Emotional Happy Birthday Mom Letter From Daughter And Son

Happy Birthday Mom Letter – If the birthday of your Mother is coming soon, then give her a gift because it will make her feel very happy. Dedicate a letter in which you can capture all the affection you feel for her, thanking her for all she has done for you.

When she receives this letter your Mother will feel very happy and she will know that she have been a great Mother to you. In this article we will show you two types of letters for a Mother on her birthday.

Emotional Happy Birthday Mom Letter
Emotional Happy Birthday Mom Letter From Daughter And Son

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Happy Birthday Mom Letter

Beloved Mother,Opens in a new tab.

Today is your birthday and I want to express everything I feel for you, that is why I dedicate this letter to you. I feel blessed of being your son, you gave me life and we were together for nine months before I could see the world you prepare me for. You are the most wonderful person I have in my life, I know you will love me beyond the conditions and that nothing will be able to change the love a Mother has for her child.


Hey Mommy,

Life is better when you’re next to me and I thank you for making me who I am today, thanks for leading me in paths of good and teach everything you need to be happy. I carry you in my heart and I will continue doing it forever, your memory always fills me with joy and gives me peace of mind, so in the day of your birthday is my desire that passes very happy and may God bless you with health and many more years of life to continue to enjoy your company. Congratulations on your birthday,


To my sweet mother,

You have actually always been one of the most gorgeous ladies on the planet to me, and you are the best mommy ever. Have a great day today and an amazing year.

Precious Mother, I don’t understand what I would certainly do without you. No matter what is taking place in my life, I understand that you will be there for me. I wish you have a wonderful day today and also an incredible year ahead.



I love you so much. Without you, I would never be here where I am right now (quite literally). You’ve been my biggest inspiration for all twenty-one years of my life. You are so strong, so compassionate, and so incredibly generous. There are so many good things I could say about you. The list could go on forever. Right now, I am homesick and missing you while I sit a few hundred miles away in my college apartment alone and without you, and I wanted to take a moment to tell you: Happy birthday to you my queen..



I’m writing you this letter, first of all, to wish you a wonderful birthday. It’s always a pleasure for me to write these few words of love for this special occasion, for this day that is yours. Year after year, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Already when I was a little girl, I remember the joy I felt when I was hiding to draw you pictures or writing my first messages with my pencils and crayolas on small sheets of paper that I then folded in half to give to you at the same time as you were blowing out the candles on your cake.

Today the words have evolved a bit, pretty cards and stationery have replaced my clumsy childhood pictures and glue-work, but the feelings behind them remain the same.


My first love,

To me, birthdays are like chocolates. Instead of keeping count of how many are left, just enjoy every one of them. Happy birthday to the best mom in the world. Thank you for your supervision, your good heart, your warmth and for being an exemplary role model.

Today, I promise to give you all the peace in the world because it’s your birthday. I appreciate all you have done to keep this family alive and well for the longest time now. May every morning of this new year bring forth joy and bliss like never before. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Mom Letter From Daughter

Dear mom,

I remember you always told me to focus on where I am heading to. You always taught me that looking back will only withhold me from focusing on my future. I have taken your lessons into my skull and I am now doing extremely well.

It is my own mother who is awarded the best mom in the world. You are the major backbone that holds me up until this moment. The rock foundation I build on and the best gift that God gave to me. I could become who I am today just because I have a good soul backing me. To the people around me and the whole world, I have become a great personality. While all the credits are for you.


Hey Mommy,

I want to let the world know how much you mean to me, but there are not enough words to explain how extraordinary you are. This new age will bring you more wisdom, good health, and God’s favor upon your life. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

You’re my one in a million and an irreplaceable superhuman in my life. Mom, you have been my mentor and my best friend. Thank you for always being my role model and the best gift from God. I love you with all of my heart. Happy birthday.


Dear Mom,

Today is your day and I want it to be special for you. I’ll try my best to do all of your chores and let you relax all day because that’s what you deserve. You deserve it every day actually but we all know that it would be chaos around the house if you didn’t take care of it every day.

My only wishes for you are to keep your good health and to be happy surrounded by the people you love and who love you. Everything else will fall into the right place one day.


Dear mom,

I will always love you and admire the selfless way in which you do things for others, prioritize others over yourself and are always willing to step in when required.

Mom, you are a true inspiration to me and I look up to you and take your guidance on everything. You have always been a friend to me – I have shared everything with you while I was growing up. Now that I’m a mother myself, I find myself seeking your advice even more and appreciate all the things – big and small you have done for me. Have blast today..


Dear Mom,

Wish you a very happy birthday, today is your day, on the occasion of your birthday I am going to express my untold feelings in front of you. I am always be thank full to you for all those night when you were not slept for a single second and spent whole night while doing care of me when I was ill.

Love you ma, no one can take your place in my life, you have done lots of sacrifice to give me a beautiful life. You make me independent and eligible to stand in front of others with confidence.

Emotional Happy Birthday Mom Letter

Hello Mom,

Where ever I go you will always go with me in my mind and in my heart. You have sacrificed so much for me that I sometimes think I will not be able to give you back everything you have done, your dedication and concern for me. I want to let you know dear Mother that having you is a wonderful thing for me.

Today on your birthday I dedicate these words of affection. I love you so much Mom and I always will. May God have you in his bosom and bless you with many more years for us to spend together. Happy birthday dear Mother.


