones on this Friday.

Happy Friday prayer
100+ Powerful Happy Friday prayer For Christians And Muslims

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Friday Prayer

Happy Friday. May you radiate God’s glory. May his grace be visible on you. May his peace overwhelm you today.

I pray this Friday brings with it the fulfillment of your dreams and expectations. Amen.

Glory to God the Cherisher of the universe that gave us the privilege to witness today. May His endless mercy shine on us and our entire family!

Dear Jesus, I pray that as my friend arises this morning, she shall gain access to the sure mercies of David to guide her through this day, and everyday else.

It’s Friday. Take a break from work and stress. And may your rest not be interrupted by any trouble.

May the Lord fill your heart with peace this weekend. May He surround you with rest on every side.

On this Friday, we wish you a wonderful life to live, a peaceful family to lead, and good children who are beneficial.

May the never-ending mercy of God find you today in all of your endeavors. May it cause you to find favor with God and man and Grant you success.

It’s Friday. Don’t waste it. Do your best. And may tune and chance work in your favor. May you be rewarded beyond your labor.

This Friday, may you find the grace to pursue and overtake every blessing that has eluded you this week. Amen.

May the Lord of the universe answer our prayers today and forever; Happy Friday my brothers and sisters.

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Muslim Friday Prayer

Stand up and leave everything you are doing to proceed to the masjid. It is Friday again, make sure you stay holy.

Ya Allah, indeed you are the heart turner please turn our hearts from evil to good and purify our action to lead us to Jannah.

Ya Allah, indeed you are the heart turner please turn our hearts from evil to good and purify our action to lead us to Jannah.

Make our children Muslims submissive to your command and honor us with endless faith that will please you as supposed.

Wishing everyone the best of the week and praying that the Lord Almighty should count us among His righteous servants.

Thank you, Ya Allah, for waking us to see this beautiful day. Shine your light on our lives and make us one of the best on earth.

We send salutation to the prophet. Ya Allah, please return it to us in the form of endless blessings. Be pleased with us, pardon our shortcomings.

Good Friday Prayer

God brought beauty out of the brokenness of the cross, he gives beauty for our ashes. His sacrifice offers forgiveness for our sin. The power of the Resurrection gives hope for our future.

Father, As we gather together today, we remember the supreme sacrifice of our beautiful King, the Lord Jesus Christ. Led like a lamb to the slaughter, clothed in humility and grace, he willing offered himself to death so that we might live forever.

O Jesus, Who by reason of Thy burning love for us hast willed to be crucified and to shed Thy Most Precious Blood for the redemption and salvation of our souls, look down upon us here gathered together in remembrance of Thy most sorrowful Passion and Death, fully trusting in Thy mercy; cleanse us from sin by Thy grace,
sanctify our toil, give unto us and unto all those who are dear to us our daily bread, sweeten our sufferings,
bless our families, and to the nations so sorely afflicted, grant Thy peace, which is the only true peace, so that by obeying Thy commandments we may come at last to the glory of heaven. Amen.

He humbled Himself becoming obedient unto death, even to death on a Cross. Therefore God also has exalted Him and has bestowed upon Him the Name that is above every name, so that at the Name of Jesus, every knee should bend of those in heaven, on earth and under the earth, and every tongue should confess that the Lord Jesus Christ is in the glory of God the Father.

My Most Glorious and Suffering Lord, it is Your Hour. It is the Hour by which You conquered sin and death. It is the Hour for which You came into this world, taking on flesh so as to offer Your precious life for the salvation of the world.

This day Almighty,Give us the peace and endurance in heart To overcome all the sufferings of life To have that will to strive As we remember your love for us On this holy day!

We remember today, the pain and suffering of the cross, and all that Jesus was willing to endure, so we could be set free. He paid the price, such a great sacrifice, to offer us the gift of eternal life.

Jesus, Today we pause to remember your sacrificial love That shone light into the darkness That bore life from such emptiness That revealed hope out of devastation That spoke truth through incrimination That released freedom in spite of imprisonment And brought us forgiveness instead of punishment. Thank you that we can now walk in the light of your life, Hope, truth, freedom and forgiveness, This day and everyday. Amen.

