Best Emotional Wedding Wishes for Sister to Make Her Happy

Wedding Wishes for Sister – It feels like a blessing to have an adoring sister who would be getting wedded soon, On the other hand, you might become sad since she will be leaving the family house and only come for visit.

If you’re stumped on what to put on her wedding card, what to text her or how to congratulate her, we have a plethora of wedding wishes to send to your sister to wish her a happy married life and express your joy at her new beginning.

This article will contain all you need about wedding wishes for sister, be it Best Wedding Wishes for a Sister, Emotional Wedding Wishes for Sister, Wedding Wishes for Sister and Brother-in-law, or Islamic Wedding Wishes for Sister plus it also comes in various languages such as Hindi, Marathi Tagalog, and Hawaiin.

Wedding Wishes for Sister
Best Emotional Wedding Wishes for Sister to Make Her Happy

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Wedding Wishes for Sister

I cannot believe that my favorite sis is getting married! Hope your hubby-to-be knows how lucky he is. Otherwise, I’ll just have to be the one to remind him!

 Sis, I think I helped prepare you to be a terrific wife. As we grew up you learned how to put up with me, so now you can put up with anybody. So for that, you’re welcome… and congrats!

The idea of watching you walk down the aisle and exchange vows makes me so happy for my sister. I am so proud of you and congrats to you and your new husband!

You’ve learned to drive, graduated from school, and now you are getting married. Where has the time gone? Wishing you a love-filled future!

What can I say to the best sister in the world who is getting married? Words can’t even express how much I care about you. I love you and hope you have found a lifetime of love!

The champagne will soon be consumed and your wedding cake devoured. However, I hope you and your husband share an endless supply of love. Congratulations on your wedding!

I still can’t believe you’ve experienced marriage before the rest of us. Dear sister, a long-held wish has finally come true. It is my deepest hope and prayer that you will enjoy the finest that life has to offer.

It’s very motivating to see how far you’ve come on this incredible adventure. As you begin to construct your new life together, may you have many beautiful moments and lay a solid foundation of trust. Our iron woman, congratulations!

I hope that your wedded life turns out better than you imagined, with a sober head and a glad heart. Please continue to be the giving, bright-eyed, loving, and kind person that you are. New discoveries and enterprises await you. Have the finest life you’ve ever had!

Though you are leaving, remember that you have a companion, confidant, and loving sibling in me. I adore you and hope that your new life is better than your old one.

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Best Wedding Wishes for a Sister

A wedding is just a single day, but I wish you and your husband are able to cherish many years’ worth of happy tomorrow!

Wedding gifts are definitely exciting. However, instead of fancy dishware or sparkling glasses, I wish you the gift of everlasting love. May you continue to open this gift each day!

May you open the gift of love everyday in your life sister. Best wedding wishes to you my dearest sister.

For your wedding present, I wish I could wrap up the words, “compromise” and “appreciation.” May your marriage be filled with these two things whenever you need it. Congrats, Sis!

While I hope you celebrate big on your wedding, I also hope you enjoy the little things with your husband. Inside jokes, smiles, and enjoying togetherness can make a big difference in a marriage!

Congrats on your upcoming wedding! On your special day, I hope you create several wonderful memories to last you and your husband a lifetime! Best wishes!

Sis, with regard to your wedding day I have one just thing to say: let’s get this celebration going already! Congrats to you and your new hubby!

 Cheers to the new bride and groom! Sis, I am so happy you and your special mate have found each other. Congrats on your wedding!

May you grow in whatever you do as you turn over a new leaf and become a family person for life. You are deserving of every happiness in the world.

You’ve finally had the chance to start a family. Many individuals spend a long time looking for their soul mate, but you are fortunate to have discovered yours so quickly. May your life be filled with plenty, pleasure, and serenity. Congratulations.

I’ve never met a more loving and wonderful pair than you two. I am confident that you will form an excellent team and have gorgeous children. I shall miss you, my sister, but this is just another wonderful moment in your life.

