Cute Things To Do With Your Partner On Valentine’s Day 2022

As quoted by Richard Bach “True love stories never have endings.” This quote has proven to be true since 14 February 496 AD when the first valentine’s day was officially celebrated.

I am certain we all know why the 14th of February is annually celebrated as valentines day, but I’m assured that not everyone truly knows the story behind it.

Permit me to quickly give you a brief history about valentine and how the day came about.

Cute Things To Do On Valentine's Day
Cute Things To Do On Valentine’s Day 2022 With Your Partner

Brief History Of What Is Valentine

Valentine’s Day is named after Saint Valentine, Saint Valentine is a man who gave himself for love. He was a Catholic priest who lived in Rome in the 3rd Century who believed and showed the importance of love to people around him.

It was believed that Emperor Claudius II who was a pagan and created strict laws about what Christians were allowed to do passed a law that prevents soldiers from marrying as he believes they should be devoted to what they are assigned to do.

It was Saint Valentine who took it upon himself and began to marry these soldiers in secret Christian ceremonies Eventually, Valentine was found out and jailed for his crimes against Claudius.

The jail couldn’t stand as a barrier to stop him, as he still continued to care for his fellow prisoners, his jailor was also a benefactor as the jailer’s daughter was healed of blindness she also received a love message signed ‘from your Valentine’ in what was his final act of love before being executed on February 14, year 270.

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Back to business…

So, now that you know why this special day is celebrated annually and in whose honor it is celebrated. It’s the right time to get down to why we are here.

Valentine’s Day is a day we all look to make very special and memorable to our partner which we sometimes extend the love to our family, friends, and well-wishers. This may mean taking them out, seeing a movie with them, spending some extra bucks, gifting themOpens in a new tab. “valuable, luxury” items, or writing a heartfelt message letterOpens in a new tab. to them. Etc.

Whatever you choose to do on valentines day it has to be extra special. For you, we have curated a list of fun and cute things to do on valentines day with your partner so both of you enjoy the extra special day filled with love.

We took out time to make sure this list fits in for everyone, whether you’re an active, outdoor type who loves spontaneous stuff or more of an indoor person who prefers to keep it cozy and chill with your sweetie. The good thing is our options are budget-friendly too, which means you don’t have to break the bank.

  1. Exchange Love Letters.

Unexpectedly first on the list of cute things to do on valentines day, is exchanging love letters. You might have been expecting a “gift your loverOpens in a new tab.” suggestion, well you are right but that wasn’t considered because it is a mandatory thing to do on a special day like this.

Exchanging handwritten love letters on valentine’s day is a good way to kick start the day, it will also serve as a mode of reassurance for both you and your partner.

  1. See A Movie.

A day of love deserves something romantic, seeing a romantic movie is one of them. There are 100s of valentine inspired love movies/series you can see with your lover on valentines day.

If you intend to see the movie at home, get your cookiesOpens in a new tab. standby while you both set up your couch, or create a blanket coupled with fitting lighting so as to create a charming environment that makes things more interesting or on the contrary, you can buy a ticket to see the movie together with your partner at the theatre.

  1. Go Hiking.

Not only is hiking beneficial health-wise but it brings along an unexplainable joy whilst enjoying the fun side of it. I can bet that hiking on valentines day with your partner right by your side is even way more fun than you could think.

Remember that place you or your partner have always dreamt of hiking? The good news is that Valentine’s Day has presented you both with a chance to do it in a memorable way and in a special company.

  1. Try To Prepare A Foreign/First Time Meal.

Even if you do not cook often, or on the other hand you love exploring different food, trying out an entirely new foreign meal or a first-time meal is surely one of those things to do for valentine’s day.

We all can agree that Cooking is fun. How about doing it with your partner on valentines day? You surely wouldn’t want to see this opportunity pass away.

  1. Play/See A Game.

How about rolling back the years to play a hide and seek game? Or playing the blindfold game, what if you do rock paper scissors where the winner is handsomely rewarded? What do you say of a valentine-inspired truth or dare?

The truth is when it has to do with playing games, there are lots of them out there you can give a shot with your partner on valentines day. On the other hand, whether you are a sports lover or not you can go see a game with your partner.

  1. Take A Course.

Have you always wanted to do a yoga class? or your partner has always talked about taking a guitar class someday? What about joining an Acting Class? Or enrolling in a Mixology Class? What do you make of enrolling in a Massage Class?

These are just a few to mention as there are lots of classesOpens in a new tab. you could join with your partner on valentines day, this doesn’t even matter whether it is a personal interest or both of you are interested.

  1. Visit Orphanages/Volunteer To Community.

Since it is the day of love, going to see the orphanage or volunteering to help out the community or a small organization is truly a cool thing both you and your partner can do on valentines day.

While going to see the orphanages, you could prepare some special dishes for them or get them a couple of fancy toys, clothes, etc and make sure to spend quality time with them.

Or if you are volunteering, start by choosing a cause you’re both passionate about and sign up to volunteer, with this you’ll end up doing good for yourself and others, as volunteering can make you feel more connected to each other and the community.

  1. Dedicate It To Your Pet.

Aside from being like a family to us, There are many health benefits of owning a pet and since it is going the extra length to see your pet graciously happy should be part of the best things to do on valentines day.

Some of the things you could do for your pet are; take it for a long walk, buy it a special toy, get a pet cloth for your pet, take it to meet other pet(s), let it have a special meal.

  1. Make A Scrapbook Of Your Relationship.

Making a “relationship scrapbook” should be the norm for every relationship, However, this will hit very differently since you will be doing this on valentine’s day.

Even if as a partner both of you are not into craft you surely will enjoy doing this, all you have to do is Gather up photos of your relationship, old ticket stubs, and meaningful receipts, and make a beautiful book that you’ll both treasure!

  1. Become A Tourist In Your Own Town.

Is there a landmark in your town that you’ve always wanted to visit? Or a museum you’ve never seen? Become tourists in your own home and finally check off one or two of those bucket list items you keep putting off. Get into the role by snapping tons of pictures throughout the day.

(which you both could wrap up with stargazing) You don’t need a telescope to set up a stargazing date. Just head to your own backyard with a warm, outdoor blanket and use a stargazing app to help identify constellations in the night sky.

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