2020 Cute Happy Birthday Text Messages And wishes

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Happy Birthday Text Message – Birthday is not just like the usual days, wishing someone a lovely happy birthday has to do with sending them the best of the Happy Birthday Text Message and Birthday Text Message you could ever think of so as to be sure that you make them smile and feel so special, Birthdays are a magical time of celebration and excitement. There are many different birthday traditions but one thing is certain, it’s a time to get together with your loved ones and really appreciate each other.
happy birthday text

happy birthday text message

In this Article you will find a well compiled list of Lovely Birthday text you Can easily copy and paste to send to that special, friend, lover, parents or whosoever and put that huge and lovely smile on their face to enjoy their day. This are what you should be expecting from:
  • Romantic Lovely Birthday Text
  • Sweet And Lovely Birthday Text
  • Lovely Happy Birthday Text Messages
  • Lovely Birthday Text For Her
  • Lovely Birthday Text For Him
  • Lovely Birthday Text To My Lovely wive
  • Lovely Birthday Text To My Boyfriend
  • Lovely Birthday Text To My Girlfriend

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happy birthday text

happy birthday text message

On this day, may your most cherished desires come true; i wish you success in life. Happy birthday!
We prayed to God to give us a special gift. He gave us you.  Dear you are a dream come true. Happy birthday!
Dear Friend, as you move into another year of your life, may the blessings and success follow you always. Happy birthday!
You are a very special person to me. Hope the New Year will not change, but have more memorable moments with you. Happy birthday!
Happy birthday my Love. This is my prayer for you on this special day. May accomplish what you wish and earnestly seek.
I am blessed to have a friend like you, Loving thoughts and warm wishes on your birthday. Happy birthday!
Forget about the past – you can’t change it. Forget about the future – you’ll never know what it holds. Forget about the present – I didn’t get you one this year. Happy birthday!
To a dear friend- thanks for always being there for me through the thick and the thin. You’re truly the best. Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday! May the finest things come your way. Happy Birthday my love. Enjoy every moment; always go for your dreams.
You may not have been on this Earth very long but you are wiser than anyone I know. Stay young at heart.
Happy birthday to one of the few people whose birthday I can remember even without a Facebook reminder!
Today is the day we celebrate the number of years you’ve brought happiness to our lives.
There has never been a dull moment with you dearie. Have a great birthday celebration. and i wish you a Many happy returns!
You work hard year round. Today, relax and have fun. You only get one birthday a year!
I wanted to send you something gorgeous for your birthday, but the mailman told me I had to get out of the mailbox. Oh well, happy birthday!
I know your birthday is a special day with or without me, but I have to say that you are the best friend I’ve ever had!
From my heart to yours, you deserve the best on your birthday. Wishing you a blessed day today.
My warmest wishes! This year, may you shed less tears and have more laughs. I hope you achieve all of your dreams and obtain all of your heart’s desires.
It’s your birthday, but I’m the one who should be celebrating the most. My favorite person in the world was born on this day.
I’m so glad you came into the world, and I’m even more glad you came into my world. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.
Roses may be red and violets blue, but you put all the colors in the rainbow to shame. Happy birthday to the brightest, best person I know!
A birthday is a time for celebration- it’s a time to celebrate the life of someone special. Here’s to you getting love, joy, and lots of happiness on your big day.
I tried to get you something as amazing and wonderful as you for your birthday this year, but I couldn’t fit into the package! Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, dear friend! I actually forgot it was your birthday today, but I could see the candles on your cake from a mile away. Make sure you blow them out fast!

Happy Birthday Text Message

happy birthday text message

happy birthday text message


On this special day, I hope you remember that you can be anything you want to be – except younger. Happy birthday!

On your birthday, I want to give you a piece of intelligent advice. It’s okay to flirt with whoever you want as much as you want – you’ve basically become harmless at this age!

Happy birthday to someone who’s just about old enough to know how it felt to poop without a smart phone in hand!

Happy 24 hours of non-stop Facebook notifications from friends that you haven’t talked to in the last 5 years!

Happy birthday! Don’t forget that age is just a number – in your case, a really big number.

Whatever plans you are making, whatever dream you are dreaming, May they come to pass. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday! As your friend, I think it’s only fair that I give you two things you should expect as you get older. The first is that your memory will start to get bad. I’ll tell you the second one when I remember.

Wishing you tons of happiness on your birthday. May your cake be sweeter than ever and your gifts bring you smiles.

I hope this day brings you every desire of your heart. Surround yourself with loved ones and magical memories.

Let’s celebrate the wonderful gift of your life and be grateful for the moments we share. Have a wonderful birthday!