I know marriages aren’t always lovely and easy, but you’ve gone through the worst, and I trust you’ll do a fantastic job. Cheers to the finest sister on the planet!

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Emotional Wedding Wishes for Sister

We’ve all been waiting for this day, but we didn’t expect it to come so soon. May your marriage come out precisely how you imagined it in your dreams! Congratulations on your nuptials.

You have finally discovered your true love. I can’t picture you ever leaving us to follow your aspirations. I wish you the happiest of marriages.

My wish for you is that you have a lovely family full of love and happiness. I know you will be a good wife to your husband, just as you have been a wonderful sister. I wish you a joyful marriage.

Here’s to the newlyweds: your status now has new names. I wish you all the happiness in the world. Congratulations on your nuptials.

You are my personal fave. I can’t wait to enjoy your special day with you. I wish you the most wonderful wedding day!

It seems like you were born yesterday, little sister, and now you’re getting married. Sister, I wish you a wonderful marriage!

My beloved sister: Please accept my best wishes for being the most accommodating sister on the planet. May your marriage be filled with love and success for all time. I adore you. I adore both of you.

Have the most wonderful wedded life, my lovely sister. Even though you have irritated me my entire life, I am overjoyed for you. I wish you the best of luck.

I’ve witnessed you mature from a defiant young lady to a responsible young lady. Have the best married life possible, my darling.

I know you’ll make an excellent wife. You will also be a wonderful mother who creates a pleasant family. All of your wishes have been granted. Thank you for making me the world’s most proud brother.

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Wishes for My Sister Wedding

Dear sister, may your wedding day reflect your external beauty as well as your inner elegance.

You are really important to me, and I adore you. I wish you the best of luck now and in the future.

Many wishes will come your way; choose the best one, which will last forever!!! Congrats, dear sister!!!

I am convinced that you will be the finest wife to your husband, just as you are the best sister to me. Congratulations to both of you.

Greetings, dear sister. You are deserving of all the happiness in the world. May God bless you with a joyful family that will cherish you for the rest of your life. Have a wonderful wedding day.

My dearest sister, Thank you for always being there for me and assisting me. On your special day, all I want is God’s happiness.

I’ve always wanted my own room, and now that you’re leaving, I’m truly sad. I’ll miss you terribly. I wish you a happy married life.

My dear sister, now that you are a member of a new family, I hope you will bring as much joy to them as you do to us. Always be cheerful!

I’ve never seen a more stunning bride in my life. I wish you all the best as you transition into genuine femininity and assume responsibility for raising your own family.

Sister, congratulations on your wedding. I wish you and your hubby the best as you go on your new adventure. I am confident that you two will be content together.

To my beloved sister and her new husband, I wish you a happy and joyful life together. I’m excited to meet my new brother-in-law.

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Islamic Wedding Wishes for Sister

My dearest, sister. May allah grant you a solid, committed marriage. I hope you two have a wonderful life both now and in the future.

I send you blessings from Allah the Almighty on your wedding day, sweet sister. May your union flourish always and forever. Cheers to your marriage, sis.

My sweet sister, I pray to Allah for your happiness and send you my best wishes. Have a happy married life.

May Allah uphold whatever you saw in each other that led you to decide to become husband and wife. Happy marriage, my wonderful sister.

I hope your life is full with happy, uplifting experiences. You two will produce explosive noises together, in sha Allah. My beloved sister, happy nikah ceremony.

May you both never regret making the choice to spend the rest of your lives together. May Allah be with you always. Dear sister, I wish you a happy marriage.

May Allah reign over your house. He should lead you and educate you how to manage your household. a happy marriage.Opens in a new tab.

May Allah grant you Barakah and Rahama during your marriage. Greetings on your wedding day, lovely sister.

Hey sis, I advise you to remain faithful to Allah because He will lead you eternally. My lovely sister, Nikkah Mubarak.

