Most Inspiring Happy Birthday Paragraph For Your Best Friend

After families friends are the ones who are next up inline, It nice we try to appreciate them from time to time by sending them a paragraph for best friend, It even makes more sense when it is their birthday as it presents you the opportunity to wish them well with a happy birthday paragraph for best friend on their special day.

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Happy Birthday Paragraph For Best Friend

🎂  I celebrate you today and every other day that makes another 365 days. Having you in my life has been the most exciting thing ever. You are a friend that the sweetest words can’t describe. You understand me better than anyone. You will live long in good health to fulfill your destiny and remain that fantastic friend I have ever gotten. Happy birthday.
🎂 It is hard to find words to express just how much your friendship means to me. You have been part of every important moment in my life, and you have been there for me whenever I have had difficulties or sorrows. On this day of your birth, I wish you every happiness and blessing. Happy Birthday, my dear friend.
🎂 There will be times when we will no longer see each other as often as we used to; there will be a moment of ups and downs in our journey on the path of friendship; there will be a time when the stormy weather of life will seem to break the bond between us and there will be a moment when we would want to call it quits between us. I want you to know that I will not give up on us, at least not without a fight, because you’re the best thing that ever happened to me in life and I won’t trade you for the finest pearl in the world. Come rain or the sunshine, you will always be my best friend forever. I love you, bestie.
🎂 A great friendship is sharing secrets, sharing food, sharing pet names, and sharing moments that make the best memories. After all, sharing is caring so I’m so glad I get to share another year with you as my best friend. Happy birthday to you!
🎂 No one is perfect. I’ve seen many friends come and go, but you are by far the most loyal friend I’ve ever had. As your best friend, it’s my job to make the best birthday ever. I hope you are greeted with many, many kind words and sweet gestures for your birthday by others just like I want to wish you the best. Thanks for always being there.
🎂 When your birthday candles start a raging inferno threatening to engulf you and everything you hold dear, I’ll be there to help put out the flames. Because that’s what best friends are for. I hope we stay close friends for the rest of our lives… especially since you have so much dirt on me!

Birthday Paragraph For Best Friend

🎂 You are rare and always the best. A friend like no other, everything you have done for me remains fresh in my thoughts. You have proven that friendship is beyond getting what we wish for in life. You are my best friend, and you will live for me. Happy birthday.
🎂  It’s your birthday again! So, what are you now? 29? Me too. Don’t worry, I won’t tell you if you won’t. What are best friends for if not to keep your age a secret? Anyway, I hope that you have a wonderful day today and a great year ahead. We do not get to choose our families, but we do get to choose our friends. You have been closer than family to me. I can talk to you about anything, and you always make me feel better when I am upset. I wish you the best on your birthday and for many years to come.
🎂 Hello my sweetest friend, I want you to know that I’m blessed to have a great friend like you. Your friendship is invaluable to place a price tag on, and it’s more precious than the finest gold and silver in the entire universe. You’ve touched my heart in so many ways that I could never have thought of your care and love and I will always treasure our friendship with every breath in me. I love you, my beautiful friend.
🎂 If I was Mickey you would be Minnie and if I was Pooh you would be Piglet. You’re the tick to my tock, the bounce in my step and the only one that can make me dance till my feet hurt. If I was Peter Pan you would be my Tinker Bell- for without our friendship there would be no magical fairy dust in my life. In other words, I would have no wings to fly. Happy birthday to you, thanks for being so amazing.
🎂 I’m lucky I met you as a kid so that we can grow together and make awesome memories. The gift I got is not a surprise, but nothing is worth more than our friendship and trust. Have the best day in you live now and forever every day and night. Happy birthday to you and enjoy this very special moment.