You bring joy to the world and happiness to my heart. May you receive double the blessing on your birthday. Have a good one!

This year for your birthday, I am wrapping your gifts with lots of love. Wishing you a bright future and many more birthdays to come.

It’s your birthday and you can celebrate however you want. Have fun and seize every moment life gives you.

Today is the best special day in your life, the day you came into this word. Enjoy every moment. Happy Birthday my love!
As you start a new year, may your days ahead be brighter. Have a wonderful birthday!
It’s time to go out and party; you deserve the best, blow the candles and burst some balloons. I wish you a happy birthday.
There is no other day like today; it is a beautiful and lovely day in your life. I wish that your life blossoms forever.  I wish you a happy birthday.
Your special day has been in my thoughts the whole week, you are an amazing person. I take this moment to wish you a happy birthday.
You are a year older, a year wiser, a year smarter. Here’s wishing you a blessed Happy Birthday.
To the best friend in the world, I am sending you this text message to wish you the sweetest birthday in your life, happy birthday.
Happy birthday to the person who motivates and inspires me in life!  May you feel special as you celebrate your birthday, have a wonderful day.
A birthday is a special day to treat yourself, do something unique for yourself. I wish you a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Text For Her

happy birthday text for her

happy birthday text for her

Hey baby girl its your day what else could we ask for other than another 365 days to spend together in good health and love
I found happiness the very second I found you. May your birthday bring you the extraordinary happiness you bring into my life. Love you.
My love, every moment with you takes me to paradise. Your love shall forever be the most important thing in my life.
I used to think true love was something that existed only in fairy tales until I met you. Now, I am staunch believer of true love.
Words alone would never be sufficient enough to thank you for the immense happiness that your love brings into my heart.
There is always a special place in my heart for you, before everyone else realizes it’s your birthday, I want to be the first one to wish you a happy birthday.
Happy birthday my love! You are my favorite, my all and my world. I wish you a lovely happy birthday.
I celebrate your life birthday every day, always thankful to have you in my life, as I can’t imagine how it would be without you in it. Happy Birthday sweetheart!
You are such a special woman in life, you are always in my thoughts, and I will always cherish you. Happy birthday! Have a superb day.
Your smile is cause for celebration. Your love is the most precious gift in the world.
Your kisses could light a thousand birthday candles. Happy Birthday to someone who makes life itself feel like a special occasion.
One day a year isn’t enough to celebrate someone as special as you. but i had still say Happy Birthday to a lady who is the frosting on my cake, the flame on my candles, and the helium in my balloon.
There’s a birthday party in my pants, and you’re the guest of honor. I wanted to give you all my love for your birthday, but there’s no box big enough to hold it. Besides, it’s already yours
Finding true love nowadays is very rare, but I am glad I found mine. Happy birthday to the lady who is so dear to my heart!
I will always want to be right; I will never make your life difficult, because I love you so much. Happy Birthday my dear!
On your birthday, I promise to love and cherish you always. Happy birthday my love!
You are everything I have in this world, you make every moment in my life memorable. Happy birthday to you!
Dance. Party. Celebrate. Sing. Shake it. Why not? It’s your birthday! I wouldn’t know what to write in a birthday card, so I spent the money to get you some birthday drinks! Cheers to this birthday girl!
You know, it’s important to support wildlife: so go wild at your birthday party! You deserve it. Hoping you have a wonderful birthday filled with love and laughter!
Cheers to another year of success, happiness and a fun-filled life for you!

Happy Birthday Text For Him

Happy Birthday Text For Him

birthday text

Of a truth you are not just a boyfriend to me, you are my brother, my friend, bestie, gist partner its a huge pleasure to celebrate this day with you cutie, Happy birthday My Love!!!
Love, kisses, and birthday wishes, darling. In your arms, I am complete and that’s all i can ask for my loving boyfriend.
Happy birthday to the person who makes me laugh, the one who makes me smile. I love you. I know life has its own challenges, but I want you to know I will always be here for you. I wish you a happy birthday.
Tonight is the day; we’re going to have a sleepless night, all in the name of celebrations. Have a wonderful and blessed birthday.
I have watched you grow to a hardworking and handsome man that I have always dreamed of. Another new year to celebrate and be together, Receive warm Happy Birthday wishes!
You are one of the best person I know, may this special day in your life be awesome. I believe you feel older, but it’s just yesterday you were a day younger. I wish you a Happy Birthday!
Sweetheart, your birthday provides me with an excellent chance to let you know that I love you from the bottom of my soul and that I’m more than proud to call you the love of my life. Have a beautiful day.
Babe, may your birthday be as sweet as you are to my heart. I love you. Out of the over 7 billion people that inhabit this world, you’re my favorite. I love you in a way that even God can’t fathom.
Your birthday is a special day we celebrate the gift of you to the world. Happiest birthday!
My dearest friend, you’ve never failed me all these years, and you redefine what friendship means to me. I wish you nothing but the best on this special day.
May this birthday bring you an extra share of all the things – big and small – that make you the happiest person in the world.
The life of a person is not measured in years, but with each footprint that they leave behind in the hearts of those they love.
On your birthday, take this special gift I’ve prepare for you. I hope it brings you joy, just as the gift of your friendship has brought light and love into my life.
You are the icing on the cake of life! Enjoy your special day and look forward to this wonderful new chapter in your life.