I’m overjoyed for you, my lovely sister, on your wedding day. Allah provide us more causes to rejoice with you. a happy marriage

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Wedding Wishes for Sister and Brother-in-law

To my new brother-in-law and sister. I wish you every blessing in your life together and that you are extremely happy together. Congratulations on your nuptials.

May your love for each other grow greater with each passing day! I wish you a blessed and joyful marriage! best wedding wishes to my sister and lovely brother in law.

Congratulations on your wedding! You two are lovely folks. I wish you all the best as you embark on this new adventure.

Your happiness and affection for each other are unparalleled. I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness. My sister and brother-in-law, I wish you a wonderful wedding.

What a lovely start to wedded life. May your day be full of pleasure, laughter, and joy! I wish you both (my cute sister and handsome brother-in-law) a happy marriage.

Marriage isn’t always easy. There will be ups and downs. If your love is genuine, you will always conquer obstacles together. I wish you a lovely wedding, sister and brother-in-law

Congratulations on meeting such an amazing man to share your joys and sorrows with. Congratulations, my dear sister and brother-in-law!

Your new spouse has no idea how valuable the treasure he is stealing from me today is. Anyway, congratulations on your wedding!

Congratulations to my brother-in-law for earning such an important prize in his life. Congratulations on your wedding, dear sister!

I am really upset today because I know that all of my rights to you may be terminated today, and my new brother-in-law will completely inherit you. By the way, congratulations on your wedding!

Best Wishes Quotes for Sister Wedding

From holding your toys to holding your hair to walking you into school to picking you up from practice, I never thought I’d be holding your bouquet. Here we are, so let’s go! Congratulations…now go get your man.

I am so happy for you and [husband’s name] found each other. Can’t wait to see what life has in store for you both! Happy wedding day my dear sister.

You know, a sister is a friend you always have throughout your entire life. We’ve seen each other in our highs and our lows. I’m so happy to watch you get married. I love you forever my sister!

Best wishes, my beloved sister. You two are one of a kind together! I hope you have a successful future. Best wishes on your wedding day.

My dearest sister. Congratulations on marrying the man you love so much. You two look perfect and madly in love with each other.

Dear sister, as your elder brother I feel immensely proud of and happy for you. You are the best sister and am sure that you will make the best life partner.

My dearest cousin heartiest congratulations. You have chosen the best partner who will always keep you happy. Best wishes.

My dearest sister and confidante, I am so glad that you have found your Mister Right who makes you feel so special. You will always remain, my precious sweet sister, with whom I have shared my fondest dreams. Stay blessed and be happy always.

On the occasion of my darling sister’s wedding. I wish you all the best as you go on your new life with your new hubby. Both of you are very special to me.

So you’re getting married and leaving. I’ll miss you, but I’m confident you’ll be content with your new husband. Can I, by the way, have your room?

Best Wedding Day Wishes for Sister

The finest thing that can happen in a person’s life is meeting the love of their life and starting a family together. Your wish has finally been granted. I am overjoyed for you. Sister, I wish you a happy married life.

You are the most joyful bride I have ever met. May your love and joy grow stronger with each passing day! God’s blessings!

On the occasion of my baby sister’s wedding. You used to be the young girl who would always follow me around, and now you’re all grown up. I wish you both the best of luck. Congratulations.

May you both fall in love with the same fervor again and again! Good luck with your marriage.

Allow your love to triumph over all difficulties in life. And I shall pray to the Lord to continue to shower you with joy and blessings. Congratulations, my lovely sister.

Dear sister, I wish you all the best as you begin your new life as husband and wife, best wishes on your wedding. I wish you and your spouse all the best as you embark on a new chapter in your lives. I am convinced that you and your partner will always be happy together.

Many congratulations, dear sister, on marrying the guy you love. You two look wonderful together; I wish you a happy marriage!

My beautiful little princess has met her prince charming. My darling sister, your lovely grin has captivated us all. I hope all of your wishes come true. Congratulations!