Birthday Paragraphs For Your Best Friend

🎂 We’ve been together and we’ve been apart. There have been miles between us, and even hours in some cases, but we’ve always stayed friends. No matter what obstacles have been thrown in our path or how many other people have tried to tear our friendship in two, we’ve stood the test of time. Most people aren’t lucky enough to have such a strong friendship in their lifetimes, but I know how lucky I am to call you my best friend.
🎂 I am short of words to let you know how wonderful you have been as a friend and as a brother (sister). I treasure you both today and every other day that follows because you are my only best friend. It’s your birthday, so make merry, have a blast and remember that I always got your back just as you have mine. Enjoy the blessing the day comes with, and I love you.
🎂 We have known each other for a long time. I remember when we were children together and went to each other’s birthday parties. Now we are both a little older and our birthday parties are a little different, but you are still my dear best friend. Happy Birthday, and blessings for the year to come.
🎂 When some people disappear in your life like clouds disappear from the sky, it’s no big deal. But with you it’s different- you’re not a cloud, you are my sunshine and rainbow and everything in-between. Thank you for making me laugh so hard I cry, for holding me when I need a long hug, and for sticking with me all this time. You’re the best friend in the world.
🎂 When we were young, you taught me how to respect myself and not to let the opinions of others drag me down. As we grew up it turned out that having met you as a kid was no coincidence. You are my best friend and I really cherish every moment I’ve spent with you in my life. Wishing you the best, the way you define it, and I hope this precious friendship is going to last until we get much, much older. In fact, I know it will. Happy Birthday, my friend!

Text Happy Birthday Paragraph For Best Friend

🎂 Happy Birthday to my awesome best friend! I’m so glad you were born something-something years ago! Also a Happy Birthday to a person who regularly makes me pee myself with laughter. By the way, that’s going to happen more and more the older we get.
🎂 One million memories, ten thousand inside jokes, one hundred shared secrets, one reason: best friends. I hope that as we grow older we make even more memories, jokes, and shared secrets. I can already imagine us becoming old biddies who take our morning walks together as we gossip about what’s going on in our lives. Your friendship is for keeps, and I intend to keep it forever.
🎂 Dear best friend, it is your day today and I want to use this opportunity to tell you how amazing you are to me. You showed me love even when I wasn’t capable of loving myself and always look out for me. Happy birthday best friend, have an amazing year!
🎂 You still stick with me during my worst moments, and I have no reason not to celebrate you on this special day. You are a friend that loves completely and believes in true friendship. Every day can be your birthday, but today remains memorable, don’t forget to make it a beautiful day. Happy birthday.
🎂 When people ask your age they will be shocked when you respond. It is your baby face good looks that have made me incredibly jealous of you for so many years now. However to make myself feel better, I just imagine you at 30 and being hit on by loads of teenagers. Good luck!

Happy Birthday Paragraph For Your Best Friend

🎂 You always have a happy glow. You are the best at putting a smile on my face. I hope to do the same for you today. Have the best birthday and I wish you many more to come! I know it’s your birthday and I don’t get any birthday wishes. But if I did, I’d wish for you to never change. You’re personality shines bright, especially on your birthday
🎂 You’ve always been by my side since we were little kids. From youngsters with scraped knees to teenagers with broken hearts, we’ve always had each other’s backs. You’re the best friend anyone can ask for, and I just want to thank you for being with me through all this time. I love you best friend!
🎂 Dear best friend, my prayers for you today is that May God’s goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life. Love shall continue to fall on you in pleasant places, what you’ll have all through your life is nothing but joy. God will perfect everything and anything that concerns you. Happy birthday dear friend, keep soaring.
🎂 You’ve loved me more than I love myself and have never given up on me despite my shortcomings. Today represents a lot in your life. So, I wish you the abundance of God’s blessings and grace to keep excelling on whatever you lay your hands on all the days of your life. I wish you a happy birthday.
🎂 I have so many questions on your birthday. What did I do to deserve a wonderful best friend like you? Could you be any more awesome? And most puzzling, how are you going to fit all those candles on your birthday cake this year? Happy Birthday to the person who knows about all of my most embarrassing moments, and witnessed many of them first-hand.