Dear Mom,

this day is very special for us all and for that I want to dedicate a note in which I express how much I love you. Today I am a happy person and thanks to always have given me unconditional love from the moment I came into this world. Thanks to you I have the happiest memories of all the stages of my life.

You have taught me so many important things in life and above all have given me the best example to see your efforts so that we might live well. You’re like an angel that God sent from heaven to look for us.


Dear Momma,

Beloved mother, whatever I am today is because I have you as well as you educated me to be myself also in hard times, I want you nothing greater than happiness on this special day of yours. You’re my adviser, my friend, my everyday love as well as you’re simply my mother. On this day, I just want you to have one of the most impressive birthdays ever. I love you mama, Delightful birthday mommy.


Sweet mother,

Thank you for all that you, because you do a lot. You are a mother, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister, and such a hard working individual. No one ever gives you enough credit for just how much you do for other people. You continually put others before yourself when it comes to family, friends, and even your job. You are the backbone of our family and without you our home would most definitely fall apart. Happy birthday momma..


Darling Mother,

You often hear that mothers day is the prime occasion to reaffirm the love you bear for your mom, and it indeed fits the purpose. But your birthday… is your day! And that’s what makes all of this so special.

As you grow up, you develop a form of shyness of words and gestures that sometimes prevents you from being demonstrative and from saying what you really feel. Saying I love you, saying thank you to your mother, to your parents, is often more difficult when you have become an adult. Happy birthday once again!!



On this special day, I hope you enjoy the bright sun, the crisp fresh air, the chirping birds and beautiful morning dew reflection. Happy birthday, mom. I pray we’ll get to spend as much time together because we only live once.

To the over-achieving mom, You have reached the epitome of parenthood and have gone out of your way to provide for us. Thank you for being so supportive, loving and caring. I know it cost you much, but it was all worth it. Happy birthday!


My amazing mom,

No matter how much better I become, and how physically and mentally old I become, nothing will change your position in my life as my rock. You will always be the person I run to and the shoulder I lean on. From the time of my childhood, you have been the source of my wisdom and knowledge about the world around me. You picked me up from my worst and rebuilt me to become somebody greater in life. I count my blessings everyday and I see how far I have gone. But the greatest of all the blessings is having you as my mother. You’re a caring mother and lover of her children.

Happy Birthday Letter To My Mom

To the best mom in the world.

Your heart is as pure as flowing water, and you’re never afraid to stand for the truth no matter how hard it is. You are a mom like no other, and God’s love will never depart from you. You’re the best, and I wish you the best things heaven can give.

You’re brave, courageous, and compassionate. You’ve been through so many difficult phases in life, yet you believed in us. I want to appreciate you for always being there for me. I can’t repay you for the unconditional love you have shown me over the years. I love you. Happy birthday.


To my supermom,

Yeah, superheroes are real and they do exist in the real world. There is one I particularly admire and that one will forever be my hero and my role model. Ever since I was a little girl, that person has fought for me to give me everything I ask for and to afford me a carefree life.

That person had to go through some pretty bad times just to make me happy and so I could live a life worthy of a princess. That person was born on this day and I want to wish her the best birthday ever! Mom, you are my superhero, you are my super mom. I want you to be happy and loved for the rest of your life. You are in my heart and that’ll be your place until the end of time. Happy birthday.


Hey Mom,

You teach me to be very kind, humble and gentle with younger and be respectful for your elders. You make me learnt always be an honest person. My sweetheart mom, you are very very special for me I really miss those moment when you keep my head in your lap and make me sleep.

Thank you is a very small word for all the things that you had done for me, I am so grateful for you maa in my entire life. I wish you always be with till the eternity. Happy birthday to my super mom, Love you a lot… your naughty son/daughter.


My adored Mother

Mommy, today in your day I thought a lot about you and all the love that I have you, that is why I dedicate this letter to you. Every day of my life I am very happy to have you around. As a child you made me learn of love and all that is possible thanks to it, and for that I am eternally grateful to you.

You are the only person who has always been with me, worrying about my welfare, at some point I will have the joy of becoming a Mother, I hope at least I look like you. I love you Mom because you have always been with me during good times and bad times. You taught me many things your way and that is why today I wish you can have a wonderful day because you deserve it.


Darling mother,

is a great fortune that I have to have you as a Mother and know that despite the years go by; your love remains the same. Today you meet another year of life and so we all will celebrate. Always remember that you are present in my heart because I love you so much Mom.

Your mom will be very happy to read one of these notes and see that her children appreciate her in a sincere way. Remember that every day you should show your affection and gratitude. Have a happy birthday.


World best Mom,

On your birthday celebration, I just want to share my love with you, you’re the lady that has actually compromised all her life just to develop mine. I’m wishing you a great birthday celebration since you’re certainly the world’s best mama.

Mother, words can not explain exactly how outstanding you are. I simply want you to have a day as incredible as you are. I love you. Happy birthday celebration to the world’s most caring, beautiful, remarkable person on earth.


My dearest Mommy,

I love you for giving me life, for loving me, for sacrificing so much so that I can have so much. You’re not only my mom, you’re my role model and my best friend. You’re my number one fan and you support me in everything that I do. You listen to me complain and cry and laugh. You lift me up when I am at my absolute lowest, and laugh with me when I am at my highest. You are the only person I can turn to when I feel like everything is falling apart. Happy birthday mommy….

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