You are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen, and I hope your happiness lasts forever. God bless you both, I wish you a good married life. May all of your wishes be granted!

My wonderful little sister, you have the finest life partner, and he will appreciate you for the rest of his life. Have a wonderful married life.

Emotional Wedding Wishes for Sister in Marathi

नमस्कार, ज्येष्ठ बहीण. मी माझ्या अंतःकरणापासून प्रार्थना करतो की तुमचे वैवाहिक जीवन नेहमीच मजबूत आणि घट्ट असावे. मी तुम्हा दोघांनाही या जगात आणि पुढील जीवनात उदंड आयुष्य लाभो.

माझ्या प्रिय कनिष्ठ बहिणीला, जिची मी पूजा करतो, नेहमी भरपूर आनंद आणि आपुलकी असू द्या. तुमच्या लग्नाच्या दिवसासाठी हार्दिक शुभेच्छा.

शुभ दिवस, प्रिय ज्येष्ठ बहिणी, आणि लग्नाच्या क्षेत्रात आपले स्वागत आहे. जेव्हा तुम्ही तुमच्या स्वप्नातील माणसासोबत तुमच्या आयुष्यातील सर्वात आश्चर्यकारक अध्याय सुरू करता तेव्हा मला तुम्हाला हे कळावेसे वाटते की तुम्हाला कशाचीही गरज भासल्यास मी तुमच्यासाठी नेहमीच आहे.

देवाने तुम्हाला आदर्श जीवनसाथी बहाल केले आहे. आयुष्यभर त्याला हृदयाच्या जवळ ठेवा. तुमचे प्रेम संबंध अधिक गोड आणि मजबूत होऊ द्या!

मी माझ्या प्रिय बहिणीला आणि तिच्या पतीला एकत्र आनंदी आणि आनंदी जीवनासाठी शुभेच्छा देतो. मी माझ्या मेहुण्याला भेटायला उत्सुक आहे.

देव तुम्हाला वरून भरपूर आशीर्वाद देईल. तो हा दिवस आयुष्यभर लक्षात ठेवेल. तुझ्या लग्नाबद्दल अभिनंदन, सुंदर कनिष्ठ बहीण.

देव तुम्हाला वरून भरपूर आशीर्वाद देईल. तो हा दिवस आयुष्यभर लक्षात ठेवेल. तुझ्या लग्नाबद्दल अभिनंदन, सुंदर कनिष्ठ बहीण.

तुझ्या सुंदर धाकट्या भावंडाकडून, प्रिय बहिणी, मी तुला जगातील सर्व सुखाची शुभेच्छा देतो आणि त्यासाठी अल्लाहला प्रार्थना करतो. मी तुम्हाला आनंदी आणि समृद्ध वैवाहिक जीवनासाठी शुभेच्छा देतो.

Wedding Wishes for Sister in HAWAIIAN

Namaskāra, jyēṣṭha bahīṇa. Mī mājhyā antaḥkaraṇāpāsūna prārthanā karatō kī tumacē vaivāhika jīvana nēhamīca majabūta āṇi ghaṭṭa asāvē. Mī tumhā dōghānnāhī yā jagāta āṇi puḍhīla jīvanāta udaṇḍa āyuṣya lābhō.

Mājhyā priya kaniṣṭha bahiṇīlā, jicī mī pūjā karatō, nēhamī bharapūra ānanda āṇi āpulakī asū dyā. Tumacyā lagnācyā divasāsāṭhī hārdika śubhēcchā.

Śubha divasa, priya jyēṣṭha bahiṇī, āṇi lagnācyā kṣētrāta āpalē svāgata āhē. Jēvhā tumhī tumacyā svapnātīla māṇasāsōbata tumacyā āyuṣyātīla sarvāta āścaryakāraka adhyāya surū karatā tēvhā malā tumhālā hē kaḷāvēsē vāṭatē kī tumhālā kaśācīhī garaja bhāsalyāsa mī tumacyāsāṭhī nēhamīca āhē.