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Happy Friday Prayer

Like a middleman between work and rest, let all the week’s blessings come on Friday. Amen. Happy Friday.

This Friday, may the Lord surprise you with the eleventh-hour miracle. May you not go into the weekend fruitless in Jesus’ name.

As God finally ease the affairs of the Prophet and gave him victory over his enemies; may the same be repeated in your life.

May your day, your Friday, bring you an untold favor. May it be so made that you can happily say “Thank God It’s Friday.

May God bless the labor of your hands this past week and make your Friday a truly beautiful one.

Today is Friday; I beseech God to protect you and your entire family as He protected His loved ones against their enemies.

The man was made to work and rest. Friday is the gap between both. May you enter into your rest. Happy Friday.

May you go home this Friday with a bountiful harvest and a heart filled with thanksgiving.

I pray that the abundant mercy of God that is blended with this beautiful and best day of the week be showered in your life.

Good morning my friend. May God daily shower you with an abundance of His everlasting mercy. Amen.

Bread-winners and bread-eaters all look forward to Friday. The rich and the poor watch out for the great day. May you not miss out on it.

May your Friday be as productive as the rest of the week. May you go into the weekend rejoicing. Amen.

Every day has its own special glory but I have not seen a day as special as this Friday. I pray that your life is blessed especially with the truth.

As you arise and step into this day, I pray that your ministering Angels will be on duty to watch over you and guide and protect in all your ways today and beyond.

Like a fountain of life endlessly flowing, may your Friday be filled with all good things. Happy Friday.

Friday Morning Prayer

Because Fridays are for fun, food and faith. May you have uninterrupted fun, eat to your fill and be drawn closer to God.

At the end of this week, may your mouth be filled with praise for all the wonderful things the Lord has done, amen.

God, ease our worldly affair; turn not against us on the day of judgment. Forgive our sins and overlook our shortcomings.

I pray that the Almighty God shall bless you and protect you’re going out and coming in. As you step out today, may He protect you till you return in safety. A blessed morning to you.

Won’t you say Friday is the best day of the week? Won’t you say no other day offers such relief? Thank God you’re in it.

May the Lord who has seen you through this past week be praised. May He bless and keep you throughout the weekend. Amen

Happy that today is Friday the best day of the week. I pray that Allah should purify your heart and wash your heart with the water of subrun.

I pray that the Lord shall ride you on His wings of safety and keep His hands of protection on you always. Amen.

It’s Friday. May your creativity be explored to prepare you for the next week ahead. Thank God it’s Friday.

May the Lord bless and keep you. May His face shine upon you. May He fill your life with favour and grant you a weekend full of thanksgiving. Happy Friday.

I beseech the Almighty God to shine His Light on our life, forgive us, protect us against all evils, and accept our prayer request. Happy Friday.

When you wake up on Fridays, look to heaven and say, “Lord, this party begins”, because God wants your life to be as exciting as parties.

May you have a blessed Friday as you look forward to the weekend.

OH God, do not turn our hearts away from the truth after it has accepted it. Do not leave us helpless, have mercy on us and count us among the righteous ones.

May the Lord make a hedge against your adversaries round about you to keep them from coming near you.

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Friday Prayer Quotes

May your rest be buttered with peace, sandwiched with grace and built on love. Welcome to another Friday.

May all the labor of the week culminate in rich blessings this Friday. Good Morning.

Forgive us our past misdeed and protect us against the future one. Bless us with sound faith and never let us lose our faith in you.

On this day been Friday, May, God give you a shield that will protect you from their darts. May He give you victory over them all. Good morning, darling.

We’re thankful for a beautiful week and hopeful for a lovely weekend. Happy Friday.

Our Lord, uplift us in this life and in the hereafter, save us from your Punishment and from the Hellfire. Bless us, forgive us and purify our souls.