Birthday Paragraph For Boy Best Friend

🎂 You are a miracle that happened in my life. No day passes by without me thanking God for gifting me such a fantastic friend. I am happy and lucky to have met you in life. All your heart desires will come to past. You are not only a blessing to my life but a good friend worth having forever. God bless your new age, happy birthday.
🎂 You finally made it to another new year in your life, a year of perfection. God will give you all-round victory in every sphere of your life, the Angels of the Lord will surround you to keep you from falling. They will carry you through this year and your days will be filled with joy. Happy birthday dearest, more grace, and more prosperity.
🎂 Saying that you’re special is an understatement. I hope that you know this, and not just know it, but really believe it. We’ve been through so much, so I can honestly say what makes you stand out as the amazing friend that you are. I’m one of the few lucky ones that get to know every single shade of you. I love you for all that you are, for all of our memories, all of the fun times, all of the times we’ve supported each other, all of the times we’ve grown. We’ve really become a part of each other’s journey, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

—> happy birthday paragraph for boy best friend

🎂 We don’t share the same parents but at times it really feels like we are close enough to be siblings. That’s why you shouldn’t be shocked when you open my gift this year. You should realize it’s what you deserve, and remember when it comes round to my birthday that what’s fair is fair.
🎂 We weren’t friends until you gave me the Wi-fi password. I guess we must be best friends now because now when I come over it connects instantly. Happy birthday, cyber partner. This year we may need to hold off on so many birthday cocktails- last year we barely got to eat the cake! On second thought, what the hell it’s your birthday! Let’s party. When we were still complete strangers you thought I was a little crazy, but now that we’re best friends you know I am totally crazy and you still put up with me! A big happy birthday to my truest friend.

Paragraph For Your Best Friend Birthday

🎂 When I had nothing, you stood by me. You gave me hope where I had once lost it. You showed me light when I was in darkness. You showed me the way when I couldn’t find my path and you gave me friendship when I had no one for me. You are indeed a rare gem and I will keep celebrating you every day of my life. Happy birthday best friend; have a wonderful year ahead!
🎂  I feel confident to face anything when you are there. You are a friend worth keeping until the end because you are priceless. I can’t recount all we have been through together because you have been a superhero in those situations. I want to scream to the entire world that you are the best thing that happened to me. Happy birthday.
🎂 Thank you for letting our friendship be known. There is nothing I value more than my relationship with you, and it seems that everyone knows that. Thank you for sticking by my side, even if we don’t see each other as much as we did before, and for never forgetting about me. I appreciate that more than you could ever know.

Birthday Paragraph For girl Best Friend

🎂 I am so thankful to God for sending you to me, a great friend in time of need and a beautiful friend when everything is dope. Birthday shouts out to the best friend one can ever have in the universe, happy birthday to you.
🎂 I’m screaming and shouting it’s my friend’s birthday today, everyone clear the road for this beautiful soul who can turn sadness into Joy any time, she’s a sugar. Cutest birthday to you, honey pie. I can’t believe it’s another year already, it seems like yesterday. How more can I appreciate this angel sent to the world on a day like this to make life better? Happy birthday, bestie.
🎂 Sweet friend, defender, she’s always there for me, a friend turn sister and I pray our bond will never be broken. Happy birthday. We go way back, it’s been a very long time that I can’t believe we are this and this wouldn’t be if you are not a sweet person as you are and it’s your day today, so I wish you the best birthday ever, happy birthday friend.

—> best friend paragraphs for her birthday

🎂  Our conversations turned us to become friends and our friendship is till eternity and our bond will never be broken. Happy birthday to my friend who I can never forget in my life, I pray that your wishes come true in this new year.
🎂 My friend who became family, who became my best and real babe, you saw the best when I didn’t see any good. I’m grateful to God for giving you to me, happy birthday friend and I pray that the love of our friendship will never be lost. Enjoy and blow anything today cos it’s your day. – paragraphs for your best friend on her birthday

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