Dēvānē tumhālā ādarśa jīvanasāthī bahāla kēlē āhē. Āyuṣyabhara tyālā hr̥dayācyā javaḷa ṭhēvā. Tumacē prēma sambandha adhika gōḍa āṇi majabūta hō’ū dyā!

Mī mājhyā priya bahiṇīlā āṇi ticyā patīlā ēkatra ānandī āṇi ānandī jīvanāsāṭhī śubhēcchā dētō. Mī mājhyā mēhuṇyālā bhēṭāyalā utsuka āhē.

Dēva tumhālā varūna bharapūra āśīrvāda dē’īla. Tō hā divasa āyuṣyabhara lakṣāta ṭhēvēla. Tujhyā lagnābaddala abhinandana, sundara kaniṣṭha bahīṇa.

Dēva tumhālā varūna bharapūra āśīrvāda dē’īla. Tō hā divasa āyuṣyabhara lakṣāta ṭhēvēla. Tujhyā lagnābaddala abhinandana, sundara kaniṣṭha bahīṇa.

Tujhyā sundara dhākaṭyā bhāvaṇḍākaḍūna, priya bahiṇī, mī tulā jagātīla sarva sukhācī śubhēcchā dētō āṇi tyāsāṭhī allāhalā prārthanā karatō. Mī tumhālā ānandī āṇi samr̥d’dha vaivāhika jīvanāsāṭhī śubhēcchā dētō.

Wedding Day Wishes for Sister in Tagalog

Mahal na kapatid, nawa’y ipakita sa araw ng iyong kasal ang iyong panlabas na kagandahan pati na rin ang iyong panloob na kagandahan.

Mahalaga ka talaga sa akin, at mahal kita. Nais ko sa iyo ang pinakamahusay na swerte ngayon at sa hinaharap.

Maraming hiling ang darating sa iyo; piliin ang pinakamahusay, na tatagal magpakailanman!!! Congrats, mahal na kapatid!!!

Kumbinsido ako na ikaw ang magiging pinakamagaling na asawa sa iyong asawa, kung paanong ikaw ang pinakamahusay na kapatid sa akin. Congratulations sa inyong dalawa.

Pagbati, mahal na kapatid na babae. Deserving ka sa lahat ng kaligayahan sa mundo. Nawa’y pagpalain ka ng Diyos ng isang masayang pamilya na magpapahalaga sa iyo sa natitirang bahagi ng iyong buhay. Magkaroon ng isang magandang araw ng kasal.

Aking pinakamamahal na kapatid na babae, Salamat sa iyong palaging nandiyan para sa akin at tulungan ako. Sa espesyal na araw mo, ang gusto ko lang ay ang kaligayahan ng Diyos.

Noon pa man ay gusto ko ng sarili kong kwarto, at ngayong aalis ka, nalulungkot talaga ako. Mamimiss kita ng sobra. Nais ko sa iyo ng isang maligayang buhay may-asawa.

Mahal kong kapatid, ngayong miyembro ka na ng bagong pamilya, sana ay magdudulot ka rin ng kagalakan sa kanila gaya ng ginagawa mo sa amin. Laging maging masayahin!

Wala pa akong nakitang mas nakamamanghang bride sa buhay ko. Nais ko sa iyo ang lahat ng pinakamahusay sa paglipat mo sa tunay na pagkababae at inaako ang responsibilidad sa pagpapalaki ng iyong sariling pamilya.

Ate, binabati kita sa iyong kasal. Nais ko sa iyo at sa iyong asawa ang pinakamahusay sa iyong pagpapatuloy sa iyong bagong pakikipagsapalaran. Natitiyak kong makuntento na kayong dalawa.

Sa aking pinakamamahal na kapatid na babae at sa kanyang bagong asawa, hiling ko sa iyo ang isang masaya at masayang buhay na magkasama. Excited na akong makilala ang bago kong bayaw.

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