Waking up this morning, may the word of God be made alive in your heart, teaching you obedience and submission to God, and granting you all round success.

May life be exciting to you. May you party for the rest of your life. Enjoy all the good God prepared for you.

Our Lord, you are the highest God please raise our status to a high one, never let us come last among our peers. Make us the leaders of the people and honor us on the Last Day.

I pray for you today, whatsoever you touch to do shall prosper, and whatsoever you set your mind on shall succeed. Have a successful day, dear.

Life is for all whether you are lazy or strong like rain is for all whether they are black or white. Enjoy life. Happy Friday.

Prayer Friday Blessings

May your enemies be at peace with you. May your friends be the best of friends. And may your actions bring you an unspeakable favor. Happy Friday.

It’s been an amazing week. We have God to thank for that. I wish you a weekend that’s as amazing as the rest of your week.

As we observe the Jumaah prayer today I ask Allah to take care of every one of your affairs and bless you and your spouse.

May you record such success as you’ve never had throughout your lifetime as you embark on today’s task. May you break bounds and walls on the way to your success. Good morning, dearest.

May this weekend bring you good tidings of great joy. May you have reasons to laugh and smile. Happy Friday. Pray for Strength and Courage.

Friday is a time to reflect and be thankful for the week. As you count your blessings, may you have reasons to be joyful. Have a beautiful weekend.

I may not be able to give you a tangible gift but I have a special gift that is better than every worldly gift and it is the prayer that Allah should admit you into paradise.

Good morning my dear. Let’s arise and bless God because He is the Lord our Healer and He has offered you healing as bread. Halleluyah! You are healed.

I pray that love comes in and out of you for as long as you live. May your life revolve around love. Happy Friday.

Nothing can be better than when Allah is pleased with us. I pray that Allah should be pleased with every one of us.

As you arise this morning, may you arise to a totally perfect healing that will usher you to your years of divine health, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Work and play rest by the two sides of Friday. May you be in the middle of all good things as they revolve around. Happy Friday.

Hope you had a pleasant week. Here’s wishing that your Friday launches you into a beautiful weekend.

May our sacrifices are accepted; I pray that our lives be admitted into the home of blessing.

I pray that the healing stripes of Jesus Christ be made available for your healing today. May God visit you as the Sun of righteousness with healing in His wings and soothe your pains as the balm of Gilead.

Today, favor locates you, peace finds you and joy reflects through you. Have a Friday that’s too amazing to be believable.

Friday Night Prayer

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Good Friday Prayer Of Thanks

We are truly thankful for the extent of his love, stretched out on a cruel wooden cross. We dwell on the pain he bore for us and are truly grateful for the forgiveness that he offers. As we worship and praise now, help us to live in the wonder of this goodness and marvel at his endless grace. Amen.

As we remember the Almighty Lord And the sacrifice he made To save us We bow down in front of you So that we can observe our love for you On this holy day Good Friday!

Thank you Lord that by your wounds we are healed. Thank you that because of your huge sacrifice we can live free. Thank you that sin and death have been conquered, and that your Power is everlasting.

Father. We beseech you, O God, look upon this Your familyfor whom our Lord Jesus Christ allowed Himself to be betrayed into the hands of wicked men and to undergo the torment of the Cross. In His Name grant our petition.

My suffering Lord, may I see in Your Cross the most perfect act ever known in this world. May I see Love in its most pure form. May my eyes and soul look beyond the blood and pain and see Your Divine Heart, pouring forth Mercy upon me and upon the whole world.

Oh Lord please listen to my prayer For this is day of truth As I bow in front of you
Listen to my plea And bless everyone to glee This Good Friday!

Thank you that we can say with great hope, “It is finished…” For we know what’s still to come. And death has lost its sting. We praise you for you are making all things new.

I pray for peace all over the world Your sacrifice should pay back I pray for love all over the world The message that you gave By putting your life at stake Oh Lord bless us This Good Friday!

The love that showed us the way I ask today in my prayer The love of humanity and peace Then all the worries will cease Bless your child oh Lord On this holy day! Good Friday!

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