Happy Birthday Text To Boyfriend

Whenever I’m asked who my best friend is, you’re always the first person on my mind. I hope this birthday – and all your birthdays to come – are as special and wonderful as you are!
The passing of time hasn’t changed you, but instead has made you shine even more brilliant than ever before. Thank you for sharing your friendship with me. Happy birthday!
Your birthday isn’t only a reason to celebrate a new year, but a reason for me to rejoice at the year that has been. Thank you for all the memories, the laughs, and the days you spent by my side. Happy birthday!
On this special day, I celebrate another year that I get to keep you in my life. Happiest birthday, and thank you for being one of the most wonderful friends I could ever ask to have!
My life would not have been the same without you. For the love, the laughter, the light, and the humor that you bring into my everyday – thank you! Your birthday really is a reason to celebrate – because it means I get to spend another year with you in my life!
Thank you for being careful with my heart. No one has ever taken care of my heart like the way you do.

Happy Birthday Text To Girlfriend

happy birthday text to girlfriend

happy birthday text to girlfriend

Baby everyday i have spent with you has been filled with joy and always been special, but i won’t lie there is something so so golden something about today that i cant deny, Happy birthday wifey.
They look at you and see a woman but when i do, i see a mother, a god-fearing ambitious, ever caring, loving wife. Happy birthday to my goddess.
My love for you grows hundredfold every second. My finest wishes, love! You are an incredibly indispensable part of my life, and I’m so glad you are my wife.
I have all the happiness in the universe because I have the love of the most phenomenal woman in the world. Enjoy your special day, sweetheart.
Your birthday should be every day, I love my days off when I am with you, just to celebrate. Happy birthday!
I like the way you are aging, you have not even changed, you are just the way I met you. Happy Birthday!
Darling, your love is nothing short of a priceless gift from Heaven. On your Big Day, I just want you to know how grateful I am that you are my beloved wife. Have a fabulous day.
I must be the most blessed man in this world to get the opportunity to spend the rest of my life with the most amazing woman to have ever graced the surface of this earth. Enjoy this special day, my sweet love.
My Darling wife i urge you to Celebrate your birthday in style just the way you are so special to me.

Cute Happy Birthday Text

Your birthday is the main reason why we celebrate this day, you are so special to my heart. Happy birthday!
Your birth is the best ever gift in my life, it is a gift that keeps me loving you. Happy birthday my dear, may you age like fine wine.
I can’t even comprehend a world without you, you are my all. Because  Your life has been a blessing to my heart; your birthday is a celebration to make it memorable. Happy birthday sweetheart!
Darling, what a lovely day, so special and so bright, it’s your birthday! Happy birthday to my ever loving and caring sweetheart!
I love this day, it is a special day in my life too. A day you came into my life. Happy birthday, I love you my beautiful wife.
You are the most beautiful star; the brightest of them all, you shine so deep into my heart. Warm wishes to you on your birthday!
Happy Birthday to God’s greatest creation. As far as I’m concerned, you’re perfect in every way. Happy Birthday, baby Trust me when I say there’s no other woman.
You can blow out your candles, but nothing can extinguish the torch I carry for you.
Happy Birthday to my best friend, my greatest critic, my fiercest supporter, my accomplice, my soulmate, my love, my everything.
I wish I could somehow love you even more on your birthday, but I’m all tapped out. You already have every last bit of my heart.
Happy Birthday, my love. I’ll be thinking about you every minute on your birthday. Just like every other day.
I like the idea of spending your birthday with you. What are you doing for all the rest of your birthdays?
Every year with you just gets better and better. Happy Birthday to someone who thoroughly rocks my world.
Even though we’re miles apart, you’re on my mind and in my heart. For your next birthday, I hope to have you in my arms as well.

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